My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1007

Vol 5 Chapter 1007: Jing Jing Shocked

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Chapter 1007, Jing Jing, All Shocked!

On Qiyun Island, the saints sit in the void and cook wine and talk about heroes.

They were all young juniors who led each other, and now they are waiting for their sectarian young men to return.

"Oh, the old man really envy you, our disciples this time, only two people compete for 4,000 places."

A Tsing Yi Holy Land shook his head and laughed at himself, "It's gone, it's gone..."

The old man of Xianfeng Daofu smiled and said-"The ups and downs of the prosperous world always have ups and downs. Brother Mo does not need to worry. It depends on the number of days in the world. Haven't we old people witnessed countless times?"

The middle-aged man with red eyebrows next to him grinned rough- "Yeah, maybe the two geniuses in your temple are lucky to cover the sky this time, and maybe bring back a roll of orange-level exercises."

There was a trace of sarcasm in the laughter.

Tsing Yi Shengjing frowned, "Oh, the old man only hopes that the two boys come back alive. It is like your Hongtian Temple, a big family, and also cultivated 15 top geniuses..."

"The fifteen little cubs have good talents, haha, maybe there will be good gains this time, and by the way, let those ordinary geniuses see the weight of my Hongtian Temple."

The Chimei Shengjing talks and laughs all revealed pride and arrogant contempt, making the other Shengjing brows tight.

Brush ~!

At this time, the Holy Light brushed, and the ranking of the genius list changed again.

"Oh? Has the genius list changed so quickly? Let me Kang Kang, which force's genius did the bad luck at the beginning."

Chimei's holy realm is full of interest, and all the saints cast their curious eyes.

I saw that there were three names scrolling on the list of Holy Light, gradually dim.

"19118 in the list of geniuses, one finger Hong Miao Renfei, has died. The denomination: Hongtian Temple."

"20741 in the list of geniuses, the sword slashing stars and releasing dust, is dead. The denomination: Hongtian Temple."

"The genius list is 19115, WanyuehuiBiyunhai, has died. The denomination: Hongtian Temple."


Countless days before the audience took a breath!

This first day of entering Rainbow Island, the genius that fell is actually the Hongtian Temple!

The faces of the holy realms are equally brilliant, some are gloating, some are stunned, some are curious and playful.

That Chimei holy realm was stunned for a while, and he never even recovered!

"Which **** **** do I fuck?"

Bang ~!

The sage was angry, the wind and clouds changed suddenly, and a **** vortex exploded from the top of Chimei Holy Realm!

"Chi Hong, don't lie here and get away if you don't want to see it. Rainbow Island stipulates that internal grudges have nothing to do with the old guys from the outside world. If you dare to break the regulations, you will stand on our opposites."

The indifferent way of Fengquan Saint and Yimei Saint, invisiblely deterred that Chimei Saint Realm.

"No, you see, there are the names of other geniuses in Hongtian Temple!"

A genius exclaimed.

On the list of the Holy Light at this time, the names of other geniuses in the Hongtian Temple were gloomy and dim, just like the candles in the wind, which would go out at any time!

This is obviously hit harder than ever!

I just got into Rainbow Island and suffered such a big hit, which means that even if there are any treasures, they will not be able to compete for them!

The fifteen geniuses of the Hongtian Temple can withdraw even if they meet all the geniuses of the Baishengmen.

Perhaps the only thing that can threaten them is the Sun Moon Palace and the dangerous inside the Rainbow Island.

"Did you encounter a holy beast or something dangerous?"

"No, you see, a new name has been substituted, and it's another genius!"

The geniuses immediately exclaimed that three new names replaced the original ranking!

"Zhendejiu, the monarch of the 19118 moon in the genius list, belongs to the denomination: Black Horse Club."

"The 20,741 peers of Dan Sheng Zhen De Ying, the sect: Black Horse Club."

"19,115 Zhende Shows on the Genius List, Title: None. Sect: Black Horse Club."


Weird silence!

When they saw the three names, everyone was shocked!

Dark Horse Club?

Lin Chen?

its not right!

Only Lin Chen entered Rainbow Island. How did he bring his people in?

The laws of Rainbow Island will kill people who are not contaminated with Rainbow!

"It turned out that the Dark Horse Club did it? My goodness, the Hongtian Temple is a Wupin sect!"

"The other twelve people in Hongtian Temple were also seriously injured by them? What happened!"

"I remember that they were the second-tribulation or three-tribulation warlord's practice?"

The geniuses exclaimed, dumbfounded, and there were too many incredible things!

The saints fell into contemplation, and the brow saints and the wind spring saints had their faces dignified!

"Things may have exceeded our expectations!"

"This Lin Chen's method is really terrifying! However, there is nothing in the regulations that can't bring people in, because geniuses who try to bring other creatures into it are basically wiped out in Rainbow Island for the first time! "

The Chihong Saint from the Hongtian Temple stared at those names, his eyes wide open.

"Lin Chen!"


Rainbow Island, Sirius Mountains.

The cracks of Zhangyawuclaw spread to the ground, the forest was destroyed, the mountain was broken, as if a disaster of annihilation had come here.

"The Ultimate Return!"

Lin Chen launched the ultimate return, filling the massive fighting spirit of launching the "Eightfold Change".

The dragon emperor showed his body and turned into a reckless dragon harvesting all the attribute light balls.

[Get 3 intermediate talent points, 2 advanced fire energy, 4 advanced thunder energy, 2300 advanced essence of war energy, 1000 advanced qi blood, 6 intermediate sky value, 1000 strengthening points...]

Lin Chen's life-blood wheel began to increase to a critical value.

During this time, as long as he is idle, he will absorb a large amount of silver holy yuan coins, and the growth of the essence of war has never stopped!

"You even beat them all seriously injured..."

Ning Qingxuan fluttered and wowed.

She expected that Lin Chen would have a way to get rid of the predicament, but did not expect him to be so fierce, even the young man in red robe was severely injured by him and fled in embarrassment!

"Hey, some of the luck turned out to be true. This group of guys run very fast, otherwise they will all die."

Lin Chen took three Nahuas and poured all the medicines and exercises in Nahua into the Taoyuan capsule.

There are not many babies in the ring, one is because the cultivation of top geniuses consumes a lot of resources, and does not carry too many resources with you.

The second is that most of the half-orange-level exercises they practice are derived from the sect's burned version.

Not all geniuses resemble Shen Lingshuang, a little cutie, holding a lot of half-orange-level exercises and not practicing.

"Master, you are so good!"

Shen Lingshuang's gem-like eyes stared at Lin Chen in worship.

Lin Chen laughed and said-"Nonsense, otherwise how can you be your master."

This time, all the geniuses in the Hongtian Temple were seriously injured by Lin Chen, and three geniuses fell. His instant light split shot the momentum of crushing each other!

The Peerless Divine Power of Orange Rank Talent began to truly bloom!

In the case of one-on-one, Lin Chen couldn't seriously hurt the young man in red robe even with the use of "Instant Light".

But the other party hit the muzzle, Lin Chen's "Junlintianxia" just accumulated energy!

Lin Chen grabbed an orange crystal treasure chest dropped by a young red robe.

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains: talent combo box.

Lin Chen shined! His talent combination can add one more item!

Bang ~!

At this time, a yellow rainbow lased from the sky of Jiuxiao.

This rainbow is colorful, with yellow as the main color. The yellow rainbow bridge extends for thousands of miles. Wherever it passes, it begins to sprinkle magic elixir, elixir, and eighth-order heaven and earth treasures, just like a meteor shower falling down!

"It's the first rainbow flyover, the treasure has arrived!"

Lin Chen's apprentice shines!