My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 96 Beyond Repair..

In the meantime, his doorbell rang, making him wonder who would be here at this moment.

He slowly stepped towards the door and opened it which in turn made him gaped at the person in shock

There stood a beautiful girl wearing a casual jeans and top, smiling brightly at him. She had many shopping bags in her hand of different types of expensive brands, which could be easily guessed by the logos in them.

"Are you going to keep staring at your beautiful girlfriend like that? Huh? Or will you let me enter?" An impatient Lucinda asked.

"Oh Yeah.. Yeah.. Come inside. Actually I was a little surprised to see you at my door. That's it." Henry said before opening the door ajar to let Lucinda enter.

"So you spaced out? Of course you would be, after all your girlfriend is so hot and beautiful." Lucinda said with a playful smirk on her face.

Henry chuckled hearing the narcissistic words of his girlfriend and didn't waste any time to take her in his arms and captured her in a warm embrace, shoving his head in the crook of her neck.

Inhaling the scent of her body, his mind relaxed and all the previous frustration that he felt because of his failed date gone vanished away.

"Of course, my girlfriend is very very hot and beautiful and I love her so much that I kept on missing her for the whole day." Henry murmured in Lucinda's neck.

"Hmm good that you have accepted this. Otherwise I would definitely break your head today." Lucinda threatened him in a deadly way.

Henry laughed at her behavior and pecked her on the lips before asking, "By the way, what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be with Vero and that Miss Brown?"

"Yup.and I have already met with them and now I'm back here. And for your information, I came here to give a surprise to you. Now tell me can't I come to my own boyfriend's house?" Lucinda asked puffing her cheeks.

"of course baby. You can come here and go anytime you want." Henry said before kissing her senssless.

Lucinda also kissed him back with same passion and they pulled back when they finally were out of breath. They looked at each other in an endearing way which couldn't be described by words.

Calming herself down, Lucinda handed him a bag and said, "Look at it and tell me if you like it or not."

Henry hurriedly opened the bag and the soft material of a black T-shirt came into his palm which made him jerk in happiness.

"It is awesome babe.. I really like it. But why did you buy me this?" Henry asked furrowing his brows.

"Well, as our plan of going out was ruined so I thought why should not I take my boyfriend out for a date?" Lucinda said grinning widely.

"What? Are we really going on a date? But I cancelled all the reservation for today." Henry shouted in nervousness.

"Yaaaa... Stop .. stop overthinking. I already arranged everything for tonight. You just go and wash up. And I'll also get ready.". Lucinda said before grabbing another set of shopping bag, running into Henry's bathroom, leaving a dumbfounded Henry there.


B city, Parker Textiles

Colm Parker was busy handling some office staffs when he got interrupted by a phone call.

He dismissed it anyway as he didn't like to talk with people while he was busy in a meeting with his employees and managers.

He didn't even try to see the caller tags but just continued with the meeting. After a while when his phone again started to ring, he switched it off and focused completely on his meeting.

He never liked to take any holidays on Saturday as if by taking a holiday for a single day would mean a lot of waste of time to him. He would rather work on the day and make money rather than wasting his time lazing around in his home.

Of course, he would not compromise with his relaxation and fun and that was by getting laid at nights.

It was like becoming a habit of him to work his ass of the whole week and taking different women in his bed at nights specially on weekends.

Still he would compromise doing it on Sundays before because of a special person, as it was the only day he would like to spend some time with that particular someone talking, chatting, laughing, going out etc.

But now the source of his single happiness was also out of his life because the person had gone far away from him, leaving him in a miserable way.

Well, it was not the person's fault because he himself ruined all those special moments of his life by doing something so wrong that it was beyond repair right now.

After an hour or so, the meeting finally finished. Dismissing all his employees, he gave a long sigh and switched on his phone.

The first thing he noticed was two missed calls from a certain someone whom he couldn't even imagine to call him at this moment.

He cursed himself for not taking that person's call when he was busy in meeting and instead cut it off without even looking at it.

Pondering for a while that if he should call that person back or not, he finally decided to choose the first one, resulting him to dial back that number