My Skills Depend On Picking Book 2 Chapter 526

Vol 5 Chapter 526: Secret Book Information

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Chapter 526, Secret Book Intelligence!

Three days ago; the outside entrance of the sky tower, and the Yunluo Mountain Range thousands of miles away. All the figures were floating in the air, and their expressions were uncertain.

"Damn, this kid's doppelganger is too weird! He broke into the entrance area of the sky tower in front of us!"

"I have long heard of this trick, and I can't think of so many means. His body is so fast that I can't even catch up with me!"

These dozens of people are masters of the five great families of pseudo-gods, and there are many warlord-level strongmen. After receiving the news of Lin Chens return to Shenzhou, they immediately came to the area outside the sky tower to conduct multiple ambushes. The warlord alone Level six was dispatched!

But unexpectedly, Lin Chen easily broke into the past with phantom runes!

At this time, an old man in gray robe smiled.

"Oh, don't worry, the good drama is still behind. My soul family's soul burial master Young Master has already entered the sky tower personally, I believe it will not take long, and he will return with this kid's head."

Several warlords around him turned their heads, their expressions were horrified, and they turned out to be the soul burial days of the soul family?

This person is a descendant of God who has practiced for nearly a thousand years. The Soul Family is the most powerful hidden family in the descendant family of God.

He is known as the first master under the war emperor, with the half-step emperor Xiu Xiu fighting the war emperor for hundreds or even hundreds of rounds. In his "Thousand Souls Slaughter", the more murders, the stronger the power. Soul Burial's favorite thing is to kill geniuses!

It is said that he has been waiting for a perfect opportunity to advance to the Emperor before he did not blindly break through to repair his behavior! Perhaps, this time when he entered the sky tower, he just wanted to break Lin Chen as a breakthrough opportunity and stepped into the realm of war emperor!


Sky Tower, in front of the mission hall. In an extremely secret alley, Lin Chen and the clothed men met.

Lin Chen frowned-"I don't like turning around, you have a fart."

The cloth man smiled and said: "Yun Potian, you should know, but Yun Potian also has a hidden elder brother, Yun Mingqing. This person has officially gone out of the customs. He was in the triple early stage hundreds of years ago. The Emperor of War, may have gone a step further now. His eyes are in the recent main city. As long as you Lin Chen leaves the main city, I am afraid that you will be besieged by a large number of strong men in no time!"

With a move in his heart, Lin Chen didn't expect Yun Potian to act so quickly! A triple war emperor plus a double war emperor, unless there is a **** killer, there is simply no possibility of victory!

"What intelligence do you want to sell me."

Lin Chen raised his hand and threw a Jinyi bag to the Buyi man, which was filled with a full of 5,000 coins. The cloth man handed the dark book to Lin Chen and laughed.

"Relax, what Ive done for a hundred miles is a credibility. The No. 1 main city is huge. Although Yunmingqing is strong, it is impossible to lay eyes on all exits. The dark book contains my special map, which contains seventeen His eyeliner has not yet appeared on the exit. The map was drawn the day before yesterday. If you drag it for a few more days, I cant guarantee that the exit on the map will be safe."

The thin man turned away and waved.

"Brother Lin Chen, don't die easily, I'm counting on selling more big information to you next time!"

Lin Chen opened the dark book in his hand, which was marked with a lot of information from the 103 war emperors, such as cultivation base, territory, number of cities, areas of expertise, etc. Some of the information here is from the outside world. Hard to get!

However, most of the warlords registered in the main city of No. 1 are triple repairs below, and those with triple repairs above, less than ten. Lin Chen almost laughed as he looked through it.

"What is this silly roster, the Purple Dragon Emperor is a chance to become a Emperor after ten years of licking a dog into the Dragon Race? The real demon Battle Emperor is not a fool, is it a five-second man who chooses a harem over a thousand? Wipe, these things can also be investigated, and I have served! If I became a war emperor someday, wouldnt my Kyushus most handsome name be the famous sky tower?"


Suddenly, when Lin Chen saw the information about Yun Mingqing on the dark book, a specific note was attached to it.

"The caravan under the command of Yunming will be transporting a seven-tier intermediate peak beast body four days later, leaving from the south gate of No. 7 in the main city of No. 1 and escorted by thirty Yuanzun Jingjiu and a warlord heavyweight "

Lin Chen shined! There is actually news of the Yunmingqing caravan. Isn't this about to be express!

"No wonder this guy specially approached me, Lin, really had a vision. Since you want to routine me, I will reverse the routine!"

Lin Chen closed the dark book, and the corner of his mouth was slightly raised!

This caravan, he has someone to eat!

To be fair, Lin Chen is very short of money now! That is the sky coins, all the cultivation resources available here require a lot of sky coins!

Lin Chen now has more than 50,000 coins left.

In fact, there is another way for Lin Chen to earn the sky coins, that is, to copy down his alchemy fingerprint. However, the transcription of the alchemy handprint is extremely difficult, and it takes a lot of mental power to burn a large amount of information!

With Lin Chens spiritual power today, it would take at least a few hundred years or so to burn his "Spirit of All Spirits".

The same is true of combat skills. This is why high-level combat skills and alchemy handprints are so scarce. After each exercise is practiced by a warrior, it takes a lot of time and energy to burn another copy.

"If there is a safe place for alchemy, by the standards of my seventh-level pharmacist, I wouldn't be so poor, grandma!"

With a sigh in his heart, he put away the dark book and Lin Chen stepped into the mission hall.

Coming to the lobby, a lot of strong people came and went here, not many people noticed him.

Lin Chen only took a task manual and sat in the corner, reading through many dangerous tasks.

"Hunting seventh-order intermediate beasts, green blood sapphire, reward: 200 thousand sky coins."

"Slash and kill the Emperor Dao, Fengyun Qing, this person has been included in the sky tower blacklist, unable to enter the main city. Reward: 150,000 sky coins."

"Enter the ruins of the heavenly dome and bring back the skull of the ancient blood beast of pure blood, reward: 100,000 sky coins. If there is a fierce beast core, add 100,000 sky coins."

All these tasks that Lin Chen looked at are all the top dangerous tasks in the No. 1 main city! Even fighting against the emperor-level powerhouse is extremely difficult to complete!

"The ruins of the sky dome are said to be close to the edge of the main city territory of the sky tower 1, where it seems to attract the power of nine days, and the energy of the light system is very strong."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he took over the task of the ruins of the sky! As long as he can increase the area of his light and dark attributes, he will never let go!

Lin Chen's Moonlight Shadow Shadow Method is a rare light attribute attribute method, as well as his purple light Thunderbolt. The higher the light attribute value, the stronger the same attribute exercise method! Not to mention that Lin Chen also has a stronger "Bahuangzhi"!