My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1009

Vol 5 Chapter 1009: Encounter The Hundred Gates

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Chapter 1009: Encountering the Hundred Gates!

Now Lin Chen, there is a vicious temper in the eyebrows.

Lin Chen did not like to kill, but he never softened in the face of the enemy. If others want to fight his idea, the murderousness hidden in his heart is gradually appearing!

"It seems that this time I can fire full power!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed Li Mang.

Lin Chen blasted all geniuses and scored 91 intermediate talent points. The cost of using Instant Light Splitting not only made up for it, but also earned dozens of points!

In the past, Lin Chen used too much talent for the Orange Order and would not easily use Instant Light.

But this time he can do a full fire!

Because the attribute values of these top geniuses are very impressive, the talent points are not afraid of being exhausted at once!

"Instant kill 21, followed by 4 kills, only 6 people really ran away."

Lin Chen frowned, in a way, the young man in the red robe in the Hongtian Temple that he encountered earlier was extremely strong.

Junlintianxia superimposed instant light splits failed to kill him, he even had the power to escape in Lin Chens hands!

"Master, the collection of Najie is complete."

Shen Lingshuang was excited to hold ten rings.

"Let's go to the location of the Rainbow Bridge."

The three flashed and rushed towards the Rainbow Bridge.

Lin Chen encountered seven or eight wave teams along the way. Most of them were like Genius of Xuanyu, lest they wouldn't get a single action, and they would form a team.

There are also powerful lone rangers, all rushing in the direction of the yellow rainbow flyover.

Just as Lin Chen and his party were close to the thousands of miles of Rainbow Skybridge, a mountain of hundreds of feet of fighting spirit was like a mountain of Taishan, and it suddenly suppressed from the top of the pedestrian's head!

"Sneak attack? Master, I'm coming!"

Shen Lingshuang is in charge of Jinghong, and if he flies like a dragon, he shoots out in anger!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The green mountain shattered and exploded the aftermath.

"Lin Chen, besides hiding behind a woman, what else would you do? Except for Fairy Ning today, your master and apprentice are going to die today!"

The cold, heartless reverberating echoed every Sunday.

The twelve figures are floating in the air, coming from the east, overlooking Lin Chen and others.

The young man in Tsing Yi, whose handsome white face was distorted by anger, grinned and said-"This time, I want to see who can help you, a waste hiding behind a woman."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, "Oh? Dongfang Yao, you brought it to your door."

Dongfang Yao, 10099 in the genius list, also belongs to the top level in the super first-class genius!

These twelve geniuses are all geniuses of the 100 Saints!

The enemy is narrow! How long did it take for both parties to enter Rainbow Island?

Ning Qingxuan was not surprised and stood beside Lin Chen. No matter what happened, she would choose to stand beside Lin Chen.

"Master, I'll beat him again."

Shen Lingshuang rubbed his hands.

Lin Chen reached out to stop her-"Nizi, let me come, you go to deal with others"

Lin Chen's mind was tumbling, but he was more vigilant.

Dongfang Yao had lost to Shen Lingshuang, he would not expect that he would send Shen Lingshuang to deal with him.

"He is so confident that he will deal with us, and he may come up with a stronger move than before when he played against Shen Lingshuang. If so, he cannot take risks."

Lin Chens avatars are running Extreme Return and are fully armed!

"Xiu Luo JiuhuangEightfold"

Lin Chen's fingerprint changed, the fighting spirit soared, and temporarily climbed to the level of not inferior to the four emperors!

"Rainbow flyover has already appeared. Brother, let's fight quickly."

"You guys, crush them, let these guys look at our hundred holy gates..."

Dongfang Yaoyao was not finished, a sense of crisis enveloped my heart!

[Consume 10 points of high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of sky hidden, recharge, and rune runes.

Dongfang Yao's subconsciously urged his "Skyy Blood Armor"!

clang! clang! clang!

The four-handed flying knife is like a streamer of lore, slashing the **** armor without warning!

Dao Mang made a deep knife mark, and Dongfang Yao was shot thousands of meters away, hitting the mountain and shattered a piece.

"Brother Oriental?"

"Sneak attack! Call me!"

The 11 geniuses at Baishengmen suddenly angered and rushed towards Lin Chen and others!

"Blue Ocean Dragon!"

Three geniuses blasted three blue sea dragons, and the giant waves of fighting sent them head-on, and the sea dragons killed everyone.

Shen Lingshuang turned into a faint alarm, and a whip leg lit up with red flames, blocking the waist and tearing three blue dragons!

"I won't let you bother the master!"

Shen Lingshuang battled three geniuses in one battle and three heads!

"Sneak attack?"

Dongfang Yao raised his eyebrows and glared, gritted his teeth. Pull out his eighth-order holy sword from the body!

Unless his conscious response is fast enough, the power of this flying knife is enough to seriously hurt him without being attacked by defense!

"Did you fight someone like you who attacked my apprentice after the war, would I still have a fair duel with you?"

Lin Chen sneered and saw the eighth-order armor on his body, quickly launched the phantom rune, making up for the weak state of the "split avatar" using the four consecutive bursts of phantom.

"Qingxuan, be careful, just delay them."

Lin Chen told him to flap the holy phoenix wings, turn into Dragon Shadow, and rushed to the area of Dongfang Yao as soon as a shock!

"White Shark Wave!"

"Sword bite!"

7 geniuses show their stunts, and many half-orange-level combat skills come down like torrents, trying to stop Lin Chen!

The five avatars stepped on the dragon flash, and the runes and Instant Light talents were fully displayed. They faced up with seven geniuses and fought in a group!

In the void, only the Yushu tree like a pile of snow, the woman of the 100 Saint Gates in Qingguoqingcheng, and Ning Qingxuan.

"As long as you are killed... Brother will change his mind again, it's all your presence, it's killing Brother Ghost's mind, and die!"

The woman's murderous intentions were revealed, her fingertips were swaying, and the violent winds swept through the eight wastelands!

"Qianfeng Nugang!"

The woman released more than a dozen regiments of black and white hurricanes, which enveloped Ning Qingxuan.

Her strength is second only to Dongfang Yao.

Ning Qingxuan wasn't surprised, Slender Slim Jade glanced at the brilliance of the five colors, pointing a finger, and a five-color finger light shattered the ink-colored combat hurricane!

Ning Qingxuan's strength is far more than the apparent ranking.

On the other side; the two extremely fast vertical flashes of light collide with each other, confrontation time and time again, wherever they pass, the airflow evacuates, the energy explodes, the mountains and rivers collapse, and many geniuses passing by nearby are shocked!

One of the rays of light exudes terrifying devouring power from time to time, the sword light flashes like the Tianhe, and when chopping flashes, it swallows all the obstacles.

A little bit of a sharp split, Lin Chen slammed his gun, as if the shooting method was like a mad bee spurting, slamming it out again and again, every time the stored charge spur burst out of the air of Yutiangengjin!

"This kid's speed is sure enough, but trying to suppress me with speed is the most stupid choice!"

Dongfang Yao sneered, the speed of swordsmanship increased sharply!

clang! clang! clang!

The indestructible Xuangang Golden Tribulation was swallowed by the **** sword light every time, and the guns and swords collided as if the two dragons were fighting!

When Lin Chen met Dongfang Yao, it was a meeting with the enemy, and he was extremely jealous. The shot was a killing opportunity, and both sides wanted to make a quick decision!