My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 86

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 86 You Sure Know How To Embarrass Me..

Alonzo's Apartment

Myra was sitting in the living room, watching some Korean dramas. She had a bowl of snacks in her hand, munching from time to time. She was so much engrossed in the drama that she hadn't noticed someone had opened the door and entered their apartment in a hushed way.

The man who entered the living room just now, noticed Myra drowning in the television drama. He quietly walked towards her and bending down a little, he muttered in her ear, "What are you eating?"


A loud scream erupted in the whole apartment, making the bowl in Myra's hand flipped over in a second while her eyes were closed in shock. She continued screaming until the man behind her covered her mouth with his big palm.

"You stupid? Why are you screaming?" Alonzo asked his sister in astonishment.

Myra opened her eyes when she heard the familiar voice and finally relaxed. She slapped the hand off that was covering her mouth and yelled, "You how could you scare your sister like this?"

Alonzo laughed and said in a mocking voice, "I don't know how can you be this cowardly when you are my sister. You sure know how to embarrass me." He shook his head as if he was truly amazed.

"Humph! Then don't talk to me." Myra snapped.

"Okay. Jokes apart. Tell me if you have thought of any plans about your restaurant." Alonzo asked as he sat beside her.

Nodding at him, she replied, "Yes brother. I checked the places that you shortlisted for me. All are good. But I personally like two places but I'm confused between the both."

Alonzo bobbed his head and suddenly a thought came in his mind which he conveyed to his sister, "Why don't you do one thing. Ask Miss Wilson and Miss Lopez to help you. As much as I know, you guys had already exchanged your phone numbers, so why don't you call them?"

Myra's eyes lit up when she heard the suggestion as she said excitedly, "Thanks brother for this awesome idea. I'll call them tomorrow morning."

Alonzo's lips curved up in a smile, seeing her sister so happy and also he knew that this is the start of him coming close to the biggest families of country K.


City B

A girl in her twenties was throwing tantrum to the servants as she shouted, "Is this you call food? You know I don't like beans but you still added it in my soup. Is my dad paying you all for this?"

The servants kept their heads bowed down in the fear of angering the young miss of the Parker family more. They stayed quiet and didn't dare to speak a single word.

Getting no response from the servants, Regina's anger got worsened and she threw the bowl of soup on the floor, splashing the hot soup on one of the servant's leg.

The servant yelped in pain but didn't complain, being feared of losing her job. She apologized and said, "Young Miss. I'm sorry. This fault will not happen again. Let me make another bowl of soup for you."

"What do you mean by making another bowl of soup? You already made me lose my appetite and now you are apologizing to me?" Regina yelled.

Mrs. Jennie Parker came to the dining room, hearing the commotion and she couldn't help but get furious after seeing the scattered pieces of the bowl while one maid was cleaning the soup on the floor.

"How did this happen?" asked Mrs. Parker looking at her daughter.

Regina pointed towards the servant who cooked her food and blamed, "She added beans in my soup even after knowing that I hate it."

"That's why you have to throw the bowl?" Mrs. Parker was truly enraged as she asked her.

"What!! I just only threw the bowl on the floor. They should thank the God that I didn't splash it on their faces." She laughed evilly.

"Regina Is this how I taught you to speak?" Mrs. Parker shouted seeing the stubbornness of her daughter getting bigger and bigger that she didn't respect anyone.

"Why are you shouting on me? You should shout on these lowly servants." Regina shouted back.


Mrs. Parker was about to say something but got interrupted by a sudden voice, "Regina, don't talk to Mom like that. Go to your room. I'll tell someone to deliver your food in your room."

Regina looked at her brother and tried to complain, "But brother"

"No more talking. Go up and I'll talk to you later." Cole Parker said in dominance.

Regina eyed the servants before running to her room.

After Regina left, Cole held his mother's shoulders and said, "Mom. You should rest too. It's already quite late."

Mrs. Parker looked at her son and nodded her head before leaving the dining room.

Cole silently looked at the back of his mother and ordered the maids to send Regina's dinner to her room and then he also left the dining room and headed to the study room.