My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1008

Vol 5 Chapter 1008: All Burst

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1008 Chapter 1008!

"System, I want to use the talent combo box, the instant light splitting talent."

[The combination is successful. The hosts talent combination is: Fatal Bloodthirst-Super Dimensional Transmission-King's Land-Life and Death-Instant Breakup. If the combination of talents is triggered, you can use any combination of talents without consuming talent points, and will not cause the original talents to fall into the cooling time.

After registering the combination talent, Lin Chen withdrew his avatar and smiled at the second daughter: "Let's go, we will share a slice of soup!"

The trio marched at full speed and swept in the direction of the yellow rainbow.

All the geniuses on Rainbow Island were attracted to the Rainbow Overpass. They followed the direction of the Rainbow Overpass and converged to one place!

Blood Plain!

The main area traversed by the Rainbow Skybridge is a blood plain. The strong energy attracts not only geniuses, but also endless beasts!

A large number of Tier 7 top and Tier 7 peak beasts gather here.

An eighth-order sacred material, Xuanbao Qingxinlian fell from the rainbow overpass into the blood plain, immediately causing a large number of fierce beasts to rush over!

"Roar~! Get away, this is Lao Tzu!"

"Yes, the old ghost of Montenegro, roll back to your site, don't come and grab Uncle Ben!"

The high-level beasts of the behemoths clashed together, they spit out words, roared and snarled, and they all fought to **** the strange treasures of the Rainbow Bridge!


The three of Lin Chen had just rushed out of the Sirius Mountain Range, and they met a huge team head-on!

"Huh? Hahaha, actually you, Lin Chen?"

"There is no place to break through the iron shoes, so it takes no effort! I just wanted to find you, and you came to the door!"

In front of the large team, there are two young men in moon robe. Their faces are like crown jade and they are handsome and tall, but their faces show grief and greed!

"Oh? You are also attracted by my handsomeness? Let's say first. Although I like the back, I don't do it."

Lin Chen said with a grin, his mood was calm and not impatient, and he was not in a hurry because of the birth of Rainbow Bridge.

In this environment, the first batch of people who eat meat may not be able to swallow the meat into the stomach, Lin Chen understands this reason.

Ning Qingxuan is on alert, and Shen Lingshuang is ready to fight at any time.

The team in front of us is full of 31 people! Geniuses from Xuanyu!

The 31 geniuses immediately unfolded their formation and surrounded Lin Chen's trio.

The colorful battle spirit surged in 31 geniuses, ready to shoot at any time!

The young robe headed sneered.

"Dont play with your mouth, I dont have time, Ill hand over your luck and transplant the bladder, and Ill get rid of myself. Otherwise Ill take a few hands and feet and then take the whole person to be handicapped to the Baishengmen and the Sun and Moon Hall in exchange for something good. ."

They also took a fancy to Lin Chen's Qilian Lingzhi. The value of the two Qilian Lingzhi was much more precious than the treasure that fell from the Rainbow Bridge!

They did not notice that someone in Hongtian Temple died in Lin Chen's hands.

As soon as this rainbow flyover was born, who had the time to stare at the genius list, and grabbing the baby was the last word!

Very few people really keep calm enough in the face of huge benefits.

"Like you, I generally call it, Piaojie!"

Lin Chen laughed angrily: "Lingshuang, be on hold!"

Shen Lingshuang and Ning Qingxuan are poised to brew.

"you wanna die!"

The young robe's murderous intention broke out, with a grin, all the geniuses shot together!

Many attacks, such as a torrent of energy, swept through the sword, the sword and the awn, the war-like form of the dragon eagle, the wind tiger and the dragon, the thunder fire emerged, and the ax awn opened to the sky!

Thirty-one top geniuses teamed up to explode the aura! The airflow collapsed and the mountains disintegrated!

"Well, I want to engage in Lao Tzu, right? Killing one is also killing, killing tens of thousands is also killing, and stopping me from dying! Eightfold change, the ultimate moment!"

Lin Chen's shoulders shook sharply, holding the gun and lifting!

He released all the five avatars in Taoyuan Capsules that were ready to go!

[The host consumes 31 intermediate talent points and activates the instant light splitting talent.

"Sword Fury!"

"Jingyue and God!"


"Yu Tian!"

"Jiguang Film Feather Yuhong!"

Above the vast sky, five pillars of spiritual light pushed out of the mountains and rivers, and the peerless sword that flashed across the sky and earth was divided into five!

The rainbow shone, the aurora was dying, and the five gods burst out from the point of the gun. The arrows with the light plume fell like an aurora, and the arrow divided into five.

Five open-minded orange sword swords are burning with fire and flames, raging for nine days and ten days!

boom! boom! boom!

The endless offensive collided head-on like a row of mountains and seas, rolled up a thousand-footed storm, and the face of the young man in the moon robe turned into shock!

"How can he have such a strong strength?"

31 geniuses except two young robe youths, 29 people were shocked to vomit blood!

30% of the penetration power of level 6 penetration runes all penetrated into their bodies, causing more or less injuries!

Tear ~!

The sonic boom of speed cutting suddenly sounded, and I dont know what a weird transparent edge, cut the storm!

"The situation has changed, evacuate..."

The young man in the moon robe will have time to issue an order, and a total of 31 grey and white runes will descend from the sky!

[Consume 62 high-level rune energy, launch slow runes.

The actions of all the geniuses suddenly appeared slow and stagnant.

A crisis of death instantly enveloped everyone!

Brush ~~!

The 20 swiftly rotating flying knives lurking in the void turned into a stream of light on the horizontal plane, all of them slashed to the 31 geniuses who were blocked from action!

Flying knife streamer is stronger than a knife, and the power of the fourth knife is like destroying the defense of the geniuses, making them shocked!

[The host fully triggers the passive talent: strong attack, 300% power.

[The host triggers two passive talents: tear, tearing the defense of two hostile targets.

Ning Qingxuan and Shen Lingshuang emerged in the direction of south and north, their hands swayed gently, and hundreds of blue lights converged into several acres of expansive blue light handprints.

Shen Lingshuang punched a series of "Fighting the Demon Burning Fist" serially!

The situation reversed instantly! The faces of all geniuses changed suddenly!


After a quarter of an hour.

Between the gorges, the Dragon Emperor wanders the void and absorbs all attribute light balls.

[Get 3 intermediate talent points, 4 advanced thunder energy, 2 advanced soil energy, 2 advanced mental power, 2 intermediate sky value, 12 advanced skill essence, 899 enhancement points...]

"The cooperation of these geniuses from Xuanyu are all set up temporarily, and the cooperation with Hongtian Temple is more than one step away."

Lin Chen looked around the audience, let the Dragon Emperor swallow all the geniuses, and urged the omnipresent to devour the magical power.

The Dragon Emperor began to entangle into the Taoyuan planting capsules and engulfed the silver holy yuan coins.

The silver holy yuan coin is also a big supplement to the fierce beasts. It is the reason why all holy beasts like to hunt the human race. A large part of it is to obtain the silver holy yuan coin and the golden holy yuan coin. The Dragon Emperor begins to impact the eight millionth dragon vein!

Once successful, it will transform to more than 80 million dragon power!

"Lin, you are so strong..."

"Without a little strength, how can I bring out such an excellent apprentice, remembering multiple minds and brains in my next life."

The young man in the moon robe leading the geniuses of Xuanyu was pinched and cut off by Lin Chen, and he couldn't die.

Lin Chen threw him into the Taoyuan planting sac, and released the Dragon Emperor swallowing the refining, turning the energy of the 8 millionth dragon vein!