My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 88

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 88 Jealous Over Nothing..

'Is she seeing those things?'

'Is she really seeing those things?'

'No she can't. How could she watch those type of things totally avoiding her boyfriend.!'

It was okay if she saw those things behind his back but not now.. when he was right beside her in the same room with him...

A fire ignited inside of him when he thought about the possibilities of his girl watching another man's picture. Her watching the famous K-POP groups and all those handsome men with good figures, dancing and singing with so much charisma.

Just thinking about this, was making Reuben burn in extreme jealousy.

He shook his head as if to confirm himself that those K-POP boys were irrelevant and incomparable to him.

'Nah I'm more handsome than them. There is no way my girlfriend will cheat on me for those boys.'

He looked at his reflection on the mirror and gazed at his handsome face and well maintained body with perfect abs and toned muscles. He brushed his hand through his still wet hair and once again took a full glimpse of his body.

'Perfect. Very s.e.xy. No one can compete with me when it comes to handsomeness and s.e.xiness. Huh? Those K-POP guys want to steal my girlfriend's attention. Not a chance.!'

He thought in his mind and quickly proceeded to the bed to snatch his girlfriend's attention back to him, so that he could seduce her on the bed by making love with her all the night and let her forget about those annoying flies.

Walking towards the bed, he placed his one leg on the bed and the other one was on the floor. He bent towards her and placed a kiss on her cheek while rubbing her back with his right hand.

Trailing feather kisses from her cheek to her jawline, he moved his lips on her little ear and kissed it gently. Still not getting any response from Veronica, he bit her ear and then licked it, expecting to get at least a little glare from her.

But, to his dismay.. not only Veronica even didn't glare on him but also hadn't paid any attention to his advances by not even making a single snort on those disturbances. She kept on looking at her laptop screen whereas her hands was busied on the mouse, scrolling through some webpages which might be the pictures of those young boys.

Finally his patience broke into tiny pieces and he grunted very disdainfully. Not getting to handle those jealous feelings anymore, he made himself seated on the bed and hugged her sideways.

"Baby. That's enough. Enough of you ignoring me over those stupid men. I can't just take these anymore. Stop looking at them so intensely as if you are going to swallow them whole." Reuben complained pouting his lips in an adorable way.

This definitely got Veronica's attention and she turned her head towards him. She couldn't identify quite the meaning of those words which Reuben said. For her, it was like some 'out of the syllabus' things. Looking at the cute face of her dear boyfriend her heart immediately melted and her eyes spoke about her love for him.

Kissing him on the lips suddenly, she asked, "Baby why are you behaving like these? And what were you talking about some men. When I ignored you in the first place.!!"

Reuben who finally got her attention on him, snuggled closer to her and shoved his head into her neck.

Seeing her boyfriend being extreme clingy to her, Veronica understood that there was something amiss in his behavior, so she asked him again, "Honey, what happened to you?"

Getting her worried expression, Reuben looked at her expectantly and then peeked through her hair into the laptop but couldn't understand clearly what was on the deeply.

He again pouted and started to complain, "Baby .. look I'm not being jealous. But how can you boldly ignore me for these not so handsome human beings." He pointed his fingers at the laptop screen.

Veronica followed his finger's direction and gazed at the screen. She scrunched up her brows in confusion and look back at Reuben asking for explanation as she hadn't found anything wrong there.

"What? What not so handsome human beings?" She snapped.

"Baby.. I'm talking about these.." His words got froze when he turned his head towards the laptop and saw what was on the display of the webpage.

It was not some images or videos of any of those so called K-pop boys, he was being jealous over it was a shopping site where Veronica was scrolling through, looking at the phone back covers.

So.... he was eating vinegar over nothing. He got frustrated for these backcovers!! Was he even serious? If Veronica came to know his thoughts of the actual reasons, then it would be his doomsday. He would surely be thrown out of their lovely bedroom and he wouldn't even got to taste her today.

No He couldn't let this happen.. He couldn't sleep without her.. NO NO.. NO.. He had to think of some plans to distract her.

Then suddenly an idea strucked into his mind. What could be more workable than being pitiful in front of her so he faked a face like he was being wronged by her.

"Bennie.. what are you thinking? I was searching for a suitable back cover for my phone. That's why I hadn't noticed you, I hadn't ignored you intentionally baby." Veronica couldn't take it anymore and kissed him on his lips.

Woahhhhh!!! A sweet kiss. A compensation kiss. What could be better than it.!


But being shameless as him as ever, how could he miss this opportunity to devour her completely. So he hold her head with his right hand and her waist with the left one before deepening the kiss, slowly sucking and nibbling on it.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered beside her ear, "Sweetheart, now that you already made a huge mistake by avoiding me, then let me give you a punishment." Saying this, he immediately pushed her on the bed and fiercely kissed her blocking her to talk more.

Right at that moment, Veronica clearly understood that this was gonna be a long night for them. She could already imagine her sore waist tomorrow.

But what could she do! After all she was also yearning for his love and touch very much as it was a hectic week for her. So she had already given up to him to take her into the pool of waves of intimacy.