My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1006

Vol 5 Chapter 1006: Instant Light Splitting Full Burst

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Chapter 1006, Instant Light Split, Fully Exploded!

brush! brush! brush!

The five avatars, Zhende Ying, Zhende Chang, Zhende Shuai, Zhende Xiu, Zhende Jiu, were instantly released from the Taoyuan Capsule!

The geniuses of the Hongtian Temple, their faces are particularly exciting in time!

"Huh? There are other people?"

The fifteen geniuses of the Hongtian Temple exclaimed a little, but they only marveled at why Lin Chen was able to lead others into Rainbow Island, which did not shake him.

In their view, Lin Chen and others are at most similar to more than 30,000 geniuses, and a few more will not be as strong.

What they really need to guard against is Shen Lingshuang who defeated Dongfang Yao!

"I know how your kid is doing, so let me come and meet you."

The young man in red robe headed flashed, and his body was very fast!

A shot of the Phoenix Wing behind Lin Chen, the foot Dragon Flash flew, the red dragon claws crossed across the sky, and one claw burst down!

Lin Chen avoided the dragon claws and quickly heard the second daughter-"Qing Xuan, bless all of my avatars with the trick just now. Lingshuang, protect Qing Xuan. You don't have to fight with them, all to me!"

Ning Qingxuan's slim and delicate jade finger flicks, and all of Chen Chen's avatars are fighting faster by 40%!

boom! boom! boom!

The mountain exploded, and afterimages flew across the sky, the geniuses of the Hongtian Temple attacked the second daughter, their focus was, Shen Lingshuang!

Of the fifteen people, two are ranked more than 20,000, and the rest are all geniuses ranked more than 10,000!

Lin Chen knotted his handprints, and a warrior like a dragon was arrogantly traversing the meridian and the life wheel of the Qi, and a more terrifying madness of blast emerged from Lin Chen for the explosion!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change Eighth Heavy Change!"


A blast of explosive energy exploded from Lin Chen's body. Although his realm was still three robbers, the amount of fighter suddenly soared to a level equivalent to four robbers!

This is Lin Chen's first use of the eightfold change. The violent and vast fighting spirit of Nine Tribulations fills every inch of flesh and blood in the body.

"Oh? What a subtle mystery, but still have to die! Blood Claw Dragon Claw!"

The young man in red robe grinned and raised his hand, his five fingers broke out to suppress the **** fighting spirit of the thousands of beasts, a tyrannical dragon claw swept through the sky, like four flashes of rainbow, almost to the extreme!

This claw is his full blow, and the half-orange order is the ultimate!

Only those who can be blocked in front of him are only 10200 geniuses!

"Yu Tian Shen Gun!"

Lin Chen held a red gun in his hand, and launched a charged, penetrating rune. The tip of the gun burst into the gas of the gold, spurting a golden rainbow, rage through the sky, and hit the blood claws head-on!


The blood of horror and the fighting spirit of the Golden Tribulation exploded countless broken mans, and the young man in the red robe was stunned!

"He actually took my Dragon's Claw?"

the other side;

Shen Lingshuang sees the direction of each genius raid and sets foot to cover Ning Qingxuan's evacuation.

The avatar shoots with a bow, a thunderbolt arrow shoots out, its trajectory flutters with a faint plume like Lei Mang, and the auspicious feathers, like a dream, are so suffocating!

The two geniuses in the Hongtian Temple are creepy!

When you witness the arrow light, it has come to you!

"This... this power is not something that the Four Tribulation Warlords can exert!"

"Is this an orange order arrow? Xuehong true light shield!"

Among the three geniuses in the Hongtian Temple, one defended, and two pointed out with one finger, flashing light, crushing this terrifying worldly arrow!

Lin Chen's other four avatars fought against the geniuses of Hongtian Temple, and Qingtianjian and Zhanlanmingyue showed up.

However, because of the number of people, one face fell into the disadvantages, all three hits and one, and the only genius who could really encircle the two girls!

However, the real scalp tingling is the Hongtian Temple side!

Lin Chen's people are so terrible!

Every move they make is far more powerful than half-orange exercises!

If it is not for the number of people to suppress, if one-on-one singles are selected, the victory and defeat of both sides will be controlled by 50-50.

What is even more terrifying is that, like Lin Chen, all of his sisters have only the cultivation of the three emperors!

With the top geniuses in the genius list as opponents, can you fight the other two realms?

What a monster this is!

boom! boom! clang!

The two rainbow awns in the sky criss-cross, crisscrossing and crashing together, each time the rainbow gleaming with golden brilliance was repelled.

After dozens of fierce battles, the two sides separated.

Lin Chen's body flowed with the spirit of Yutiangengjin, and he suffered a lot of injuries.

If he had not swallowed a large amount of Chi Jinteng, he would have been shocked to death by the aftermath of his dozens of rounds!

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and grinned-"The genius ranked 10188, really has two hands."

"If I hadn't stolen the attribute values of more than two hundred holy realms, and the attribute values of all the geniuses dropped in the Sky Ranking Conference, my combat power would only be equal to that of more than 20,000 geniuses..."

In terms of combat power, even with the use of the eightfold change and the ultimate moment, Lin Chen can only barely play against the opponent now, and he will lose after a long battle.

Of course, the premise is that Lin Chen does not use other trump cards.

"I didn't expect you to have such a killer weapon. I underestimate you, Lin Chen..."

The young man in red robe is uncertain.

In this way, even if he could win Lin Chen's group, he would have to pay a heavier price than expected.

"Well, use all your strength to kill you, and your avatar will also disappear immediately! The beauty around you, I will enjoy it for you!"

The red robe youth smiled wickedly, and the endless images of the endless blood dragon turned into an instant!

His figure is rising day by day, three feet, five feet, ten feet! Standing in front of Lin Chen like an ancient blood dragon!

"The killer tool? Haha! The killer tool of Lao Tzu hasn't been used yet! The ultimate return!"

Lin Chen and the avatars were flooded with brilliance of brilliance, and their injuries and fighting spirit recovered quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The red robe youth's pupil shuddered: "What? What technique is this!"

"This is my dark horse club's specialty, hard and long lasting!"

Lin Chen's evil energy smiled and issued a command in his heart: "The system activates the talents of the King's Land."

[Activate the talent of Junlin World, has accumulated energy: 10.39 million points, will increase the next attack of the host body or single body.

[Consumes 21 intermediate talent points, the host and all phantom avatars launch the instant light split talent.

[Consumption of 16 points of advanced rune energy, the host and all phantom avatars use penetration and recharge runes!

"Hongtian Temple, right, die for Lao Tzu!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed barefoot, not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

He held the gun in both hands, and the red gun of the eighth-order device embryo pulled out a Gengjin rainbow awn, and stabbed out, and shot it to the direction of the young man in red robe!

At this moment; all of Lin Chen's avatars are showing their stunts!

Oblivion, Mirror Moon, God, Sword Fury, Celestial Feather, Jue Ying Fei DaoFour consecutive kills, all in one blow!

"Repair is too shallow, break me... eh?"

The eyes of the young man in the red robe shuddered as if he had seen a ghost!

When the dragon-like Geng Jinhongman burst from the point of the gun, the power surged 9 times!

Under the original increase in charge and penetration of the rune, it has skyrocketed 9 times. That kind of power is enough to threaten the red robe youth!

However, he can withstand it! It's just that I didn't know why Lin Chen could have such terrible power!

But, it's not over yet!

Geng Jinhongmang trembled in the void, and after a 9-fold surge in power, he split into five!

King's Land + Instant Light Split!

The corner of the mouth of the young man in red robe shuddered!

"I'm fucking, what the **** is this?"