My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 9 Ugly Duckling

"Oh my God! They're finally here." Lucy exclaimed excitedly after seeing both of the handsome men.

Veronica also looked at them uninterestedly for some time and took her eyes off from them.

A man in a black suit approached the girls and introduced himself to them, "Hey, beautiful ladies. I'm Mathew Anderson. I must say you both are looking so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off from you."

"Thanks for your compliment." Lucinda replied whereas Veronica didn't even bat an eye on him.

"Are you both alone? Actually me and my friend want to dance with you." Mathew said pointing his finger towards another man.

"No, we are not alone. Our parents are here with us." Veronica said sarcastically.

"Oh. I see. So can I get your number miss?" he tried to flirt with Vero.

Right then, a waiter got bumped into him, making the drinks on his platter fall on his expensive suit.

"Ahhhhhh!! You bastard" Mathew shouted out of anger.

Soon everyone looked at him in astonishment as none had imagined that a person could use slang words in this high end party.

"Sorry sir. I didn't notice you. Let me take you to the washroom." The waiter said.

Mathew hissed angrily and followed the waiter.

Lucinda looked at him in dissatisfaction showing on her face.

"Hmph! What a jerk! Tried to flirt with us without any manners?" Lucinda silently cursed.

Without giving Mathew or the waiter any stance, Veronica looked directly at certain someone and thought in her mind, 'Cunning'.


10 minutes ago

Reuben was talking to other business partners but his eyes kept on roaming around a figure. But his lips twitched slightly when he saw a man was approaching towards the figure. He now kept his full attention to those two people and when he saw that the man tried to become cozy with the girl, his eyes darkened.

He signed to a waiter to come near him and said something in his ear. The waiter nodded his head and went to follow Reuben's order.

The waiter walked towards the group of three people and intentionally knocked onto Mathew.

After apologizing to him, the waiter took him to the restroom before glancing at Reuben.

Reuben was impressed by the waiter's efficiency in acting and smiled at him. He then looked at the beautiful figure wearing a pink gown gracefully and standing near the bar, throwing him lots of daggers through her eyes as if she is going to kill him right now.

He gave her a charming and innocent smile as if he had not done anything and again focused on other businessmen.


Veronica averted her eyes from Reuben, when her father called her to meet with someone. Every eyes were on her as she walked to a table with her parents and Lucinda. The men were all l.u.s.ting over her beauty and hourglass figure whereas every women were giving her a envious look.

Mr. Lopez took her to Reuben and said her to congratulate him.

"Look, you guys know each other from childhood; still you hadn't congratulated him yet. This is not fair Vero." Veronica's mother also urged to her.

"Congratulations." Victoria curtly wished Reuben with a forced smile.

"Thanks." Reuben also didn't show any expression.

"Aiya, how can you talk this rudely to a beautiful lady?" Mr. Smith scolded his son.

"Dad, you should check your eyes to a doctor. From which angle she looks beautiful? She is nothing but an ugly duckling." Reuben said to his father, pointing his head towards Victoria.

Veronica's whole face turned red in anger. She confronted him furiously, " Who are you calling an ugly duckling?"

"You. I'm calling you an ugly duckling." Reuben pointed at Veronica with his index finger and a smug smile was plastered in his face.

"You..You are ugly. A total piece of shit." Veronica shouted at him.

"Oh God! This two started again. For God's sake you both are a.d.u.l.ts now. Stop fighting like children." Mrs. Smith scolded both of them.

"Yeah Grow up you two now." Mrs. Lopez also agreed with her friend.

"Then you should ask this to him first, Mom." Veronica wasn't ready to lose to him.

"Hmph! Why should she ask me. It's you who behaves like a child." Reuben counter-attacked.

"Alright.. Both of you can continue your bickering later. Now let's sit there quietly without disturbing other guests." Mr. Lopez interrupted both of them as the two families sat at a table.

Lucy couldn't help but chuckle at their childish banter and followed everyone to the table.