My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1001

Vol 5 Chapter 1001: Someone Installed 13

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1001 Chapter 13

Bang ~!

At that moment, the wind and clouds on the Qiyun platform suddenly changed, the light was dim, and countless light was "swallowed" by the sword blade cut out by Dongfang Yaoyao!

Shen Lingshuang's delicate figure was instantly pulled by the horror suction revealed in the glass sword front. This strange swordsmanship perfectly blocked the retreat. Except for repairing and crushing to avoid this powerful suction, he could only face his sword front!


Dongfang Yao let out a cold drink, and took the time to draw it out!

A ray of glazed Jianmang was suspended and beheaded, everyone seemed to be weak at first glance, but when the reaction came, Jianmang had arrived in front of Shen Lingshuang!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

Jian Mang shattered the colorful afterimage of Shen Lingshuang!


"No, it is not completely avoided. The sword spirit is too strong, and Guang Yuyun can also kill the Five Tribulation Warlords! Shen Lingshuang has not erupted a strong defense, this sword is injured or even seriously injured!"

When the geniuses exclaimed, a petite and slender image flashed in front of Dongfang Yao!

It is Shen Lingshuang!

She closed her fists and ran through her body, and she was not injured at all!

Shen Lingshuang's fist "Fighting Demon Burning Fist" suddenly exploded and bombarded Dongfang Yao's chest, exploding the shocking waves.

Dongfang Yaoya's inner armor broke, step by step, and his eyes were horrified!

All geniuses: "Grass!"

Is this another practice of perfect half-orange-level exercises and half-orange-level defensive skills?

Countless horrifying eyes looked at Lin Chen...

This is ridiculous!

How can this be taught to control three half-orange combat skills in such a short time!

"Grass! Don't **** stop me, I want to apprentice!"

"Director Lin Da, do you still accept the disciples!"

"Lin Shenxian save the child, I have only learned about Zhenzong's practice for more than 20 years!"

Almost one-sided wailing and exclaiming at the venue, kneeling and begging someone to accept the disciples!

"What a talent for evil spirits, it took me nearly ten years to understand the sword technique of "Wanyue Qinglong" at that time...

Yue Qingli's pupil shuddered and stared at Lin Chen's back.

"How did this little monster do it... This is too ridiculous..." You Du Sheng Sheng's face twitched, the speed of this enlightenment exercise, even the Holy Realm is one percent!

However, there is a wave after another!

The horrified Dongfang Yao immediately adjusted his momentum, swept the sword, and shattered the aftertaste of the fist wind, Shen Lingshuang Linglong little jade legs slammed the tabletop, shaking the mountain.

"Voldemort Dragon!"

The majestic fire robbery and fighting spirit merged into tens of thousands of fire dragons condensed out through the ground, turning into a flaming pan dragon. When the sky was screaming, the dragon body was twisted, and Dongfang Yao was twisted inside the battle dragon body. !

Brush ~! Brush ~! The sword light is sharp and vertical, and when the fire robbery dragon is cut off, the dragon body immediately explodes the sky flames, turning into a rolling meteor shower and falling down the Qiyuntai!

Even so, the violent flames of fire and robbery were still burned so that Dong Yao Yao was in a state of embarrassment, and his power was not inferior to that of the demon fighting the sky!

Geniuses are dumbfounded...

Those geniuses who participated in the war are also all faceless!

what's going on?

Another half-orange combat skill?

Four kinds? These four kinds of perfect semi-orange-level exercises!

The saints were stunned, and looked at Shen Lingshuang and Lin Chen one by one like a ghost!

What great saints, sect masters, and generations of saints are not worthy of the shoes in front of this living fairy!

It's really unworthy! It took more than half a month for the Sky Top Conference to be held until the last ten competitions. It was impossible for the students to learn so many half-orange exercises in half a month!

In half a month, its more than this time to learn a top-level Zi Gong exercise!

The demon youth who led all the geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall slightly aired.

"What a joke, what did this kid come from, even my Sun Moon Palace has no such heritage..."

The fighting between the two became more and more fierce, and Dongfang Yaoyi had many cards and lore sword skills that could not suppress Shen Lingshuang, and actually formed a trend of court resistance!

"Fight the Demon to Burn Sky Fist!"

"Eight Wilds and Six Harmonies"

"Fire Dragon Kills!"

Shen Lingshuang understands all the weaknesses and flaws of Dongfang Yao's offensive, he can attack and retreat while defending his body, and the semi-orange defensive combat skill "Flame Screen Thousand Heavy" can prevent the sharp edge of the eighth-level sword from hurting himself.

The two big and half orange-level attacking techniques of Fighting Demon Burning Fist and Voldemorts Dragon were used in turn, one light and one dark, responsible for the offensive and sneak attack, respectively, making Dongfang Yao extremely terrified!

Shen Lingshuang's fire-robbered fighting spirit seemed to be inexhaustible. After a long battle, Dongfang Yao began to fall into the wind!

In more than 300 rounds of fierce fighting, the two sides were separated for a short period of time. Both of them had injuries. Oriental Yao swallowed the healing medicine and the injury quickly recovered.

Shen Lingshuang's injury was not light, but her skin cut by Jian Qi's aftertaste healed quickly at a rate visible to the naked eye!

If the recovery speed of Dongfang Yao is fast, then Shen Lingshuang's is the real "speed"! Healing visible to the naked eye!

Shen Lingshuang's cheek bulged like a hamster, chewing from time to time.

"Look, this nizi cheek is soaring..."

"I suddenly had a bold idea!"

"Are you big, someone can hammer you into a Muggle!"

"What's in her mouth? Elixir?"

"No, it's not a panacea! It's Long Qingguo! That Lin Chen has a luck tree with a Longqing tree, this is a holy treat!"

"I wipe it, isn't it a shame! As long as it is not seriously injured or fatally injured, it can be quickly healed!"

"Furthermore, Long Qingguo has the effect of refining the body, you see this nizi punch is more fierce than punch, too abnormal..."

Geniuses are more and more amazed that possessing Long Qingguo at this critical moment is simply the key ability to win and lose!

Seeing this Nizi's recovery speed, Dongfang Yaozuo's mouth twitched...

"Damn, Long Qingguo is extremely rare, and I can only buy it with my hundred holy gates. It is used to save lives..."

Long Qing Guo Dong Yao also has a few, but they are all treasures for life-saving use, but they can not be eaten and eaten like Shen Lingshuang!

Sigh~! Dong Yaoyao's arm cracked with a blood stain, and his face was not good.

Quite simply, he can't use the eighth-order holy sword to fight for a long time. This is the gap between cultivation and practice. After a long battle, he must suffer even more.

With the eighth-order holy sword, he can't do battles like You Fang Xuan and Huang Yuntian, and he can play thousands of rounds, otherwise the holy sword's edge will definitely bite his master!

But if you use ordinary seventh-order peak swords, under the extreme talent of Wu Sheng bloodline, there is less chance to hurt Shen Lingshuang.

"This little girl has a lot of Long Qingguo. It is no longer possible to fight for a long time. Let's quickly decide the victory!"

Dongfang Yao bit his tongue and smeared his blood on the sword body!

Buzz~! The glazed sacred light shone the entire handle of the holy sword for a time, and a dragon-shaped sword-like spirit entwined from the sword body was born from the sword body. The terrifying edge made the Qiyuntai tremble!

This sword was brought into his body by his master with supreme supernatural power. The sword and body merged into one body, connected with his blood, and the sword was broken and the sword was destroyed.

If Dongfang Yao can break through the holy realm, this sword must be more powerful and more agile than the ordinary holy sword, spurred by the essence blood of the fourth-grade holy vein, the next sword will be extremely terrifying!

"Senior Brother was forced to this point?"

"This sword is the strongest sword of Brother Dongfang. It is actually necessary to deal with Shen Lingshuang..."

The genius of Baishengmen's face changed slightly.

"You have the cards, and the master has prepared them for me."

Shen Lingshuang smiled happily, her shoulders shook, a thousand real flames spewed out, and the blazing glare of the sun rose like a round of blazing sun!

At this moment, the audience's genius and Holy Realm face changed!

Shen Lingshuang's body shone with 13 pieces of fire-shaped crystal fragments?

13 pieces?

Lin Chen put on his homemade sunglasses and patted his chest in fright.

"It's dangerous, but thankfully I'm quick enough. Who is pretending to be too dazzling."