My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 90

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 90 Everything Has A Right Place To Wear..

Alonzo's Apartment

Myra was humming while choosing a dress to wear for today's place hunting for her restaurant when someone patted her at the shoulder, making her jump in fright.

"Oh. Brother when will you change? Stop scaring me like this." Myra yelled at her brother.

Chuckling at his fuming sister, Alonzo sat on her bed and asked, "What are you doing that you hadn't even noticed me?"

Without turning, Myra searched for a perfect dress and answered, "I am trying to find something to wear for going out today."

"Going out? To finalize the place?" Alonzo c.o.c.ked his eyebrows.

"Yup." Myra replied in one word.

Alonzo furrowed his brows as he questioned, "You are just going out for a little matter. What's there to look so much just to find a dress.?"

Getting nothing perfect to wear, Myra huffed before holding her h.i.p.s with her hands, "Brother, you will not understand about dressing up. I would not like to think of a proper dress if Lucinda and Veronica wouldn't come with me today."

Alonzo's thin lips created a smirk as he said, "So Miss Brown is also going with you today.."

"Yes. That's why I need to dress up well. I mean look how much pretty both of them are. If I wear anything bad or dress up like my usual, then I would not have any face in front of them. I'm sure that they will dress up too well." Myra whispered sadly before sitting beside her brother on the bed.

Sighing deeply, Alonzo said, "First of all, you are also very pretty like them. And second of all, I don't think that they would wear something flashy. So wear your casuals like you do. That will be more preferable today and I'm sure they will also dress the same."

Myra narrowed her eyes at Alonzo before asking, "How are you so sure? What if.. what if I make a joke of myself by wearing jeans and they would not wear the same..!!!"

Alonzo hugged his sister and said, "I'm in the business world for years to judge a person. So I could clearly tell that those two women are not at all like others to always show off. Don't worry and wear what you are comfortable with. Trust your brother. Okay?"

Myra nodded her head before taking out a pair of black jeans and red t-shirt and headed in the washroom, "I'm going to get ready then." She said before entering the bathroom.

After Myra went to get ready, Alonzo lied on the bed with his legs hanging down as he remembered a girl in her early twenties who always wear jeans and tops in carefree way and would always have a beautiful smile on her face.

He clearly remembered that once he asked her about her dressing style, "Doesn't girls always like to wear frocks and gowns? Then why you wear jeans always? I mean you look extremely beautiful in this and you carry yourself too good. But still, I just wanted to know why you are not like other girls? Like always flashy?"

The girl just laughed out loud, hearing him and said, "I'm not like those women. It's Not like I don't like to wear gowns or dresses but it's just everything has a right place to wear. Like now we're studying for hours, so it feels better to wear jeans or shorts so you could seat comfortably anywhere."

He smiled thinking about her... How she laughed or talked...

Alonzo's trance broke when Myra asked, "Brother is it okay?" pointing at her dress.

"Yeah.. Good. Now get your hair and makeup done. I'm going to study room." Alonzo said before leaving Myra's room whereas Myra started to comb her hair.


Love Paradise

Reuben woke up with an empty bed and this made his mood a little bitter as he love to see Veronica's face the most after waking up. But he knew that his girlfriend had already woken up and might be cooking breakfast for them, so he quickly got up from the bed and decided to take a quick shower.

Taking a shower, he wiped his hair with a small towel and wrapped his lower part with a big one. He walked towards their walk-in closet and took out a normal t-shirt and shorts. Dressing up, he walked down the stairs and found his girlfriend, cooking in the kitchen as he expected.

He quickly walked towards her silently and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He kept his palms on her stomach and rested his chin on her shoulder, smelling the fragrant of her hair.

Veronica at first shuddered a little by the sudden appearance and hug, but within a second, she got the familiar warmth from the body behind her and wished, "Good morning baby."

"Morning sweetheart." Reuben also wished back as he kissed the nape of her neck.

Veronica turned her head a little and tilted his head up a little with her right hand and kissed him on the lips.