My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 83

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 83 More Suited To Be Their Wives Rather Than Sisters..

Veronica immediately dialed Neil's number and after few rings, Neil's voice sounded from the other side

"Hey Sis. What's up?" Neil said cheerfully as he just arrived at the Wilson Mansion and now having some coffee which his mother specially made for him.

"Bro Are you already at the mansion?" Veronica asked.

As Veronica and Lucinda were best friends from childhood, Veronica often went to Wilson Mansion to play with Lucy. That's why, she and Neil were also used to play together in childhood.

Neil's one weak point was his only sister, Lucy since childhood. Hence whenever Lucy played with Vero, Neil would always take care of them and started to treat Vero like his own little sister.

And he was proud to say from his childhood till now that he doesn't have only one sister but two, which would always make the other boys jealous, specially Louis and certain someone. Whereas Reuben and Henry were not interested with Neil's bragging about having two little cute sisters maybe because their heart already knew from the start that Vero and Lucy would be more suited to be their wives rather than sisters.

"Yup, I'm already at the mansion. Why are you asking? And more importantly, how did you know about me coming back home?" Neil asked dementedly.

"Uhh.. That's good then. And I'm having dinner with Reuben so he informed me about you visiting the mansion." Veronica casually replied.

Reuben who was quietly eating his pasta, became all ears after Veronica mouthed him that Neil had already arrived there. So he urged her to keep the call on speaker which Veronica obliged to easily.

When Neil just got a basic reply, he c.o.c.ked one of his eyebrows as he enquired, "Now don't tell me you just called me to know if I'm here or not. Quickly spill the beans about the reason of your sudden call."

"He he he.. Come on bro. There is nothing much. I just called you to say all the best." Veronica cheekily smiled while Reuben grinned before taking sip of his wine.

This time, Neil's suspicions grew even bigger and he could guess that something was wrong otherwise why would all of his friends would call him on the same day just to wish him all the best.

There is nothing like that he was going to give any exams or something like that. Then why his friends were giving him good wishes or more like mocking him for something. Moreover, Lucinda was also talking with him with some kind of guilty conscience and his parents were also behaving strangely since he came back to their house.

He could sense that there was something fishy but couldn't point out the reasons from it. He certainly felt that everyone was making conspiracies around him, resulting him to force into a puddle of confusions and worries.

So, Neil thought to ask Veronica directly, "Sis. Tell me what's happening? You really know something which I don't."

Veronica who was on verge of laughing out loud after hearing the choked voice of Neil as if he was feeling some kind of wrong, controlled herself very forcedly.

"Bro... Don't worry too much. Just enjoy your dinner. I'm hungry so I'll continue to eat. Talk to you later. Bye." Veronica quickly cut the call to avoid more suspiciousness arousing in his mind and again started to enjoy her dinner with her handsome boyfriend.

However, it only made Neil's frown got deeper as he stared at his sister doubtfully but Lucinda blatantly avoid his eyes so that she could ignore him.

After some time of intense staring when finally Neil decided to ask Lucy about today's certain meeting, the doorbell rang. And later a beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous dress stepped into the living room with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

She was wearing a red dress with red lipstick and her hair was curled into soft tangles. She was wearing some diamond jewelleries which was glistening brightly against the lights and her makeup was so thick that it could be compared to the peak of a mountain.

Noticing the unknown face of the girl and the way of her dressing, a rapid thought struck in his mind which made his gaze turn to his sister involuntarily.

Lucinda felt a cold shudder ran through her spine, making her tremble in fear. She gulped nervously before shifting her eyes off her brother.

Mrs. Wilson who was busy in kitchen, quickly came to greet the girl as soon as she got informed by one of the maid of her arrival.

"Welcome Diana. Welcome to our home. Have you faced any trouble coming here?" Mrs. Wilson asked enthusiastically.