My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 85 Find A Girl By Yourself Or Let Us Find One For You..

His mind was not his It's like his mind was being controlled by someone else which was literally frustrating him like a madman.

It was filled with Willa and only Willa

'F.u.c.k!' He couldn't stop himself from cursing in his mind for being so stupid and helpless

He looked at the girl beside him whose eyes were glistening brightly after seeing the garden. The lights of the garden was falling on her face which was covered with a light makeup.

Neil knew about this woman. She is the daughter of one of his father's business partners. Now that he was handling Wilson Estates with his own hands as the CEO, he also had to deal with Mr. Baker for business related purposes.

Even, he also met this Diana Baker few times in some parties where she came with her father. She is the only daughter of Mr. Baker and her mother had died when she was nineteen years old in some disease.

She worked as the general manager of Baker Corp and the company was running smoothly under her proper guidance. Though Baker Corp wasn't that big to talk about but it still hold a strong footing in the business industry.

Diana Baker was known to be a sweet kind of girl but extremely professional during work. She had good reputation among the friends circle and also a gorgeous woman. Though she can't be compared with the beauty of Veronica and Lucinda but still she was very good looking for one's eye to see.

But. These things didn't matter to Neil anymore.. because his mind now only had the collage of one person's smiling face.

Sighing deeply, he said to Diana, "Lets go inside. It's very cold here."

Nodding her head, Diana blushed and followed him inside.


Inside the mansion..

When both Neil and Diana came back from the house touring, Mrs. Wilson nudged them, "You guys are back? Did you guys come to know about each other?"

Neil rolled his eyes before replying, "Stop it Mom. What should I know about her?"

"Come on. Now don't be like that. You have to know each other well for your future. What's say Diana?" Mrs. Wilson kept on bugging them.

Diana blushed and said, "Yes auntie. I'll like to know Neil better."

Hearing this, Neil raised his eyebrows and then glared at his sister Lucinda who was sitting there meekly trying to hide from his furious gaze. Lucinda immediately started drinking the tea to avoid her brother's murderous look.

After some more talking, Mr. Baker and Diana decided to leave because the elders clearly knew that a one day meet up wasn't enough for the youngsters to decide on a big step like marriage as the new generation was quite progressive and didn't like to be burdened by any other's orders, so they didn't force those two children to comment on their relationship right then. They decided to give some time to them for more meet ups then they could decide what to do with their future.

"Visit us whenever you get some time." Mrs. Wilson reminded Diana before she left nodding her head.

After they left, Neil's eyes went chilly as he stomped his feet on the floor furiously, questioning his parents and sister, "You guys know that I don't like this kind of things like blind dates and still you guys tried to set me up.. what's the meaning of all these? No one even tried to give me heads up. And you Lucy.. I always supported you in everything and now you are repaying me like this by lying to your brother to this extent?"

Neil was extremely enraged that time as he was keeping all his anger from the evening suppressed inside him. As he didn't want to create a scene in front of some outsiders, he kept all his fury to himself till now, but his limit had crossed at last, making him blast like a erupting lava in front of his family.

Mr. Wilson who was sipping the tea, got up from his seat and faced his son. "What do you mean by set you up? Yes we indeed lied to you so that you can find a girl for yourself. What do you think that we don't know about your playboy image? We know this very well but tried to ignore it for many days. But now this is enough. Either you find a girl by yourself or let us find one for you." He shouted in rage.

"Honey calm down. Don't anger yourself." Mrs. Wilson tried to calm her husband. She then looked at her son and tried to console him, "Neil, you are big now, so try to understand our worries. Listen to your father and try to know more about Diana."

"I'll marry whoever and whenever I want. So don't try to force me." Saying these, he left the mansion gruntingly.

Lucinda sighed, seeing the tensed scene enfolding in front of her. She knew that today would be a hard day for everyone of her family specially for her brother. And she couldn't help but feel the tremor of the upcoming blow from her brother as a revenge.