My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 80 Not At All Sisterly Gaze..

Wilson Estates...

Neil was busy in a meeting with the supervisors, when his phone rang loudly. Noticing the identity of the person who was calling him, he said to the supervisors, "Rectify the things I have told you to. The meeting is dismissed for today." Saying this, he left the hall before picking up the call.

"Hello." Neil said.

"Hey bro.. what's up?" Came Henry's energetic voice from the other side of the phone.

"All good. Why?" Neil said.

"All good? Hmm.. but I thought that you would be not so good." Another male voice rang into his ears.

Neil quickly bring the phone in front of his eyes and checked why there is another voice coming from there. And as he guessed, it was a conference call from his two best friends. But now he was more confused that why his two buddies suddenly engaged him into a conference call.

Placing the phone back to his ear, Neil asked, " Why this sudden conference call?"

Chuckling slightly, Henry said, "I heard from Lucy that you are visiting your parents today evening. So just thought to have a talk with you."

Grinning widely, Reuben also joined, "Yeah. After all we are friends. So obviously we would care for you. And from the deepest part of our love.. we thought to call you to encourage you for today."

Henry couldn't held his laughter anymore after hearing Reuben's sticky words and stammered in between his laugh, "Yes bro. We love you too much."

Hearing the sudden confession from those two men, Neil's eyebrows furrowed together as he queried, "Both of you. What are guys talking about? Are you guys hiding something from me?"

Reuben laughed out loud as he said, "Nothing bro. Just want to say all the best."

Henry also added, "Yeah.. all the best for today evening."

"What are you--- " But before Neil could complete his sentence, the call got cut, leaving a puzzled Neil there, pondering about what his friends just blurted out.


As Neil was busy in his own thoughts, there Reuben and Henry were laughing hard on the either side of the phone.

"Gosh! Neil is going to have a hard time today." Henry said drumming the office table with his hand.

Chuckling lightly, Reuben said, "Who said him to stay single till now? And even if he was single then why play with different types of girls. Obviously uncle and Aunt would be worried about their playboy son. Though he really deserve it."

"Yeah.. You are right about that. But I think sometimes, that there is no girl who could take his heart." Henry said astonishingly.

Scratching the back of his neck, Reuben said, "Maybe he already has someone in his heart but could not understand his true feelings yet."

Henry who was grinning till now, paused his smile when he heard the big piece of news from Reuben. His ears perked up in excitement as he asked, "What.. what did you say? Neil already has someone in his heart. But who?"

Reuben sighed before saying, "It's Willa. Though I'm not sure about it but I feel a hunch about it."

It was a real shock for Henry which made his eyes widened and mouth opened in a 'O' shape as he stammered to say, "Wi.. Willa? You mean our Willa? But how?"

Reuben nodded his head from the other side though he knew that Henry couldn't see it but he still did so.

"I don't know how Henry. But I can see it in his eyes. You know the kind of loving stare that we give to our lovely girlfriends, Neil always stare at Willa like that. But still we can't be so sure about that right now. So let's just keep it to ourselves."

Thinking for some while, Henry said, "Hmm.. Now you said about it, I also started to feel that Neil's gaze towards Willa is totally different from other girls. And even I don't have a gut to compare his gaze towards Willa with how he gazes at Lucy and Vero. I mean it's not at all sisterly gaze."

"You are right. Let's wait for the right time then. Things will reveal by itself." Reuben said.

Right then Tom knocked his office door and informed him, "Boss, Mr. Alonzo Brown is here with his assistant for the meeting."

Reuben nodded his head and replied, "Okay. Send them in."

He then told Henry, "Bro. I have an important meeting right now. Let's talk later about this matter."

"Yeah bye. I also have to check some files. Bye." Henry said.

As soon as Reuben cut the call, the door of Reuben's office got knocked again