My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 84 Everything Seemed To Be Fatal And Uninteresting..

"Welcome Diana. Welcome to our home. Have you faced any trouble coming here?" Mrs. Wilson asked enthusiastically.

"Hi aunty. How are you?" Diana said before passing the bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Wilson.

Taking the flowers from Diana's hand, Mrs. Wilson exclaimed, "So beautiful flowers. Thanks darling. And I'm absolutely fine. Now don't stand there and make yourself comfortable on the sofa."

Diana smiled at her before taking a seat but her gaze then landed onto the handsome man who was looking at her coldly sitting beside Lucinda.

She smiled at Lucinda before introducing herself, "Hi Lucinda. I'm Diana Baker. Nice to meet you. I heard a lot about you from Auntie."

Awkwardly smiling at Diana, Lucinda also greeted back, "Hi Diana. It's nice meeting you too."

Diana then shifted her eyes towards the man in yellow shirt and smiled shyly. Her cheeks turned red in color in blush which made Neil's eyes twitched. She then got the courage to finally greet him, "He.. hello Neil. How are you?"

Neil's lips pursed tightly as he stared at the girl in front of him. Without replying her anything, he just nodded his head before glaring at his sister who was sitting there meekly, looking at everywhere in the living room except at him.

At this moment, Mr. Wilson also came down with Mr. Baker who had already arrived here before as both of them were talking about stuffs in the study room.

After they arrived at the living room, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Baker greeted each other's son and daughters before heading to the dining hall for their dinner.

Neil took his seat at the left side of his father and Lucinda followed the suit as she went to sit beside her brother. But before her butt could touch the soft cushion of the chair, her mother called out, "Lucy.. come here and sit beside me today. Let Diana sit beside your brother."

Lucinda widened her eyes, hearing her mother's command and guiltily looked at her brother as if asking about his opinion. As her eyes fell on her brother's face, she shivered incompetently.

Neil's face like an angry dog who was ready to bite her as soon as he got a chance. His eyes shot her a deadly glare, saying, 'Don't you dare to move your legs from here. Otherwise you will be a dead meat.'

Shaking involuntarily, Lucinda knitted her brows and gulped a mouthful of saliva before trying to pursue her mother, "Mom"

"No Mom and Dad. Quickly come and sit here. Don't make me repeat myself." Mrs. Wilson beat Lucinda in talking and glared at her.

Facing the wrath of her mother, Lucinda obediently followed her mother's orders and sat beside her before giving an apologetic look to Neil.

On the other hand, Neil's facial expressions turned like a rock, as hard as ever. But his mood got darker when Diana sat beside him, smiling all sweetly while peeking at him from time to time.

This made Neil more annoyed. Therefore, he shot a look at his parents but they seemed to avoid it and that is why he couldn't have his dinner peacefully, which made him eat a lot lesser than his average appetite.

After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson urged Neil to show Diana the mansion but he refused to by saying, "Why don't Lucy let her show the mansion? I've come here after so many days, so I even forget where my room is.."

His mother rolled her eyes before forcing him to go with Diana which led him to reluctantly obey her order.

After making a tour of the whole mansion, Neil finally took Diana to the garden. For this whole time, both of them were totally silent with Neil commenting sometimes to make Diana know about the places.

Diana was all shy and was listening intently to Neil's every words, only nodding at him from time to time.

But when she entered the garden area, she couldn't help but gasp loudly, "Wow So beautiful." She exclaimed.

Neil averted her eyes to Diana and scaled her from head to toe. She has a perfect height, beautiful face, mid shoulder length hair, good fashion sense and most importantly.. good figure.

If it was few days ago, Neil would already pulled her into his bed and be intimate with her. But now everything seemed to be fatal and uninteresting to him.

Everytime, he was looking at her, he couldn't help but compare her with a certain girl who was making his head go all frenzy.

By staring at her, only one thought is knocking into his mind.

No Not at all She is not so good. Willa is more beautiful and attractive. Her smile is the best. No one can compare her at all..

As he was thinking this, a sudden cold wind passed by him, making his head get back to the reality again.

'What are you thinking Neil? Why are you remembering Willa at this moment?' He muttered internally.

But, what could he do?

From the day, he had returned from Willa's apartment, he couldn't do anything properly without thinking about her. It's like he had gone crazy all over in a moment.

His mind was not his It's like his mind was being controlled by someone else which was literally frustrating him like a madman.

It was filled with Willa and only Willa

'F.u.c.k!' He couldn't stop himself from cursing in his mind for being so stupid and helpless