My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 89

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 89 Asking For The Two Girls' Help..

It was already Saturday, the long awaited weekend for every working persons as they could sleep their ass off the whole morning. And how could Lucinda be different from those lazy human beings. She was really the best example of a perfect best friends as she also liked to laze around on her bed whenever she got any free time, completely like Veronica.

As she was sleeping comfortably on her bed, hugging her teddy bear, covered with a blanket, her peaceful sleep got disturbed when her phone rang loudly.

Lucinda groaned when the loud ringing sound entered her ears. She pressed the pillow on her ears to avoid the sound from making her distracted from her sleep, but to no avail. The phone kept ringing and ringing, without any possibility of stopping soon.

Grunting loudly, Lucinda sat up on the bed with a grim face. Her hair disheveled and falling on her eyes. She searched for her phone near her pillow and checked who the caller was.

It was an unknown number which really surprised Lucinda because no outsiders know about her number except for her family members, friends and closed ones. And there was even no chance of any of the insiders to give her number away to anyone.

She was so much angry that some unknown caller just woke her up from her slumber and that was even on holiday morning. She was determined that if it was any prank call or bugs then she would not leave this person alive anymore.

Therefore, she frowned and answered the call hesitantly, "Hello? Who is this?"

A very sweet voice echoed through out the phone which made Lucinda stopped from yelling hard. She found the voice quite familiar but couldn't make it out the person's identity.

"Good morning Lucinda. It's me, Myra."

"Oh? Hey Myra. What's up?" Lucinda finally recognized the voice when the person herself told about her own identity.

"Yeah.. All good. Am I disturbing you?" Myra asked cautiously.

Lucinda settled the pillows behind her back and leaned onto them, before saying, "No. You are not. Tell me how are you? Do you need any help from me in anything?"

Myra on the other hand sighed weakly and said, "I'm fine. Actually. I really need a help from you."

"Hmm what kind of help?" Lucinda asked raising her eyebrows.

"Actually, I'm thinking of visiting some places to choose for my restaurant. Will you go with me? As you know I'm new to this place, I don't know many things about here. So it would be a great help if you manage to come with me." Myra requested.

"Oh.. That's not a big deal. I'll go with you and will also call Vero if she wants to come with us." Lucinda immediately agreed to help.

Myra cheered in joy as she said, "Thank you so much."

After deciding on the time and place, they cut the call and Lucinda dialed Veronica's number.



The previous night was very much energetic and passionate. So both of the love birds hadn't woke up from their Dreamland yet. They were sleeping in each other's arms peacefully with their bodies entangled with each other.

At this moment, Veronica got a call from her best friend and moved away from Reuben to search for her phone. Getting the phone in her hand, she picked up the call immediately and said in a hoarse voice, "What happened Lucy? Why are you calling so early? Isn't it still your sleeping time?"

Lucinda breathed lightly and replied, "You are right. But I had to wake up because of Myra's call."

"Myra? You mean Miss Brown?" Veronica asked.

"Yup. She called me to help her for finding a suitable place for her restaurant. So I'll be meeting with her two hours later. Will you come with me?"

Thinking for some while, Veronica agreed, "Okay. I'd come with you. I'll pick you up from your house in an hour."

"No. I'll pick you up." Lucinda replied.

"Fine." Veronica replied.

Finishing the call, Veronica looked at the peaceful face of her boyfriend who was sleeping soundly, wrapping his arms around her waist tightly.

Her boyfriend was looking extremely adorable in his sleepy face. His eyelashes were big and chiseled jawline was a sight to hold on his closed eyes, which made his face more charming.

So she couldn't help but plant a kiss on his forehead and then his lips.

Loosening his hand from her waist, Veronica slowly got up from the bed and headed in the washroom to get freshen up.

After taking a bath and dressing up, she slowly walked down the kitchen to made a simple yet healthy breakfast for both of them.