My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1004

Vol 5 Chapter 1004: Enter Rainbow Island

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Chapter 1004: Entering Rainbow Island

Dongfang Yao lost to Shen Lingshuang. When he lost in the quarterfinals, he only lost the right to compete for extra places. His own place did not disappear, but he violated the rules, so he was abolished by the Fengquan Saint.

All the Saints Gate had originally obtained the quota to enter Rainbow Island, but only Dongfang Yao was left behind.

Everyone thought that Dongfang Yao could not enter the Rainbow Island this time, but did not expect the Sun Moon Hall to pull him out.

Dongfang Yao looked at the young man in white in the Sun and Moon Hall doubtfully, and the other person smiled gracefully.

"Master Dongfang, don't be surprised. You and I have the same goal as Sun Moon Palace, don't you enter the Rainbow Island and let us join hands happily?"

The genius of the Baishengmen is based on the view of Dongfang Yaoma. If he cant enter Rainbow Island, the morale of the whole party will be greatly reduced.

Dongfang Yao nodded and said-"Okay, join hands, deal with that kid!"

The goal of the Sun Moon Hall is very simple, that is, Long Qingshu on Lin Chen!

In the battle of Shen Lingshuang, taking a lot of Long Qingguo, if you do not own Long Qingshu, it is impossible to withstand such consumption.

From the geniuses in the field, they also vaguely noticed that this person was suspected of having Long Qingshu.

Long Qingshu can't be met, even the Fifth Grade sect rarely owns it!

But Lin Chen's methods have already attracted the attention of the Sun and Moon Hall.

In order to ensure Long Qingshu's contention, Sun Moon Hall does not intend to give Lin Chen an opportunity, the two join forces, he will definitely die!

A group of geniuses cast a pitiful and sad look on Lin Chen's direction, but more of it was fear and dignity!

If the Hundred Saints Gate and the Sun and Moon Hall join forces, there is almost no power to compete with them!

Ning Qingxuan stared at Lin Chen-"They are staring at us."

Lin Chen nodded, Yun Danfeng lightly smiled: "I know, but I can't ask for it! If Dongfang Yao shrinks outside, I'm not good at dealing with him."

Suddenly, a trace of shadow circulated around Lin Chen's waist, and a small shadow appeared.

"What's wrong little boy?"

Lin Chen was curious.

Wasn't this little guy practicing peacefully in Taoyuan Capsule? Why did he suddenly come out?

Little Shadow rarely responded to Lin Chen, but stared deeply at Ling Jian, then retracted it into the Taoyuan capsule, which was very strange...

"Little Shadow has reacted to this Ling Jian, this guy has a problem, it seems to be alert..."

Lin Chen glanced at Ling Jian, alert.

The next time, everyone adjusts individually, waiting for the opening date of Rainbow Island.

Rainbow Island does not belong to any forces, no one can open it in advance, it will only open once every thousand years.

Two days later, a rainbow of light broke through the silence, shining down from the sky of the Nine Heavens!

The colorful rainbow brilliance is free, condensing into a hundred-foot light cocoon, like a vertical eye splitting, inside the light cocoon is a beautiful island suspended in the void.

Bang ~!

The eyebrow saint and the wind spring saint grabbed the light cocoon, and spun colorful light lines into their palms.

There are not many thin lines of light, just four thousand strands, suspended and condensed into a mass of light and held in the hands of Shuangsheng.

"Now, four thousand places have been confirmed, please all of you to leave!"

The eyebrow sage shouted awe-inspiringly, and thousands of geniuses appeared.

What surprised Lin Chen was that Sun Yue'er, the granddaughter of Youyou, also participated in the election?

Jiang Yun, a top female genius who entered the top ten, gave Sun Yueer an extra place and invited her to join the team!

Even Lin Chen didn't understand it, that Sun Yue'er's cultivation behavior of the three emperors was the same level as herself. According to common sense, she really did not have the battle to participate in this specification.

"Everyone, this is the island vitality of Rainbow Island. Only by refining this ray of vitality can we not be obliterated by the rules of Rainbow Island."

One eyebrow saint and wind spring saint spread their palms, and two colorful light groups shot out the five-color glow rainbow, and shot into the eyebrows of 4,000 geniuses.

Everyone only felt a warm stream flowing through their brows and there was no substantial change.

When Lin Chen refined the vitality of Rainbow Island, even his avatars were contaminated with this breath.

"All the opportunities on Rainbow Island belong to you. The rainbow bridge will rise one by one within a certain period of time. Every rainbow will throw a lot of treasures, and every rainbow will have a lot of differences. Bao is born."

"After entering, you live and die, and there are holy beasts inside, hiding the endless crisis. When the last rainbow is over, all of you will be sent out. Of course, if it is a corpse, it will also be sent out."

The advice of the Double Saints made many geniuses stunned!

Holy Beast! That is enough to match the existence of the Holy Land, Rainbow Island still exists this kind of murderous?

"Okay, it's up to you next, go!"

The twin saints flicked their sleeves, each genius looked at each other, and a stream of light incarnate into the cocoon of light.


The son in white in the Sun and Moon Hall told the girl next to her. The beautiful and beautiful woman got her handprints and her eyes turned into a round of blazing sun and moon, locking Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's heart suddenly burst into a cold stare at him, and turned his head to stare at the Sun and Moon Hall instantly.

"Senior brother, he has finished tracking, he can't escape."

The woman in the long skirt yawned, and the white man sneered sneered-"Okay, let's go!"

After all, the geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen also began to enter the cocoon of light. There are 12 people in the 100 Saint Gates, 30 people in the Sun Moon Hall, and a total of 42 people. This is one of the strongest teams in the audience!

Before leaving, Dongfang Yao cast a grueling and crazy grin on Lin Chen, as if there were any cards against Lin Chen and others.

"Are you staring at me, anyway."

In Lin Chen's heart, all kinds of pride and fighting intentions appeared!

He has long wanted to confront these top talents once!

What about genius, Lin Chen played his mother's genius!

In the dark, countless pairs of eyes aimed at himself, Lin Chen felt that this time he was staring at himself, not only the Baishengmen and the Sun and Moon Hall.

Some top geniuses heard the sound of wind, Lin Chen's son has luck, and there are more than one!

If he was killed, wouldn't he just grab the resources of a Sipin sect?

Undercurrent surge, storm surge! Lin Chen has become the target of everyone!

"Oh, son Lin Chen, right, maybe we have a chance to work together."

At this time, a heroic and awe-inspiring Qianying led 15 women with different customs to Lin Chen.

That Sun Yueer was also among them, a little shy to Lin Chen.

"Oh? Jiang Yun and Miss Sisters in the Heart Palace? I have provoked so many people, aren't you afraid of causing trouble to your upper body?"

Lin Chen raised her eyebrows and joked.

"My house's master specifically instructed him to make good friends with you, and he can help when necessary. After all, you are the sweetheart of Sister Manqing, and even the person who alerted us when the mortal world became emperor."

Jiang Yunsai laughed, Lin Chen stunned! Yun Manqing? It turned out to be her!

However, this Jiang Yun is not a stupid person. She was obviously able to show her position earlier to find Lin Chen's cooperation, but she only came out at this time, apparently watching Lin Chen's strength and details.

"Then wish us a happy cooperation in advance."

Lin Chen smiled.

"One step ahead." Jiang Yun nodded and led his sister and sister into the cocoon.

The individual styles were different, and the young and graceful female geniuses looked at Lin Chen with curiosity before leaving.

Lin Chen turned to smile at Shen Lingshuang and Ning Qingxuan: "Let's go too."

Four thousand geniuses all entered Rainbow Island in less than a quarter of an hour!

The cicada sacred and the fog sacred chased frowning Lin Chen-"What shall we do?"

Lian Wanjinbao said with a smile: "Wait. Rainbow Island didn't open for long. When he came out, he had no chance. I now worry that this kid is dying inside."

Four thousand geniuses have just left their feet, and the holy ground of the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce has arrived!

Seeing the holy realm of chasing and killing Lin Chen more and more, the more than two hundred saints gathered here are even more curious!

How can this kid get rid of the predicament here?