My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 87 'is She Seeing Those Things?

Settling himself down in the study room, Cole took out a cigarette from the packet and lightened it up before taking a puff of it.

The whole room was extremely dark, only the little dim light from the study lamp was illumining through the blackness of the room, reflecting on the handsome face of him, making him look more enchanting.

Though the soft light was falling on his face but still it couldn't hide the seriousness on his face ..

The room was filled with the pungent smell of the cigarette and the smoke made the atmosphere more suffocating.

But it didn't make any difference on the man sitting on the chair leisurely with a cold face. His eyes didn't show any kind of expressions which made the air of the room more colder.

Cole made a whip on the cigarette when it reduced in half because of the burning and the ashes which was stuck on the head of the cigarette, fell from it directly inside the ashtray..

Taking another long puff of the cigarette, Cole finally picked up the phone that was laying on the study table and kept fidgeting with it.

Thinking for quite a while, he finally made a call to someone and waited for the other person to pick it up.

After three rings, the call got picked up by the other person and another cold voice resonated in his ear.

"Hello.." Alonzo said, wondering why his best friend called him so late at night.

"How are you?" Cole asked. "How your business is going there in city S?"

Alonzo who was also working in his laptop, furrowed his brows before replying, "Everything is good here. What about you."

"Hmmm. I'm also well. It's just Regina today created a big scene at dinner time." Cole said.

Hearing the name Regina, Alonzo's mood got worse but he didn't express in words as he knew how much he didn't like that girl, she was still after all his best friend's sister.

The pause on the other side, made Cole understand that he carelessly spoke his sister's name without thinking too much. He knew that Alonzo didn't like his sister and he also didn't love to pester on this matter. So he tried to change the topic and came to the main point.

"My sister is making huge ruckus here. What about yours?" Cole tried to ask the question with very consciousness as he didn't want his friend to understand anything inconvenient from his words. That's why he gave a small example of Regina while talking so Alonzo couldn't doubt him.

Alonzo couldn't guess anything uneasy from it as they were both friends from childhood, so it was common for Cole to ask about Myra.

That's why replied casually, "She is also fine. Myra is now focused on opening a restaurant of her own here. So she is busy with these."

"Oh!" Cole just gave a short reply.

Talking for some more times, they hung up the call.


Love- Paradise

Veronica was sitting on the bed, her eyes were fixed on her laptop, watching something contently. She was so much busy in looking at her laptop that she hadn't noticed that the bathroom door got opened.

Reuben, on the other hand, came out of the washroom, rubbing a white towel on his hair, wearing only his pajama without the top.

He looked at the small person who was sitting on the middle of the bed and the spectacles was hanging on her nose, her hair strands were falling on both side of her face and the light from the screen contouring her face, making it more brighter..

This sight was quite s.e.xy to look for

It is making his little brother hard down there that he couldn't help but grunted.

But Reuben became extremely disappointed when his girlfriend didn't even bat an eye on him and kept focusing on her computer.

*cough* *cough*

Reuben coughed for sometimes to get the attention of Veronica back to him but to no avail.

Now it's making him anxious as to why his girlfriend wasn't even bothered to look at him. He wanted to know the reason of this. So he started to take his thought too far in his mind and started to imagine pointless things..

'What is she watching?'

He pondered in his mind while scratching his chin with his index and fore fingers.

'Is she seeing those things?'

'Is she really seeing those things?'

'No she can't. How could she watch those type of things totally avoiding his boyfriend.'

It's okay if she saw those things behind his back but not now.. when he is right beside her in the same room with him.