My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 81

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 81 Mischievous.. Outstanding..

As soon as Reuben cut the call, the door of his office got knocked again

"Come in." Reuben commanded.

Getting the response, Tom entered the office, being followed by two people who was neatly dressed in business suits. But there was definitely a big difference in both of the men's ambiance and behavior that one could easily find out that one among them was the employer and the other one is his employee.

As Alonzo walked in the office with his assistant, Reuben studied him up and down with his dark eyes, utilizing each and every single detail about Alonzo in his mind.

"Please have a seat Mr. Brown." Tom said.

Sitting on the chair, right opposite of Reuben, Alonzo stretched his hand towards him for a handshake as he greeted, "Hello Mr. Smith. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for selecting our plans for your next project."

Reuben who was sitting quietly observing Alonzo, hold out his hand and accepted the handshake and greeted back, "It's also good to see you again Mr. Brown. And about selecting your plans.. it was the best among all. So we would definitely choose the best to gain more profit."

Apprehending the statement, Alonzo understood that Reuben was very straightforward. He didn't beat around the bush at all. And this feature of him really impressed Alonzo.

"So let's start about the business matters." Reuben said.

Alonzo nodded and took the file from Bill's hand before starting to explain about the different types of schemes and plans to architect the new hotel project.

Listening each and every part of the whole presentation very contently, Reuben voiced out his thoughts, "Your ideas are very good. But I think it would be better if we build the elevator at the middle of the hotel so it would help our clients and customers to find their rooms more easily."

Nodding his head, Alonzo replied, "Yes. That is a brilliant idea. I will talk with the architects of my company to design the building according to your suggestions."

"Hmm. Do that then. If you want, you can also send your employees to talk with the engineer department of our company. Just tell us beforehand so we can inform them about the collaboration. I want this project to start as soon as possible. It will be better if we can start the project by the end of the next month." Reuben reminded him.

"Sure, Mr. Smith." Alonzo agreed.

As they finished talking about business, two secretaries walked inside holding two trays with coffees and some snacks.

Ruminating for sometime while having their coffees, Reuben suddenly spoke up, "Business aside, I want to ask you a personal question if you don't mind."

Alonzo looked up at him from sipping his coffee as he asked, "Yeah sure, Mr. Smith. What is this?"

"In your party you told everyone that the reason of your setting your company here is a person. So who is it? Someone regarding very close to you?" Reuben asked.

Alonzo smiled before replying, "Well, you are right Mr. Smith. The person is really close to my heart. And I've come here to make her mine." A determine glint flashed in his eyes.

Reuben frowned when he heard the words from Alonzo. He somehow felt that it was something about a girl and his relationship with her which must be very complicated. But as he was not very close with this man, he couldn't ask further, just smiled at him.

"I understand. That's mean it's a girl who brought you here." Reuben smiled as he said this.

"You can say so Mr. Smith. It's indeed a girl who forced me to come here." Alonzo's teeth clenched.

Finishing their coffee, Alonzo stood up and said, "It's time for me to leave."

Reuben also stood up from his seat before replying, "It will be good to work with you in future."

"Same here." Alonzo also said before leaving the Smith Enterprise.

After Alonzo left, Tom nudged his boss, "Boss. Don't you think that Mr. Brown is really mischievous."

Hearing this, Reuben's lips curved up in a cold sneer, as he said, "He surely is mischievous. But it's all good as long as he doesn't dare to harm any of my close ones. But if he tries to.. then I'll be the biggest opponent before him who will bring his death."


Inside Alonzo's car

Bill who was present with his boss all while and now was driving the car, said, "Boss, Mr. Smith seems to be very outstanding."

Alonzo nodded his head in response but didn't say anything. He was truly amazed by the work ethics of Reuben. He was really professional while talking about business and this professionalism impressed Alonzo a lot. He now understood why Reuben was the richest businessman of country S.

Because..... he was truly amazing.