My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 92

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 92 Count All The Single Seconds Of Our Whole Lifetime..

Seeing him nodding, Veronica quickly pecked on the lips and hugged him back.

Right at that moment, a car honked loudly, making both the couple break the hug as Veronica said, "It must be Lucy. Let's go." Before walking downstairs.

"Niccyyyyyy.." shouted Lucinda as soon as her best friend opened the door, she threw herself at her, hugging her tightly.

Veronica who was being suddenly hugged by an excited Lucinda, stumbled a little at first but later hugged her back after regaining her balance.

"You can't even imagine how much I missed you, Niccy." Lucinda exclaimed after pulling herself back from Veronica.

Veronica c.o.c.ked her eyebrow at that statement and teased her instead, "Really? You really missed me? Whereas I thought that your mind is only occupied with Henry."

Again, Lucinda's cheeks flushed red in shyness, after hearing about Henry's name. And as always Veronica hit the jackpot of making Lucinda embarrassed.

Seeing the flushed face, Veronica laughed out loud and asked after calming herself, "Come inside and have a cup of coffee."

Lucinda denied it, saying, "Nah.. Not today. We don't have time for coffee."

"What are you so hurry for? Firstly you are taking my beautiful girlfriend away from me for few hours on a weekend which is meant to be our alone time and now you are hurrying so much." came Reuben's grumpy voice from the house as he came towards the girls and wrapped his left arm around Veronica's waist.

Rolling her eyes at Reuben, Lucinda retorted, "You won't understand. Now let me leave with my bestie. You had enough time with her. So it's my turn to spend some time with her."

Frowning at Lucy, Reuben huffed. "Even if you count all the single seconds of our whole lifetime, then still it is not enough for me to love my baby girl." He said gazing at Veronica with full of affection and love.

"Awww!!! My baby. So sweet of you honey." Veronica said hugging him and gave him a sweet kiss.

"E. Stop it both of you. This is not the time for being all lovey-dovey. Let's go now Niccy." Lucinda rolled her eyes again at the couple.

Veronica then pecked Reuben's lips one more time before leaving their bungalow with Lucinda.

On the other hand, Reuben sighed after his beloved left him for half of a day. Now it is only him left in this whole house which made him more lonely. So he decided to go to his study room to cut off the boredom.


Lucinda and Veronica finally reached to the designated coffee shop where they planned to meet with Myra. They got out from the car and walked into the caf, quietly searching for her.

Myra was sitting there, waiting for them and when she noticed the two girls, she called for them, "Hey guys, I'm here."

At that instant, both of the best friends turned their heads towards Myra who was sitting there, wearing a top and jeans. She was looking cute in her own way there. They went to her and sat on the vacant chairs with a smile on their faces.

"Hi Myra. You are looking really cute." Lucinda praised her and Veronica added, "Yes. Very much cute."

Myra blushed but remained looking at them in daze. When Veronica and Lucinda saw that she was not talking, just kept staring at them, they peeked a look at each other in confusion and then again glanced back at Myra.

At last, Veronica waved her hands in front of Myra to bring her out from her dreamland and that worked.

"Where are you zoning out?" Veronica asked.

Shaking her head, Myra spoke out, "My brother was right."

This made the besties again confused as Lucy probed herself to ask, "About what?"

Smiling at them, Myra shyly replied, "Actually today morning I became a nervous freak about what to wear. I couldn't decide that whether I should wear a dress or just wear casuals because I thought you would wear some magnificent dresses as you guys are from the one of the wealthiest families. And by the way, you both are looking really good too."

Hearing this both Veronica and Lucinda laughed hard and then Veronica said, "Oh Myra. So what if we belong to some wealthy families, you are too. Then why are you wearing the same as us? Look Myra, being simple and wearing casual doesn't verify your class or standard. You just have to wear what are you comfortable with. So be yourself. Okay?"

Myra nodded her head and smiled happily, "Okay."

Lucinda broke their not so serious conversation by saying, "So Myra, where are we going first?"

After telling them about the places they were going to visit that day, the three of them left the caf and hopped into Lucinda's car.