My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 98

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 98 100 Sure..

When Henry went inside and saw what was in front of him, he was all shocked and his jaw dropped in astonishment

The room was decorated with rose petals spread everywhere. The floor was covered with a red carpet while the room dimly lit with different types of scented candles.

But the most interesting part was the bed in the middle of the room. It was a queen-size bed with a white bedsheet covering it. There was heart made on the top of it with beautiful red rose petals outlined with pink petals.

The room looked so beautiful that Henry couldn't take his eyes off from it. But what surprised him more was why the room was decorated so romantically which exactly complies the wedding night decoration? Then if it was then why did Lucinda brought him here?

Eyeing each and every corner of the room, Henry couldn't help but think of the possibility of something intimate but he shook his head in denial.

He didn't want to rise his hopes so early just to crash it later miserably because he believed that Lucinda was not capable of doing all the arrangements so soon as she would be too much shy to imitate it first.

Finally when he couldn't suppress his curiosity anymore, he immediately looked at Lucinda whose face was as red as a cherry and she was fidgeting with her fingers nervously with her head bowed down.

Lucinda was wearing a red short dress and she was looking extremely pretty. Though Henry complimented her when he saw her in this dress in his apartment but now she was looking more hot and s.e.xy. As if the romantic atmosphere of the room intensified her beauty more, making her look more gorgeous.

"Lucy?" Henry said.

"Hmm..???" Lucinda just hummed.

"Did you did you prepare all of this?" Henry asked in anticipation.

"Uh.. Yeah. I thought" Lucinda stopped in mid sentence.

"You thought what?" Henry asked as he took one step closer to her.

"I thought thought that we should take the next step in our relationship." Lucinda almost whispered while her cheeks blushed in embarrassment.

Henry's eyes widened when he heard this and he stayed there like a statue with his mouth hanging open, the other tongue tied.

"You are talking about the thing I'm thinking about now right? I mean I mean of making love to each other. Right?" Henry almost stammered because he didn't want to get rejected after coming through so much in this evening.

Lucinda's head now hung so much low that if she bent down a little bit more then it would got sprained and she nodded in response to Henry's question.

Henry took a sigh and held Lucinda's shoulder with both of his hands before asking, "Lucy Look at me babe." And after a minute, when she finally looked at him, he asked, "Are you sure about this? Are you really okay with us being intimate in more passionate way?"

This made Lucinda think of her decision once more. Was she really ready for it? Was she ready to give herself fully to Henry? Would she regret later?

But when she thought of the moments they spend together and all those years when they just looked at each other with longing without a courage to confess their feelings and now the love she was seeing in his eyes all made her mind clear as she finally made the decision which could become a turning point of her life

Taking a deep breath, Lucinda looked straight into Henry's eyes and replied, "Yes.. I'm 100% sure."

As the words left her mouth, Lucinda was pushed back on the wall while being kissed recklessly. Henry had already lifted her up from the floor so that her legs were now wrapped around his waist while they were busy exploring each other's body by trying to uncover their clothes that became a barrier to them.

Henry carried her to the bed, still kissing her passionately whereas Lucinda already unbuttoned his shirt completely and now was roaming her hand on his bare chest, wearing only her bra and panty because that had been already removed by Henry on the way.

Their eyes were now showing hunger for each other and the l.u.s.t they burdened in their mind, finally disclosed, as after one another one, all clothes were spread on the floor with two n.a.k.e.d person kissing every inch of each other's body.

Henry took one of her in his mouth and his fingers invaded in her private part smoothly. They couldn't stop touching each other's skin as the atmosphere got more intense.

"It will hurt a little honey for the first time. But I'll try to be as slow as possible." Henry whispered as he guided his member in her honey pot.

"Oh Henry." Lucinda gasped when she felt him inside her.

And soon lots of groans and m.o.a.ns could be heard from that beautifully decorated room as the two persons lost their v.i.r.g.i.nity to their loved ones.