My Queen Of Terra Chapter 31

30 Bewitched
To others, answering that question was a piece-of-cake. They might be proud of it and respond with great enthusiasm as they describe how it looked like and how they enjoy their lives being a part of it. They could even share their childhood stories and their most unforgettable memories in it.

However, to Raigon it was the contrary. It was not because he was not pleased with the answer. He is contented and satisfied with it and he would not trade it for anything else. But to speak in truth was putting not just his life in danger, but his family and his fellowmen as well.

He glanced at Zoe again, who was waiting for his reply. She was even supporting him as he was holding his functioning arm over her shoulder.

"So where do you live?" She repeated, this time with a knitted forehead. He gulped as his chest tightened in response to her inquisitive appearance.

'I reside in the City of Terra. A hidden kingdom on top of that volcanic isle. The place where your parents died.'

'How could I tell you that?' Raigon contemplated as his eyes glanced elsewhere. His shoulders drooped and his walk became heavy.

Zoe felt the burden that he suddenly carried it in his heart as his thoughts drifted aside. His weight suddenly became overwhelming for her to sustain. She almost tripped as he helped him make his way with his injured arm.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asked him as she firmly clutched on his arm that was on her shoulders.

Raigon cracked up a smile. "Yeah. I'm just wondering how tough you are," he teased her as he intentionally made himself heavier and slightly threw his weight on Zoe.

Zoe grimaced and pushed him away. "You want to know how strong I am, huh?" She stood with legs shoulder-width apart, her knees a little bent, her left foot turned to point toward him. Then she made loose fists, her right fist on her chin and her left hand in front of her face.

Raigon laughed at her sudden reaction. "Just kidding! I almost forgot you're an expert in martial arts!"

Zoe returned to a normal stance. "How did you know?" She demanded as she now crossed her arms and pouted her lips.

His lips twitched upward as he answered back in a question. "How could you forget?" He said in a sullen tone.

He could still remember that first night when they met each other again. She was lost at her thoughts as she stared at the shore. Because she was so absorbed with her contemplation, she didn't realize that Raigon was nearing him. Taken by surprise, she quickly assaulted her thinking that he was a perverted maniac who has evil intentions against her.

Zoe's face softened as she remembered the scene too. She put her palms to her face to hide her reddening cheeks and pivoted in lightning speed.

"I think that's her. Erin!" She changed the topic in a flash and galloped to a taxi who was nearing them. He chuckled as he walked towards her.

It was indeed Erin, Zoe's friend, who was also on the island. She rolled down the window and called on Zoe. "Hop on!"

Zoe beamed as she swung back toward Raigon and motioned him to be more nimble as he approached them with a wave of her hand.

'You're getting used to it, your Majesty,' he muttered as he was having mixed feeling whether her gesture amused or annoyed him.

Zoe seated herself on the back seat as Erin was already on the front. She moved to the edge as she patted the spot near the door for him to sit on.

Raigon shook his head. "Go home. I can handle myself." He dimpled his cheeks to her as he lay his hand on the door.

Zoe narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure?" She asked boring her eyes on him.

"Yes. Good night, Zoe." He gave her a reassuring smile and closed the door.

The driver had started the engine and already advanced when Zoe realized something. "Wait!" She blurted out.

"What, girl?" Erin responded from the front seat and twisted her back to Zoe.

"How did he know my name?" Zoe uttered as the cab progressed, distancing them from Raigon. She turned back to look at Raigon, who was now crossing the road.

"You mean he doesn't know you?!" Erin shouted out in disbelief as she swiveled herself completely to face Zoe at the back.

"It's not that. It's just that" Zoe fumbled for words as she put her fingers on her lips. How could she not even introduce herself and knew his actual name?

''You are bewitched! It's okay. I was bewitched myself." Erin laughed and jibed at her friend who was still thinking of how to rebut her challenge.

"I'm not!" Zoe retorted with a frown.

"Then how would you answer that?" Erin continued to pick on her.

Zoe huffed as she thought. 'Maybe that man really is a witch. No wonder why time flies when I'm around him. He must have used some seducing spells so I could lose my senses whenever I'm with him. I must be prayed over!' She deduced under her breath.

"I get it!" Erin burst out as she also pondered on the reason how Raigon could've known her.

"I could've called you and he heard it?" She shared her idea with a question mark as she was not really confident.

Zoe furrowed her eyebrows as she mused if she indeed called her while they were with him. It's taking her minutes, so Erin returned to her seat and concluded. "Or you're just really bewitched!"


True love needs no formulas or spells.


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