My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 93

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 93 Same Ship.. Love Ship..

After half an hour of driving, the three girls reached at the first place in search of the restaurant. The three of them walked out of the car and met the broker who was being appointed by Alonzo's assistant earlier.

"Good morning ma'am. As you have already decided on two places to look for. So I would guide you to search for the perfect place." The broker immediately greeted Myra and looked at the other two girls.

"Oh They are my friends, Veronica and Lucinda. They came with me to help me for choosing the perfect location." Myra introduced them to the broker.

The broker smiled looking at them and also introduced himself while thinking that how could he be so lucky today to get to serve these three beautiful women in a single day, at the same time.

He was in his fifties and happily married with children. So he wasn't looking at them in some l.u.s.ting way, but still he thought it was a lucky day for him to be their broker. Because, most of the clients he handled before, were quite arrogant and spoiled brats.

But after looking at the three girls, he couldn't find any of those rich arrogance in them. Instead they were sweetly smiling at him, talking very politely which was quite a big surprise for him. Otherwise the other Rich heirs or heiresses would throw tantrum in every little things, insulting him very way they could.

So it was his first time to see three extremely beautiful young ladies with good manners though he could just tell by their appearances that they belong from a rich family but still down to earth which was enough for him to get pleased.

He mentally counted it and decided to tell those things to his boss in details. He now kept the thought away and decided to show them the place.

The building was four storey with a magnificent view. The top two floors were occupied by other business which was a furniture company. And the bottom two floors were vacant to sell.

The place was in one of the most crowded place of the city. So it was very good location to attract customers. The girls liked the place very much but decided to not say anything right now. They were waiting for the other spot to visit and then they could determine which place to choose.

That's why, they headed to the next place eagerly in Lucinda's car by following the broker's car.

"The place was good right?" Myra asked excitedly.

"Yeah. Right. I like that place." Lucinda also nodded.

"Me too. But we should see the next place before taking any decision." Veronica said.

Lucinda and Myra agreed with that and waited for their next hunt. And after waiting for 20 minutes in the car, they finally reached to the location and met with the broker again.

When they entered, they finally saw the location and the building that was supposed to be for sale and they all were in awe. It was a three storey building, covered with glasses. The garden area was also very beautiful and had a big area for car parking. It had a small pond in the garden and some lotuses were floating on the water, giving the soulless place a life. Most importantly, the place was at a very popular area where the biggest shopping malls, multiplexes were present. Even it was very close to Veronica's family's famous shopping mall, 'Sky-Heart', just ten minutes walking distance.

"I liked it." Veronica was the first one to appreciate the place.

"Me too. What about you Myra?" Lucinda agreed with Veronica before asking Myra about her opinion.

"I just love it." Myra mumbled with a great sense of joy.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's make it final." Lucinda exclaimed.

Veronica laughed and fist boomed with Lucinda before shouting, "Final."

Myra looked at both of them and jumped into them for a hug. "Thanks a lot guys... For helping me." She said sincerely.

"Hey If you wanna thank us then why not you come with us for a shopping?" Veronica joked after pulling out from the hug.

"Hehehe.. Why not?" Myra said.

"Wow! Finally, I'm going to shop after so many days." Lucinda dramatically said.

"Yeah. Let's shop till we drop." Veronica cheekily smiled, making the other two laugh.

And like that, they went for shopping at Sky-Heart and bought a lot of stuffs including dresses, shoes , bags and other accessories.

But when they came near a men's shop, Myra paused.

"What happened?" Lucinda asked.

"I'm thinking of buying my brother a present. So shall we go to the men's section?" Myra asked.

"Sure girl. Drop those formalities with us. Even if you didn't plan to go there, me and Lucy were already planning to visit here." Veronica said eyeing Lucinda.

Lucinda got the clue and agreed, "Yeah... Right."

Myra became curious as she asked, "Why? I mean why will you go into a men's shop. Do you guys have boyfriends?"

Lucinda looked at Veronica and then getting the clue from her, she denied, "No. We don't. Actually we're thinking of buying something for our brother."

"Oh. I see." Myra said and then looked at Veronica, "Lucy is buying for her brother but you? How much I know you don't have any brother. You are a single child, right?" She asked.

Veronica just smiled at her and said, "Yeah. You are right that I'm a single child. But the thing is I also brought up with Lucy's brother Neil from our childhood. So practically he is also my brother and very close to me. Actually he is the best brother in the world. So I'm also buying him something."

"Oh. Let's go in then." Myra said.

Lucinda then whispered into Veronica's ear, " Are you really going to buy for Neil or have you other plans in your mind like me?"

"Well, you are right my bestie. I really have other plans to buy gifts for my dear boyfriend like you. After all I left him today alone in our home, so I've to repay that. Right?" Veronica whispered back.

"Hehehe.. same with me. I cancelled mine and Henry's date today. So I also have to repay, you know right!" Lucinda said.

"Yes hun. After all, we are in a same ship..... Love ship." Veronica winked at Lucinda, making both of them giggle hard.