My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Pure Relationship

Fu Shiyi looked meaningfully at Gu Weiwei, who seemed very anxious; he assumed that his efficient brother must have slept with her numerous times.

"Could it be because my brother has some sort of problem just like what Second Brother said?"

"He is totally fine!" Gu Weiwei glared at him.

"That doesnt sound right, why not sleep with him if he doesnt have a problem?" Fu Shiyi found the situation incredible.

Oh, so his brother was in a very pure and loving relationship So every time they met each other, they were just holding hands and kissing?

"Dont think that everyone is as much as a player as you, alright?!" Gu Weiwei countered.

What was so wrong with them not having s*x with each other? Why was that a problem?

Fu Shiyi pursed his lips and stopped arguing with her.

It seemed that his cold-blooded brother loved her more than he had imagined, otherwise he would not take such great care of her.

After the program ended, the whole crew rushed towards the premiere site.

Apart from some media and film critics, some of Yi Ans friends in the film industry, as well as Li Xingers and Fu Shiyis oldest fans, appeared at the site.

Apart from those who had gotten permission to enter the site, most of the fans were waiting outside the site instead.

The director and the producer made a briefly introduced the movie, and just before the scheduled showing time, the media interviewed the main cast members. However, just as it had always been, Li Xinger and Fu Shiyi were the ones who answered most of the questions.

Gu Weiwei was interviewed too, but the only questions directed at her were about the previous rescue incident of the girl on the horse and how and when she had learnt to ride the horse.

After the ceremony, the film was shown and Gu Weiwei, together with the main cast, took their seats and watched the movie.

The movie started with Gu Changfeng betraying the master and being hunted by his fellow disciples.

Fu Shiyi performed the scene well. He was sharp and straightforward in his martial arts and he looked very much like a hero.

Then came the encounter with Tang Shaoqi, who was dressed as a male, at Zuiyue Pavilion in Ningcheng.

Gu Weiwei looked great as a male and it was difficult to tell if she was a woman or a man.

The scene in which she was performing the martial arts with the fan, turned out to look smooth and sharp.

Then came the scene when Lin Qingxue lied to the Mongolian army, so that she managed to stop an attack from happening.

Then she led her men to look for the Treasure Map.

Then came the scene when Gu Changfeng and Tang Shaoqi were keeping each other company on the road, when they encountered different enemies, until they finally had to wave goodbye after a drink.

Gu Changfeng looked drunk as he gazed at Tang Shaoqi who was so close to him.

"Brother Tang, you look so pretty."

Tang Shaoqi narrowed her eyes and showed a smile, looking just like a gentle lady.

The scene where they were so close to each other, was displayed with classical music as the background.

It was a flirty scene that gripped peoples hearts deeply.

The film critic who was sitting next to Yi An could not help but asked the director a few questions regarding the actress playing Tang Shaoqi and then he took a look at Gu Weiwei, showing a look of admiration.

The movie lasted for two hours and the last scene showed Gu Changfeng and Lin Qingxue heading towards the border, to defend themselves against the Jin Army.

As they passed by Shili Pavilion, they took a rest and some of their fellow swordsmen talked about the genius Tang Shaoqi, of the Tang Family.

One older swordsman said, "The Master of the Tang Family was a girl, what a pity! Otherwise"

Gu Changfeng suddenly realized something and looked at the ruined Pavilion that was far off in the distance.

"Senior Brother!" Lin Qingxue mounted the horse and urged Gu Changfeng who stood staring into the distance, motionlessly.

Gu Changfeng mounted the horse and threw a look back into the direction of the Pavilion, looking distant and complicated.

Then he rode away and disappeared into the distance.

Then came the scene of Shili Pavilion that stood against the glow of the setting sun, as the clouds spread over the sky.

A woman in a firey red dress was standing in the Pavilion and turned around as the sun set and the moon rose. She was amazingly beautiful.

It was Tang Shaoqi in the female costume, and the only scene in the movie where she was dressed as a woman.