My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1002

Vol 5 Chapter 1002: Pretend To Be An Geoduck

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Chapter 1002

"Thirteen pieces of alien crystals, each one is very good, this..."

"This woman hadn't refined any alien crystal fragments before, how could this be possible?"

"Did she learn 13 four half-orange combat skills while refining 13 alien crystal fragments?"

The Holy Realms looked dumbfounded, not to mention the more than 60,000 geniuses present!

Refining alien crystal fragments is not difficult for the first 40,000 geniuses, and does not even need the help of family elders.

But refining 13 alien crystal fragments in one go, unless it is the top 10,000 geniuses in the holy land or genius list, otherwise it is impossible!

Even the top 10,000 geniuses don't bring it so fast! How can this bite eat fat!

"Dare to ask Xiaochen Lin, how did you do it?"

The genius was shocked when there was an old voice in the void!

Its the Holy Realm who spoke! Even the Holy Order can't help but wonder!

"Huh? Refining the Amorphous Crystal Fragments? You can do it if you want to do it. If you want to make 13 pieces, you can't say anything about it. You can't say it's a little meaning. The words seem a little crazy, medium meaning."

Lin Chen sulked and laughed. Hearing his medium meaning, many geniuses almost exploded in place!

Why Lin Chen can so quickly allow Shen Lingshuang to master 13 alien crystal fragments, the secret lies in his avatar.

The mentality of the teacher and the disciple is in the same vein, and the comprehension of "Nine Tribulation of Creation" has reached the point of fascination.

Nine kinds of sky warriors have the advantages of natural restraint and fusion of the energy of the alien crystal fragments. Together with the five avatars to assist Shen Lingshuang, the refining speed is even more terrifying.

When Shen Lingshuang merged the cultivation memories of the two half-orange-level exercises, the process of refining the alien crystal fragments was also completed!

"There are more than 1,000 disciples of the old man professor, and you can't compare to Lin Chen Xiaoyou 10,000th, why are you so good..."

Another holy land marveled.


Lin Chen wanted to speak, and everyone focused on him.

"Because the most handsome in the Holy Realm is so excellent."


"What about the 13 alien crystal fragments? Die for me!"

Eastern Yaoyao lifted the sword vertically, and the swift sword slashed the sky. The dragon sword with the holy sword coiled out of the sword flashed out of the blade, and the Baizhang dragon slammed away, tearing the sky!

Brush ~! Boom!

In Qiyuntai, the air rippled faintly, and there were bursts of air tearing everywhere.

This sword has fully surpassed the field of "five robbery warlords"!

Jian Qi relied on a forceful engulfing force, as if to evacuate everything from Qiyuntai, it could not be completely avoided!

Shen Lingshuang's slender body was sucked in, her petite little face covered with dignity, and she threw herself into a fist.

With her left hand Fighting Demon Burning Fist and her right hand Voldemorts Dragon, she perfectly blends the two strokes, and her fists come out like a violent storm!

"I will let the master enter Rainbow Island!"

The energy of 13 alien shards was mobilized to the extreme. A fire-triggered flame dragon was generated from the fist wind burst, and a spiral strangling flaming fist was slammed all the way, bombarding it on top of the dragon's sword gas!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

The fire-triggered flame dragon and the spiral burning flame fist are offset by the dragon's sword gas, the sound of the continuous explosion of the air and the serial explosion, the aura quickly evaporates and rises like water vapor!

"No, I can't hold it!"

Ning Qingxuan's face changed slightly!

Even if Shen Lingshuang hit the flaw of this sword, the gap between the two sides was too large. In addition, Shen Lingshuang was fighting with bare hands, and the other party had a holy sword in hand. The blood of Wushen could not reverse this power difference!

If this blow is not on the weakness of the weakness, I am afraid that Jian Qi will be strangled in half a breath!

"It's pretty good to be able to do this, surrender!"

The genius's face changed slightly, so Shen Lingshuang would be crushed by Jian Qi!

"This nizi is very clever and won't be hard!"

Lin Chen's voice just fell, and Shen Lingshuang pulled away, the fighting spirit actually condensed into a illusion of fighting spirit, exerting two major combat skills, and resisting the sharp edge of Panlong Jianqi for her!

"Another half-orange power exercise?"

"Did she even keep her hand? My God!"

After the previous confrontation, the power of Jian Qi has been reduced by more than half. Shen Lingshuang stepped on the startling rainbow" and flashed the fire robbery light curtain, and immediately rushed to the side of Dongfang Yao!


Dongfang Yao's expression was horrified, and his pupils were terrified. Shen Lingshuang was faster than him. He punched on his chest with a punch, breaking his ribs and snapping!


Dongfang Yao was blasted and vomited a large amount of blood!

Shen Lingshuang did not spare others, knee hit, straight fist, uppercut, elbow strike, a series of melee mad beating Dongfang Yao!

In the end, Dongfang Yao had dozens of blows and was beaten to the ground. He was as angry as a hairspring, dying, and was as arrogant as he was before.

Shen Lingshuang is also bathing in blood, and Long Qingguo in his mouth just finished eating, this battle is also a win!

"The winner, Shen Lingshuang!"

Fengquan Saint shouted and announced that a sacred Qi nourishes the body, gradually recovering their injuries.

The expressions of the geniuses are so wonderful that they reversed the situation! And it's an unprecedented leapfrog challenge reversal!

This is probably the first genius in the Holy Realm to win the ranking of 10099 with four robbery and emperor Xiu Xiu!

"I'm defeated? I would lose to a little girl. My son was seven-year-old epiphany blue-level swordsmanship, ten-year-old mastered all blue-level swordsmanship, and the number one hundred knight sword sword. I fell here..."

Dongfang Yao's face is full of resentment, and his face is grim, and his expression is full of incomprehensible madness!

As an arrogant man of heaven, he could not accept this result!

When his injury gradually recovered, he regained his strength and immediately started to exercise his mind...

At this time, the space enchantment is lifted.

Shen Lingshuang turned away and waved her hand at Lin Chen. The jewel-like eyes flashed childlike innocence, and she said with air, "Hee hee, Master, I said that I will let you enter Rainbow Island..."

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Walk and go, know you are the best."

The eleven geniuses at Baishengmen looked rather embarrassed, especially the beautiful woman who had previously despised Lin Chen and shivered with anger.

Someone Lin whistled frivolously in their direction.

"Aha, some people, they are so loud that they can't beat others' apprentices, and they look down on others everywhere, and they don't know where to put him like a geoduck."

After finishing the speech, someone held a big sword and imitated the expressions of Dongfang Yao's brave words when he first entered the stadium-"Hah! There are the East first, then the day, let you ordinary people see the swordsmanship of my Oriental family !"

Many geniuses covered their mouths and smirked wildly. The geniuses of Baishengmen's complexion were blue and purple, which was really wonderful.

Ning Qingxuan fluttered and talked about anger, probably no one in the world would know better than him.

Then, Shen Lingshuang was about to leave the stage.

Suddenly, because of the dissolution of the space boundary, Lin Chen's nine-robber eyes instinctively perceive a ray of crazy murderousness! From Oriental Yao!

Choke~! Tear ~!

The airflow was torn, and the glazed sacred sword that fell to the ground slammed towards Shen Lingshuang's back!

This sword is so sudden!

All the geniuses didn't respond, and Shen Lingshuang even smiled at Lin Chen, and hadn't reacted yet.

No one expected that Dongfang Yao would actually attack Shen Lingshuang after the game and use the saint's post-war recovery!

The tip of the sword was aimed at Shen Lingshuang's heart and stabbed!

The only thing that can be reflected is the saints in the void and the two referees.

But when the sword came out, it was too late to block the space or rush to Shen Lingshuang's side!


The referee double holy heart was shocked! Something is going to happen!