My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 82

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 82 Symbol Of Love And Sincerity..

Before lunchtime, the postmortem result came out which again blew up the business world of country K. The news broke that the CEO of D. B. Animate, Mr. Hill indeed committed suicide and he hadn't blamed anyone for his death. He took this big step because he was ashamed of his own wrongdoings and wanted to repent on his misdeeds.

Mr. Hill's lawyer also stated about his will that he made the day before his death. Mr. Hill decided to give his company, mansion and 60% of his property to his wife and the rest 40% was for his mistress.

As D. B. Animate was already bankrupted so the company he had mentioned in his will was a interior designing company which was settled by both him and his wife. Though it was not as big as D. B. Animate, but still it was not too small.

Though the matter about Mr. Hill was resolved but the intellectual people in the business industries doubted about the certainty of this case as they truly believed that there was something amiss there which would be connected with Creation.... because everybody knew that the CEO of Creation was not someone to challenge with.

The CEO was extremely ruthless and despicable



In spite of all the turmoil and storm that were brewing through the city S, Veronica was watching K-pop music videos in YouTube while mumbling the lyrics with a big smile on her face. Her eyes were like glued on the screen.

At that moment, her phone rang which made her frown because of the disturbance. She knew it was not Reuben so she ignored the call and continued to watch another video.

The phone stopped ringing but few minutes later again started to ring. She impatiently received the call without noticing the ID and asked, "Who is that?"

"Ohoooo In a bad mood? Did you fight with Reuben?" The person asked.

Hearing the voice, Veronica immediately analyzed who it was. Hence she stopped the music video that was playing on her desktop and said, "No. I haven't fought with Bennie. It's just that I was watching K-pop when you called me that's why I got a little disturbed. It's nothing much Henry."

Henry laughed and mocked, "You and your K-pop. By the way, I saw the news today about Mr. Hill. You did good handling him. However, I called you for a help."

Furrowing her brows, Veronica asked, "Help? What kind of help?"

Scratching the back of his neck, Henry awkwardly laughed and replied, "Actually, I'm thinking of taking Lucinda for a date. But I can't understand what should I buy for a gift. So I need your help by giving me some ideas."

Grinning widely, Veronica teased, "Now this lover boy already learned how to be romantic. Good good. Good progress. And about the gift. You can buy her a handbag. She was asking me to go for a shopping with her to buy a particular bag but I couldn't as I was too much busy. So go for it. I'll send you the picture of that bag. But yeah.. don't you dare to forget to get a bouquet of flowers. Because, we girls are not that much money oriented. You can give her a gift worth millions but the thing that would bring the brightest smile on our face the most, is the flowers which is the symbol of your love and sincerity."

Henry smiled when he heard Veronica's suggestion before saying, "You know what Reuben also said me the same when I was going to propose Lucy. He told me that if I really love Lucy then I should focus on showing it to her by expressing my sincerity. You two really think the same always. By the way, thanks for the idea. Don't tell anything about this to your bestie."

Chuckling lightly, Veronica replied, " Don't worry. You can trust me about this. My mouth is zipped up. And your welcome."

Cutting the call, Veronica again busied herself into watching the videos.


After office hours, Reuben picked Veronica up as usual and both of them decided to have a dinner outside that day to celebrate the happy finale about D. B. Animate.

They headed to Fusion for their dinner and ordered Italian cuisines including pastas and pizzas alongside some good wine.

While they were having their dinner, Reuben got a message and after reading it, he laughed aloud.

Veronica who was filling her mouth with the cheesy pizza stopped her eating and looked at Reuben curiously, as if asking him for the reason of his sudden laughter.

Reuben noticed this and said to Veronica, "Henry messaged me now, saying that after dropping Lucy, when he was coming back he noticed Neil's car entering the street towards Wilson Mansion."

Chewing the pizza in her mouth quickly and gulping it down, Veronica asked confusedly, "So what Neil was going to the Wilson Mansion? It's after all his home too. What's there to laugh about?"

Controlling his laughter, Reuben said, "Babe that's not the thing. Let me tell you the whole story."

After listening the whole matter, Veronica also joined Reuben in laughing and said, "Lol.. That was so hilarious. Ah! My poor brother. Let me call him okay..?"

Saying this, Veronica immediately dialed Neil's number and after few rings, Neil's voice sounded from the other side