My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 99

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 99 Free Practical Class..

The sun shone up, letting the two sleeping figures clung onto each other more. They were both entangled in each other's arms like some shrubs.

Lucinda's head was resting on Henry's chest while her hand was kept on his tummy. Whereas Henry had his face shoved in Lucinda's hair while he hugged her tightly with his hand tightened around her waist.

They were sleeping so peacefully but the regular sun couldn't wait more to wake them up from their beautiful slumber.

"Good morning babe." Henry said as he rubbed her bare back.

Lucinda became very shy when she noticed their sleeping position and burried her faced in his neck as she whispered, "Morning."

Henry then checked the time and it was already past 10 so he said, " It's already late babe so let's get freshen up quickly and then we can have our breakfast."

Lucinda hummed in reply and tried to get up, covering herself with the blanket. She then directed Henry to something and said, "Give me your shirt."

"Why?" Henry asked instantly, getting out of the bed in his n.a.k.e.d glory.

Lucinda turned her face at another way, trying not to look at him and replied, "So that I can wear it or do you want me to wander around like you?"

Chuckling at that comment, Henry spoke in a seductive voice, "Then it'll be better for me to see you like that without any clothes." And this sent him a dangerous glare from Lucinda.

"What babe? It's not like we had made love with our clothes on. I have seen each and every part of you and memorized it in my exceptional mind." Henry winked.

"You." Lucinda's face was now so much red that it couldn't be guessed if it was because of anger or embarrassment which in turn made Henry laugh really hard.

"Okay okay. You go freshen up first. I'll order some food in the meantime." Henry said after controlling his laughter.

While they were having their breakfast, Henry asked, "Will you go back to your home or would like to spend the night with me at my place?"

Instead of replying, Lucinda asked back with her eyebrows raised, "About this what do you want me to do honey?"

"Oh Trust me honey. If you ask me about this, then I would like you to move in with me right now without any delay." Henry seductively said.

Nodding her head, Lucinda giggled, "Not sure about the moving in thing. But yeah I would not deny to stay with my dear boyfriend tonight."

This made both of them grinned as they left the hotel.



"What do you think about this hon?" Veronica asked.

"About what?" Reuben enquired.

"Did they do it?" Veronica looked at him expectantly.

Reuben who was working on his laptop looked at Veronica who right now was folding some of their clothes and replied, "Honestly speaking honey. No man can control themselves when their own girlfriend is making advances. And Henry is no exception in this. So I'm damn sure they had already done the deed."

"Do you think so?" Veronica folded the last clothe and kept it at the side before jumping on the bed.

Reuben eyed her questioningly as if he was trying to find out some serious traces and said in a husky voice, "Babe. Did you forget about our first time that you are asking me this stupid questions? And if you really forget then I'm always ready to make you remember that with a completely free practical class."

Now it was Veronica's turn to become speechless. She remembered that eventful night which made her a complete woman and a small smile crept on her face.

Whereas when Reuben thought about their first time he couldn't help but grin thinking about the day when he made Veronica completely his.

They were both in their own thoughts when their eyes locked and they didn't know who started it first but now their lips were locked with each other in a passionate kiss.


Alonzo's apartment

Bill was sitting in Alonzo's study room showing him a file when he remembered something, "Boss, you told me before to contact with the vice-president of Creation few days ago. I was thinking to call his assistant tomorrow to make an appointment with him. What do you say Boss?"

Alonzo tore his eyes from the doc.u.ments in his hand and replied, "Yes. That will be good. Call them tomorrow and try to take an appointment as soon as possible."

"Okay boss. But don't you think that the CEO of Creation is quite amusing? Because after so many years of establishing the company, no one get to see the CEO. Actually no. Let me rephrase it again. No one got even a hunch if the CEO is a male or a female." Bill said pondering over something.

Signing the last page of the file, Alonzo intertwined the fingers of his both hands and rested his face on it. "Hmm. That's quite phenomenal. The CEO is either very much careful about hiding his or her identity or must have other ways to control such big company that we are unsure of."

"You are right Boss. Now I really can't wait to see the CEO. I'm really eager to know who the incredible person is to run this huge company so professionally without letting anyone know about her or his whereabouts." Bill sighed.

Alonzo didn't reply but just kept on looking out of the window with a serious expression...