My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1000

Vol 5 Chapter 1000: Life And Death Bearish Do It If You Do Not Accept

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Chapter 1000

Dongfang Yao sneered and sneered, no longer speaking, but his eyes were like defying the dung of the roadside.

At the beginning of the first game, two geniuses entered, and Shen Lingshuang ranked second in the game against Dongfang Yao.

The last ten matches are worthy of the pinnacle!

Every game is full of breaking points, so that the Holy Realm can't move your eyes!

Fang Xuan, a top genius in the Western Regions, played against Xuan Yu Kendo genius, Huang Yuntian.

The two of them also have five kinds of perfect half-orange-level combat skills, refining many alien crystal fragments, and the background is extremely strong!

You Fangxuan swallowed a Holy King Wind Body Crystal as a child, born with a body change, the king in the fighting spirit of the wind system, and the Sanpin Peak Saint Vein.

After that, he obtained the mindless technique "Immortal Kamikaze" from the remains of the ancestral tombs in his family. This mindset has the potential to evolve the orange rank mindset.

And Huang Yuntian is a rare swordsman genius in the mysterious Xuan domain!

He is rumored to have been the most **** waste in his family, abandoned by his family, and his parents were victimized by rapists.

He was determined to die, fell into Jianyuan, and fell into an ancient sword ruin by chance. After a hundred years of sleep, when a strong man explored the ruin, he became the master of the ruin, thousands of swordsmanship, ten swordsmanship, Once awakened, Longdang Fengyun!

In order to revenge his parents, Huang Yuntian, who pursued the extreme state of Kendo, even abandoned his eyes, abandoned all the turbidity in the world, and eventually became an ancient swordsman in the mysterious domain, and worshipped the five-grade sect ``Jiansheng Mountain Villa''!

The geniuses who can come here are all peerless geniuses who are talented and lucky.

The confrontation between Huang Yuntian and You Fangxuan fought a brilliant battle!

After six hours of fierce fighting, thousands of rounds were invincible. Afterwards, Huang Yuntian captured the opportunity of kendo epiphany, and realized the eleventh kendo. Only then, with a weak advantage, he won Fang Xuan!

"It's so enjoyable..."

"This is the confrontation of top geniuses. My God, they are so strong that they are 10,000 stronger than them? That's ridiculous!"

"There are countless epochs in the Holy Realm, more and more monsters are born..."

"On a million years ago, such a level was enough to enter the top 10,000 in the genius list, but now the genius is really more terrifying..."

The geniuses sighed with the Holy Realm for a while and mixed feelings.

Then, the second battle begins!

Shen Lingshuang against Dongfang Yao!

Dongfang Yao, the arrogant man of the heavens!

Shen Lingshuang, the most rare sage vein, Wu Sheng blood vein holder! Suspected higher?

"Time is just right."

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and released Shen Lingshuang from the Taoyuan capsule.

This time, Shen Lingshuang's changes are slightly different...

Some geniuses with lower rankings, when looking at Shen Lingshuang, could not help feeling a tingling in her eyes. The breath from her body was like a round of burning sun!

This little girl has another breakthrough! Almost everyone is sure that Shen Lingshuang has grown again under Lin Chens Training!

This master is a bit too scary...

Lin Chen embraced his chest with both hands, and said with a smile: "Ni Zi, do you still remember what the master taught you."

Shen Lingshuang's double fists met, and a charming smile appeared on her petite face.

"Life and death are bearish, do it if you don't agree!"

Brush ~!

Dongfang Yaoyao turned into a sword light, lifted the sword into the air, sneered at the sword-"I will let you die very rhythmically, my sword, fast enough."

Shen Lingshuang entered slowly, and the two stood still.

Geniuses hold their breath, what kind of battle will this be, spike?

"In a way, the little girl Shen Lingshuang is already terrible!"

"Yes, many people have overlooked a problem, that is, this little girl has only four robbers!"

"The leapfrogging battle between the genius lists is almost non-existent! She managed to reach the top 20, which is enough to go down in history!"

"Even if she abstains, no one will say that she is no longer. She has proved herself with strength. As long as she is given enough time, the top 10,000 geniuses are possible!"

The geniuses felt sorry for Shen Lingshuang. They had almost foreseen the outcome of this game. No one was optimistic about Shen Lingshuang!

"Old guy, what did you say about this battle..."

As a referee, the wind fountain saint preached to a brow saint.

"Seriously, Shen Lingshuang's talent of Nizi is superb, but her wings are not full. I don't think she can play against Dongfang Yao. This person is the strongest genius of the 100 Saints, the talent of the fourth grade Saint Vein. The old sword saint madman also fostered an eighth-order saint sword in his body, which was almost heartbroken..."

The brow saint shook his head.

The Saint of Wind Spring nodded and said-"I think so, Shen Lingshuang didn't have to fight. The Fourth Grade Holy Vein and Third Grade Holy Vein are completely different. Once the Holy Realm enters the fourthfold, a qualitative transformation will occur. That is the two of us. The old guy pursues the state of his life..."

A brow saint smiled: "Yes, so I think Shen Lingshuang is optimistic."

Fengquan Saint was shocked, why don't you old guy play cards according to the routine!

"Do you believe that Nizi's bloodline is the higher level? Wushen bloodline?"

A brow shook his head: "This is a secondary one. Before the 100th anniversary, the Wushen bloodline will not show much talent. I don't believe this nizi, but the young man!"

The eye of the brow saint fell on Lin Chen who was seated in the distance.

"My hunch is basically right. The energy contained in this young man may far exceed all of us!"



Swords rushed to the sky, all the glory of the glass was pulled from behind Dongfang Yao, did he actually pull a sword from his "spine"?

Bang ~!

"There is the East first, then there is the sky. Let you ordinary people see the power of swordsmanship of my Oriental family!"

Dongfang Yao's domineering is exposed, and his sword is hanging in the sky!

Outside the Qiyuntai, everyone clearly felt the sharp edge of the glass sword, penetrating all the limbs and corpses.

Eighth-order sword! And it is a complete eighth-order sword!

Even if it can only play a little power, it is enough to crush countless seventh-order peak warriors!

"I wipe, pull out a sword in my body?" Lin Chen stunned.

The geniuses of the Baishengmen have cast their loneliness and extremely contemptuous eyes.

Then, Lin Chen's words almost made them vomit blood.

"Is this the legendary unity of the cheap people? Commonly known as the realm of the slut? Admire the admiration, I will admire Lin. The slut, I would like to call you the cheapest!"

The genius sitting near the Baishengmen smirked wildly.

"Fuck, if I can't fight here, I must tear his stink!"

"Too **** annoying!"


"The eighth-order sword tool came out as soon as we met. Dongfang Yao was about to die! His sword was too strong, and it was not necessary to use this killing trick against Shen Lingshuang..."

"It's too cruel..."

At the moment when all the geniuses talked, the Holy One ordered!