My Senior Brother Is Too Steady Chapter 250

Chapter 250: The Traditional Art of Ren School

The Great Daoist Master and the disciples of the Saints of the two sects discussed the Dao for two days and one night before dispersing the barrier and parting ways.

It could be seen that the "listening to the Dao" experience of the immortals of the Chan School and Jie School was quite good. The disciples of the Saints on both sides seemed to respect the Great Daoist Master Xuan Du even more.

As the saying went, there was no order in the Dao. The strong would be the king.

Ahem, there is no order of seniority in learning. The accomplished are the masters!

The Great Daoist Master was born from the natural Dao of the Grand Pure One, which was extremely mysterious and indescribable.

Just the words "follow your heart and you will achieve ease and perfection" made a disciple of a Saint like Guang Chengzi fall into deep thought for a long time

The Great Daoist Master did not return to the Tushita Palace directly.