My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 97

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 97 Love Will Heat Up Your Body..

He cursed himself for not taking that person's call when he was busy in meeting and instead cut it off without even looking at it.

Pondering for a while that if he should call that someone back or not he finally decided to choose the first one, resulting him to dial back that number

And after three rings, the person on the other side picked up the phone..


Hearing the voice, after so many days or like a month, Cole's heart started to beat loudly.

The voice was very soothing to his ear, like a slow melody that made him lose focus from whatever he was doing. It was like a mood changing drug that turned his mind into chaos, led him to become frenzy.

"How are you?" After like a day passed, though it was only few seconds, Cole got back his sense and asked almost in a whisper.

"Uhm Fine. What about you?" The girl asked back.

"Hmm. Good maybe." Cole replied. And again both of the callers stayed silent, making them feel stiffed.

"Why did you call me suddenly Myra?" After a pause Cole blurted out to get out of the awkward silence.

Myra, on the other hand, didn't know what to reply. She knew that this question was meant to come sooner or later but she was still not prepared to answer. Because, she herself didn't know why she had called him so suddenly.

It's like her mind couldn't work properly and she subconsciously followed her heart. As if the veins of her heart connected with her hand and it worked accordingly with their own motions.

Myra sighed and replied, "Uh.. nothing much. Actually I just wanted to ask you how were you doing and that's it. Nothing much. Why did you ask?"

Cole rubbed his forehead with his left hand while his other hand held the phone to his ear, as he said in a low voice, " Just simply." Taking a deep breath, he continued, "It had been a long time I heard your voice Myra."

"Yeah. It's been so long." Myra who was sitting on the bed cuddling a pillow, felt her eyes lost its clarity since it filled with tears.

"Right. The last time was when you left on that evening." Cole whispered in a defeated voice, thinking about that remorseful day.

A tear escaped from Myra's eyes but she tried hard not to sob while in the phone because she didn't want to show her weakness to Cole. She couldn't really forget the day when her world crashed down into pieces.

Trying to control her sob, she hurriedly said, "It's already late. I'll talk to you later. Good night." And then she instantly cut the call without hearing from the other person.

Cole felt broken when Myra cut the call without waiting for his reply. He knew what he did was wrong. But how could he get rid of those habits which became his lifeline since he was a teenager. But still he really had a big regret stored in his heart for whatever happened that day.

Whereas, Myra finally let out all her tears that was threatening to fall and cried loudly in her room. That day was the worst day of her life when all her dreams got broken which led her to S City today. She didn't know when but she fell asleep while crying and let all the sleep took over her tiredness, exhausted and most importantly her sorrow.



Henry and Lucinda entered their dine room where they would have their perfect date. It was Lucinda's surprise to him so Henry just followed her in wherever she was going.

The dinner was simple, nothing extraordinary. The food was all their favourites. They talked to their heart's content, laughed, took pictures and everything was special to them.

When they were having their dessert, Lucinda excused herself and went to the washroom.

Entering the washroom, the first thing she did was to dial Veronica's number with shaky hands.

As soon as Veronica picked up the call, Lucinda spoke, "I'm really nervous Niccy. I mean really really nervous. I don't know how to do it. My palms are covered in sweat Niccy. I don't know what I'll do next."

"Calm down Lucy. Don't stress out so much. I was also like you in my time but when you got into the mood then no one can stop you. All your nervousness, stress will fly away and your love will heat up your body. So chill out." Veronica tried to calm her friend down while staying in Reuben's arm who was kissing her n.a.k.e.d back while his hand was being restless all over her bare body.

"Oh God Niccy. I'm so much tensed." Lucinda couldn't control her nervousness still.

Veronica suppressed her m.o.a.n when Reuben bite her ear playfully. She wanted to laugh because of Lucinda's situation because she also once faced it but instead of laughter, her mouth only let out a m.o.a.n.

Slapping Reuben's hand that was now on her private part, Veronica said, "Lucy, let me ask you one question. Are you ready for this?"

Thinking for awhile, Lucinda took a deep breath and replied, "Yes, I'm sure."

"Then just go for it. Don't think about anything. Just listen to your heart. And for your information, everything is ready and well prepared. You just have to take Henry there and accomplish your target. All the best my girl. Rock it Lucy." Veronica cheered for her.

"Thanks a lot bestie. Okay now got to go. Henry must be waiting for me." Lucinda said before cutting the call and went back to the room.

But without sitting, she told Henry to come with her and then they headed through a big hall way.

"Where are you taking me baby?" Henry asked when he saw that his girlfriend's surprise hadn't ended yet.

"Just a minute Henry. We're almost there." Lucinda said and finally reached before a door which seemed to look like a suite.

"Why are we here?" Henry asked confusedly, furrowing his brows.

"Don't talk. Just follow me." Lucinda said after opening the door with the key.

But when Henry went inside and saw what was in front of him, he was all shocked and his jaw dropped in astonishment and surprise