My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 91

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 91 Remember The Last Sentence Clearly..

Veronica turned her head a little and tilted his head up a little with her right hand and kissed him on the lips.

It was a quick good morning kiss for both of them so that they could start the day with more energy and love. The kiss was like a medicine to them or more like a energy booster that made their day happy and flawless.

After the kiss, Veronica again busied herself in cooking whereas Reuben just kept hugging her leaving small kisses on her head, neck and shoulder. As Veronica was wearing just a bathrobe so it was easier for Reuben to kiss her here and there.

Five more minutes later, Veronica finally finished her cooking and started to serve it on the plates.

"Okay done. Let's take the plates to the table and eat our breakfast quickly." Veronica said before removing the hands which were now trying to sneak under the robe.

Reuben followed her orders and helped Vero to place the plates on the table and took a seat beside her.

Finishing the breakfast with small talks and laughs, both of them headed towards the bedroom again.

But before Veronica could enter the room she was already pulled by a pair of arms and immediately her lips got devoured by another pair of lips.

Reuben was kissing her hungrily, licking, biting, nibbling, sucking, making her go senseless. Kissing for a long time, he left her lips and preceded to kiss her neck and shoulder while his hand roamed all over body, finally stopping on the slash. And within no time he opened the opened the knot of the robe.

Veronica was so into the sensation of his kisses that she hadn't noticed yet that her bathrobe had already been untied by an expert hand, leaving her full body on display to the hungry evil.

But her sense got back again when she felt cold air in front of her body. She shivered and pushed Reuben's moving hand from her bare skin, again tying the knot.

"Not now Bennie." Veronica said as she tightened the robe around her body properly.

Pouting cutely at her, Reuben whined, "But why baby? Today is Saturday. Holiday for us so that we can roll around the bed for the whole day."

Veronica rolled her eyes at Reuben, before walking towards the walk in closet to find a suitable dress for today's restaurant hunting. Reuben also followed her walking inside the closet, resting his body on the doorframe.

"Baby, why are you here to dress up? You don't need to wear anything as it will be ripped off your body anyway." Reuben said as a matter of fact.

Shooting a glare towards Reuben, Veronica said, "Sorry baby. That's not going to happen today. I'm going out with Lucinda and Myra to find a suitable place for Myra's restaurant. So today I'll not be home for the first half of the day."

This was enough to make Reuben's mood bad as he looked at her in a sorrowful way, asking her to back off the plan whereas Veronica completely ignored him and picked up a jeans and t-shirt to wear.

Looking at the handsome face in front of her, all pouting, she sighed deeply, "Babe. Please don't behave like a child now. I promise I will be home before afternoon and then we can cuddle each other as much as you want."

Hearing this Reuben's mood brightened a little and he smiled cynically, "Okay. Remember the last sentence clearly."

When Veronica nodded her head as a response, then Reuben grinned and said, "Then it's a deal."

"Deal." Veronica laughed at his childish behavior and went into washroom to change.

Coming out of the washroom, Veronica quickly did a light makeup by only putting some eyeliner and lipstick. She took half of her hair from the other side making a little bun and let the hair of the lower part fall on her shoulder freely.

She wore an off-white t-shirt with a black jeans and paired it with a black small earrings. She wore her watch and sprayed some perfume over her body. Finally done with her makeup, she looked at the reflection of herself and smiled happily with content of her perfect look.

Though her makeup was light but still she was looking extremely beautiful. She put her phone, lip balm, money and credit cards in her black sling bag.

She then looked at her dear boyfriend who was busy with his phone and walked in front of him.

When Reuben felt a shadow on him, he looked up to see his beautiful girlfriend looking all pretty and cute. In jeans and t-shirt with a light makeup, she was looking much younger like a college girl. And suddenly the possessiveness grew inside of him of other man seeing his love in a mesmerized way and he hated to say it that he was becoming extremely jealous just by thinking over it.

He quickly pulled Veronica towards him, making her gasp and fall on his lap. Tightly holding her on his lap, he hugged her and asked, "Honey, do you really have to go today? Can't you just cancel it?"

Chuckling at the silly questions, Veronica ruffled his hair and said, "No. I can't cancel. I already promised them to come. So I've to go. And I'll be back as soon as possible. Okay?"

Seeing him nodding, Veronica quickly pecked him on the lips and hugged him back.

Right at that moment, a car honked loudly, making both the couple break the hug as Veronica said, "It must be Lucy. Let's go." Before walking downstairs.