My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 94

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 94 It Is Not Good To Forget About Our Past..

After shopping, the three girls had lunch together and talked about some random stuffs. But before that Veronica hadn't forgot to remind her precious baby to eat his lunch properly.

"Honey.. I'll be a little late as I came for shopping with Lucy and Myra. And now we are already having our lunch. So please eat your lunch in time. I have already ordered your favorite food from FUSION and it will be delivered at our home soon. So manage without me today. Okay?" Veronica texted.

A quick message came through her phone and she read it.

"Though I'm very much upset that you'll not be having lunch with me today but it's okay. It was a stressful week for you babe. So enjoy. And I love you." Reuben texted back.

Veronica smiled and replied, "I love you too."


When they were having their dessert, Myra picked her phone to make a call, before saying, "Girls. Let me make a call to my driver to fetch me from here."

"You don't have to. If you want then we can drop you on our way back home." Lucinda said before stuffing her mouth with chocolate mousse.

"Will it be okay for both of you?" Myra hesitated.

"What are you saying? It's absolutely fine with us and didn't I tell you to stop being so formal?" Veronica faked anger.

Myra signed and then gave them a hearty smile, "I understand."


After lunch, the three girls entered Lucinda's car and Myra told the driver the address of her apartment.

After forty minutes of drive, they reached there and Myra invited them to come in. Though both of them refused at first but later agreed to go in.

As they got out from the elevator, Myra headed towards their apartment and rang the doorbell. And few seconds later, the door got opened and Alonzo stood there in his home attire.

"You are finally back?" Alonzo asked.

"Yup. And guess what? I brought my friends with me here." Myra squealed excitedly.

Hearing this, Reuben's eyebrows arched up and when he finally understood the meaning of what his sister had said, his heart raced erratically, making him open the door widely as he started to peek behind Myra.

Myra noticed it and became surprised to see his brother's reaction. Her cold hearted brother was peeking behind her...


Getting out of the trance, Myra turned around and gazed at the duo who were standing behind her quite awkwardly. She actually forgot about them while inspecting her brother.

'Shit.. This was bad.' She internally cursed herself.

"Hey, guys. Come inside." She welcomed them in her house.

"And I guess I don't have to introduce you guys with my brother as you already met him in the party." She said looking at her friends and brother.

Lucinda and Veronica nodded and greeted Alonzo, "Hello Mr. Brown."

"Hello Ms. Wilson and Miss Lopez." Alonzo also greeted back.

As they settled themselves into the living room, they stayed quiet at the presence of Alonzo because they still didn't no much about him.

Understanding the awkwardness, Alonzo cleared his throat and said, "You guys sit here. I'll make you guys some coffee."

"Ah. No . Don't bother. We have to leave today. We have some works undone in our homes." Veronica declined.

"But you guys just came here and that even for the first time, and already talking about leaving." Myra pouted, making Lucinda and Veronica giggle.

"We'll come another time hon. Now we really have to go." Lucinda said.

Myra nodded whereas Alonzo's gaze remained on Veronica which made her a little bit uncomfortable.

As they walked up to the door, Alonzo suddenly said, " Miss Lopez, I think it is not good to forget about our past."

It made them look at Alonzo in an unreadable way. Veronica was the most shocked one among the three of them.

She thought that something was really wrong with Alonzo otherwise why would he say those stupid things which literally have no meaning at all. Veronica's mind was now wondering about one thing

'What is he talking about? And why he said such meaningless things!'

Seeing the confused faces of the three ladies, Alonzo chuckled before saying, "I meant to say that now that you guys are leaving, don't forget to come here again by leaving it as a past."

This made everyone sighed in relax while Veronica kept looking at Alonzo, trying to find any uneasiness, but couldn't find any. His eyes were calm and collected.

"Okay. We'll not forget it. Bye now." Lucinda said before giving Myra a hug.

Then Veronica also hugged her and left with Lucinda.

Reaching her home, she sighed and entered her beautiful home.

And when she turned the doorknob and took the first step, a pair of strong arms pulled her into a hug, making her shout loudly.