My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1003

Vol 5 Chapter 1003: Mysterious Swordsman

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Chapter 1003

Bang ~!

In an instant, a grey and white rung descended from the sky, bursting open from the space behind Shen Lingshuang, blocking the void and solidifying the space!

The speed of Liuli Shengjian has been slowed by 90%! But the sword tip is only five feet away from Shen Lingshuang, close at hand!

Brush ~! Bang~!

A fuchsia fire and a blazing dragon shadow flashed by, and the glazed holy sword was blasted away!

Everyone was shocked, and a silver robe appeared to appear in Qiyuntai. He flapped a pair of purple-red phoenix wings behind him. He embraced Shen Lingshuang, who was still in shock, with blood in his left shoulder.

Sigh~! Boom~! With a red gun in hand, the men in silver robe soared!

When that young, white face looked at Dongfang Yao, a violent and astonishing murderousness appeared!

"I'm **** your mother's Oriental Yao, are you looking for death?"

Lin Chen blocked Shen Lingshuang behind him, and Long Ying rushed towards Dongfang Yao, holding a red gun in his hand and smashing Dongyao Tianling cover.

"Wait a minute, Lin Chen!"

The Saint of Fengquan and the Saint of Brow immediately stopped in front of Lin Chen and Dongfang Yao.

"Little friend, it is true that he violated the regulations, but you can't punish him."

The Fengquan Saint immediately advised, but there was shock in his heart!

The sword just couldn't keep up with their saints. The boy's speed and means are simply outrageous!

He did not know what means had stopped the holy sword, and then hurried to Shen Lingshuang's side!

"Dongfang Yao, you violated the regulations and made a sneak attack after the game. The Rainbow Island quota you currently have is abolished!"

An eyebrow saint seriously announced the result, and the audience was in an uproar!

The abolition of quotas means that the quotas obtained by Dongfang Yaos four-game winning streak will no longer take effect, unless somebody wins the top ten next and allocates additional quotas to Dongfang Yao.

Dongfang Yao is gloomy, but Lin Chen is murderous!

Great deal, really great deal!

Lin Chen's reaction If any one tenth slower breath, Shen Lingshuang had to die on Qiyuntai.

This **** obviously couldn't afford to lose. After losing, he retaliated.

Shen Lingshuang's final wave of surprise raids, after dozens of punches, only beat him seriously and did not kill him.

After this man lost, he wanted Shen Lingshuang's life!

Facing the Saint of Fengquan, Lin Chen suddenly smiled.

"Oh, how can this be fair, he made a sneak attack on my apprentice, and he should be asked to take a trick attack on me, right?"

His laughter was extremely cold, like a **** demon without emotion.

"The General Assembly does not have this rule, we have already punished him accordingly, and for this accident, I would like to sincerely apologize to you on behalf of the Tianbang Conference."

The sage of Fengquan was rarely subdued, and Lin Chen didn't continue to investigate.

The present self has not yet broken the power of authority.

Lin Chen put away the red gun, his expression was dull.

"Dongfang Yao, right, your life, I want it."

"Huh! You are not ashamed, you will act a little faster, fight with your son, you will be able to hide behind the woman and bark!"

Dongfang Yao sneered, he recognized Shen Lingshuang's strength, does not mean that Lin Chen can also confront him!

Lin Chen was too lazy to ignore this crazy dog, staring at Shen Lingshuang and looking around.

"Are you all right? Did you hurt?"

Shen Lingshuang shook her head, glanced at the shoulder of Lin Chenshous wound, lowered her head, her slender jade fingers twisted together, and spoke like she did something wrong"Sorry, Im sorry, Master, Lingshuang did something wrong. The words of the hand..."

Lin Chen squeezed her delicate face and smiled: "You did nothing wrong, and no one can foresee the outcome after each choice. It is your judgment that you did not kill him."

"No one knows that he will attack you after the game. In case he didn't attack you? Moreover, killing is not a good thing. The master would rather you survive without killing in your life."

Shen Lingshuang hugged Lin Chen and shook her head like a rattle-"No, Lingshuang guarantees that there will not be another time! I don't want the master to be hurt!"

The top ten of the second game ended in a boo.

It is worth mentioning that Lin Chen was close to Qiyuntai because of saving Shen Lingshuang, and was able to release the dragon emperor to smash all the attributes of the light ball, and his strength surged again!

Qiyuntai's attribute light spheres are mostly strengthened points. With this wave of sweeping attribute light spheres, Lin Chen gained 2.91 million enhancement points in one breath!

Secondly, a few geniuses were wary of Lin Chen.

The speed he broke out was extremely terrifying and tricky, not at all the speed that a three-robber warlord should have!

The people of Baishengmen have become the objects that everyone despise. Although the surface is silent, the eyes secretly cast on them are full of contempt.

Especially Dongfang Yao, the inferior character of this person has already been seen by everyone, and his true reputation is broken!

There will be eight games in the next top ten, which will take place in turns, and the genius list has changed many times!


Palace of Divine Flame, boudoir in the hall.

The red robe was as charming as the fire, and the lady tilted the snowy white jade legs, making a meticulous look, and her eyes were bright.

"What's the matter with Lingshuang, she is on the 10099 ranking. Her strength is not up to this level, is it..."

The beautiful lady Dai Mei frowned-"The news of Lin Chen appeared in the Southern Region, and the Tianbang Conference was also held on Qiyun Island in the Southern Region. Could it be... Lin Chen's sake?"



Inside the Qiyuntai, a strange silence ushered in.

At the moment when Liu Quanying, who was only 10,288 in the list, was severely injured by a sword and screaming for surrender, a rising star shocked the audience!

The geniuses of five ranks such as Hongtian Temple, Baishengmen, and Sun Moon Hall have shown their dreaded eyes.

The young man in linen holds the three-foot green front, the sword front enters the sheath, leaves the air and leaves, like a ascetic who walks through the world.

At this time, a brand new name is on the list of the Holy Light.

10288 in the Genius List Ling Jian!

This person is the only one who has been ranked all the way from more than 30,000 to the top ten!

"This is the biggest dark horse in the audience..."

The genius of the Hongtian Temple showed a violent fighting spirit, grinning.

The young man in white in the Sun and Moon Hall frowned and said-"A man who can defeat that Liu Yingquan in one move can count with one hand among the geniuses present."

Lin Chen looked dignified, and Ning Qingxuan glanced at each other, and they both saw the trouble in their eyes.

If there is no accident, this Ling Jian is one of the strongest geniuses in the audience!

"Now, the top ten places have been born, please choose the people you want to use, and give them to me."

The Wind Spring Saint announced that the top ten geniuses raised their hands and shot a streamer.

Shen Lingshuang chose Lin Chen.

Fengquan Shengji reached out and grabbed the name of Guanghua, and after reading it, his face changed slightly.

He frowned at the young man in white in the Sun and Moon Hall. The latter smiled: "Senior, do the juniors violate the rules?"

"Really did not violate the regulations..."

As soon as the Wind Spring Saints announced the list, the results were astonishing!

One of the two extra places obtained by the Sun and Moon Hall was actually used by Dongfang Yao!

This operation surprised many geniuses!

Could it be that the Sun and Moon Hall that is incomparable will take the initiative to associate with other forces?