My Heart Beats Only For You

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My Heart Beats Only For You
My Heart Beats Only For You
Veronica Lopez, a young 26 year old independent girl. She is the heiress of one of the most richest families of Country K and her parents love her a lot.. Though she is the daughter of a famous businessman, she chose another path for her career. She is an employee of a famous Multimedia Company.. But the question is…..Is she really just an employee or something more??Reuben Smith, a handsome man of 28 years, rules the business world with the tip of his finger and he is the most powerful man of country K. Everyone fear him while every girls dream of becoming his girlfriend but he only bow down to one girl…the love of his life……In the other hand…Alonzo Brown is a 28 years old CEO of a famous company in City B. Handsome, talented but betrayed by the only person he ever loved. Now he is in city S for revenge of what happened 5 years back.But will he ever succeed in it??How are these life’s of this three persons are fated? Will they be able to handle the twists that are going to hit their lives??-------------“I wanted to hate you after what you had done to me back then and how you broke my heart by leaving me without any word; but still I can’t feel the hatred in my heart for you as my love for you is more powerful than my hate.” He said to himself.Right then, his assistant informed him that the girl he was finding for revenge would also be attending the same party as him. With both hate and love emanating from him, he brushed the girl’s photo for the last time as he dozed off..-------------“What do you have in your heart for me?” He asked looking into the eyes of Veronica..Veronica stayed silent for sometime and then she looked at him with love, as she voiced out the love she have for him.“My Heart Beats Only For You…”Then the man and woman kissed each other passionately, while the Moon witnessed their love all through out the night..…