My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 95 Very Much Observant..

Arriving at the bungalow, she sighed and entered her beautiful home.

And when she turned the doorknob and took the first step, a pair of strong arms pulled her into a hug, making her yell loudly.

But immediately warm lips collided with hers taking her by surprise.

Reuben lifted her up by her waist and wrapped her legs around him, making her gasped. And he took the right chance to enter his tongue in her mouth, totally dominating over her.

Still kissing her hungrily, Reuben walked towards the couch and settled himself on there, caging Veronica on his lap.

Veronica also compiled with him, kissing him with same passion while her hands played with his soft hairs by running through them.

Few minutes of kissing done and both of them finally pulled out of each other, panting heavily as their chests were raising up and down in a rhythm. They pressed their foreheads together and breathed on each other's face with a contempted look.

"I missed you so much babe and that resulted me becoming hungry for you." Reuben whispered on her lips, looking straight in her eyes.

Veronica's face was all red from the kissing and now she blushed more after hearing Reuben's confession. She gave him a peck and said, "I missed you too. And I promise I would cover for my absence at night. Okay? And for now. I have also bought you something. Let's give it a look."

This made Reuben's mood brightened as he started to guess what his sweetheart brought for him. Veronica passed him the gift and he quickly opened it. The gift was nothing like extremely pricey or extravagant. But it was much more of sincerity and observation in each other's life

It was a simple tie of maroon colour with small designs on it. But it made Reuben a lot happy and he instantly kissed her passionately.

"Thanks babe. You are really very much observant. Aren't you? You even remembered this small thing." Reuben said, impressed with his girlfriend's present.

Now everybody would think what was so special to buy a tie? It was not even something exceptional. Just anyone could afford it.

But NO

There lies the biggest difference between some other couples and between these two people who were sitting in each other's embrace with so much love and smiling brightly.

Actually, few days ago, Reuben bought a shirt for himself but when he tried to put it on himself for office, he found that he doesn't have any matching tie for it. So he couldn't wear it and left the shirt in his closet hanging.

But how could this little thing go out of Veronica's sight and the result was in front of Reuben right now.

"Okay. I'm now going to change." Veronica said.

"Do you need any help babe in changing? I would be very happy to help you." Reuben said with a smirk on his face.

"No thanks honey. I'll manage on my own." Saying this, Veronica rushed towards her bedroom to change, leaving a laughing Reuben there.


Henry's place

Henry was damn bored in his home, sitting alone. Though he now had Lucinda but still, they were not living together like Veronica and Reuben. So he was quite alone in his big house. He also lived separately from his parents after taking over his father's company. And he was now really fed up with staying here alone.

He wanted Lucinda to move in here from the first day of they started dating but never conveyed his thoughts to her as he wondered that maybe it was not the right time yet. Maybe it would be too soon for her which would make her uncomfortable.

Though Henry and Lucinda had been dating each other since weeks but still they didn't go over more than kissing. He really wanted to make Lucinda completely his because he knew that she was the only woman who would hold the title of Mrs. Johnson in future. But he was really afraid that this would scare Lucinda off, so he couldn't do anything but wait patiently for her.

Moreover he had a date with her today which had been cancelled because of some stupid things, making him really pissed off.

He was not at all angry on Lucinda, rather angry on his bad luck that his date got to be cancelled on this day which he had been planning for so many days. He could never be angry on Lucinda.

Never ever How could he be angry on his baby girl whom he had been loving for more than four years. It's all the fault of his bad luck.


But inside of him, a thought crept up on his mind. He actually was turning into a second Reuben slowly slowly, who would always think of his girlfriend and cling onto her. This single thought was giving him a jittery feeling all over himself. But it was not bad at all. In fact, he was more than happy because he was feeling this way, making him grin hard.

In the meantime he was thinking over such silly things, his doorbell rang, making him wonder who would be here at this moment.

He slowly stepped towards the door and opened it which in turn made him gaped at the person in shock