My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1010

Vol 5 Chapter 1010: Rob King I'm Destined

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Chapter 1010, Rob King, I'm Set!

Dongfang Yao beheaded a glazed sword gas, the situation was dim, and took the time to do everything!

Lin Chen's left hand flicked, and the three flying knives were transformed into fifteen flying knives.

The aftertaste of Jian Qi turned into broken mans, and Lin Chen was also hit by seven broken mansions, and the gas of Geng Jin, who was flowing all over him, was swallowed to the point of cracking, and the blood was tired!

"It's this trick again, this kid's trick is so strange!"

Dongfang Yao's eyes narrowed and his sword was born and died.

"It has to be said that this kid can actually compete with me with three robbers. His combat skills are so powerful that he exerts far more power than his cultivator, which is comparable to the orange rank! The warlord's cultivation behavior, the power of this combat skill alone is enough to shake me! Not to mention the five robbery cultivation behavior!"

After the real fight, Dongfang Yao finally put away the contempt!

Lin Chen is far from being so weak in his eyes! The potential is terrible!

Such enemies must be strangled in advance!

"This **** is stronger than the guy in Hongtian Temple!"

Lin Chen was shocked in the center of the dark, holding the gun in his right hand, the ultimate return element made up for the instant of consumption, and played a slow rune, blocking Dongfang Yao from taking a breath!

Lin Chen's "Yu Tian" shot suddenly, Geng Jin's edge penetrated!

Dang~! When his "Tianyin Blood Armor" fought against Lin Chen's gun, he was full of sword energy and broke through the slow bondage!

Dongfang Yao shook his sword down with a sword, wherever the blade passed, leaving a dark darkness of nothingness, creepy!

The spiritual energy of the brow heart bursts, the instantaneous beam splitting blessing is annihilated, and the spiritual annihilation beam of light that pushes the mountains and rivers rages away!

The blood-colored sword light bucket cut five pillars of spiritual annihilation beams of light, shaking the sound of a spiritual explosion, and 30% of the power penetrated and shocked Dongfang Yaoyi back and forth!

Long Chen stepped on, Lin Chen appeared behind him, shot with a shot!

Did you know that it turned out to be a fake?


A crisis shrouded Lin Chen, and the void above his head cut a sword light like a scar of eagle claws, the claws were held up, and the sword light shrouded Lin Chen!


A grey and white rung exploded, the sword marks stagnation, Lin Chen flicked the holy phoenix wings and flicked away, and with a bang, the sword marks were wrung out!

"This trick again! Why are there so many strange tricks for this kid?"

Dongfang Yao was startled, turned back, and vigorously regained his strength, suddenly exploding from the top of his head!

"Life and death! I want to see if your turtle shell can protect your dog head!"

Lin Chen condensed all strength and punched the heaven spirit cover of Dongfang Yao with one punch!

[Trigger complete passive talent: Strike. Increased power: 300%.

He was caught off guard and the shoulder armor opened two blood wings to block the punch!

However, the violent power still shocked the Eastern Yaoya lost consciousness in an instant, and rolled out two attribute light balls.

Lin Chen was about to take advantage of the victory and chase, the sacred glass sword in the hands of Dongfang Yao seemed to automatically protect the master, swept across Lin Chen violently, and the sword drove back Lin Chen!

The two gasped for breath. Dongfang Yao's'Tianyin Blood Armor' was to absorb his essence blood to urge him, and the more he beat, the more he hurt.

The war emperor controls more than two finished sacrificial tools, which comes at a price.

Similarly, Lin Chen is not much better.

Each of Dongfang Yao's swordsmanship comes with a powerful'swallowing' characteristic. If it is as strong as Lin Chen's realm of refining, he will be crippled or even killed if he is hit by a frontal accident!

This forced Lin Chen to use his life-changing style of play completely, using slow runes and orange-level talents throughout!

During this period, I have to rely on Long Qingguo and Ultimate Guiyuan to continue to treat the injury!

"Damn, what is the origin of this kid, how can the three robbers and the emperor fight this way with his son?"

"If you play like this, you will first exhaust the bottom cards, which is not conducive to the next action. Every item of the Rainbow Skybridge is precious and cannot be missed."

Dongfang Yao's heart is heavy.

Lin Chen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and took the time to recover from his injury.

"There are no prerequisites for using Junlin's talents. The only way is to use a high amount of rune energy to block him with slow runes. attitude"

Lin Chen glanced at the other battle circles, and Lingshuang and Ning Qingxuan had already begun to fall.

Two of Shen Lingshuang's opponents are super first-class geniuses within 10,500, which is too unfavorable for a dozen or three.

"Long Shuang and Qing Xuan are both likely to have trouble." Lin Chen frowned.

In order to exterminate and kill Dongfang Yao, only the Death and Life talent and the God of War Bracers are left!

Use these two trump cards, no matter which one is playing life!

Whether it was Lin Chen or Dongfang Yao, both parties felt the endeavor and results of each other.

If you want to get rid of the other party, you must do everything, and you have to bet on this life!

Dongfang Yao withdrew, sending out a voice of fighting spirit, and many geniuses of Baishengmen retreated from the war circle.

The disciples cast their eyes on Lin Chen with consternation and surprise. Is this kid so strong? Didn't even the Eastern Brother win him?

"Lin Chen, you are lucky. Compete for the Rainbow Overpass first. My father will abuse you next time!"

Dongfang Yaoyin sneered, and glanced at several of his brothers, and quickly skimmed towards the Rainbow Bridge.

At this time, the rainbow sky bridge began to drop a lot of different treasures, and there were some eight-tier heaven and earth treasures and Danfang! A lot of geniuses have already launched a **** battle.

"It's all right."

Lin Chen handed more than a dozen Long Qingguo to the second daughter, and Ning Qingxuan took Long Qingguo, "all were minor injuries."

Shen Lingshuang chewed Long Qingguo, frowning Qiong nose in disappointment: "If they were not to fight one of three, I would definitely help the master!"

"You have done a good job, rest assured, as long as he is still on Rainbow Island, I will not believe that I can't kill him!"

Lin Chen smiled, a fierce flash in his eyes.

As long as he finds new fragments of alien crystals and has new nirvana in his hands, he will not believe that the East is not dead!

Lin Chen looked at the five avatars again, all scarred.

"My avatar can be singled out with up to 19,000 geniuses. If the true virtue and true virtue holding Qingtian and the azure blue moon should be availed, they can break the wrist with 15,000 geniuses. , You must use instant light splitting to fight the enemy."

"With Qingxuan and Lingshuang, my current extreme combat power can only deal with 6 to 8 super geniuses up to 10,500. If they encounter the Gang of Sun and Moon Hall, they are not opponents and must rely on high energy. Slow runes can get away..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and after fighting in turns, he already knew his foundation.

If he doesn't want to rely on the Orange Order talent and confront the super first-class geniuses up to 10,500, he must rush to the Four Tribes!

It's too difficult to fight in two levels!

Not to mention the genius of the two series against Dongfang Yao in this series.

[Acquire 4 intermediate talent points, 4 advanced rune energy, 6 intermediate sky value, 2299 advanced essence of war spirits, 3 advanced skill essence,]

Doppelganger collected all the attribute light **** that were dropped. This battle was the one that Lin Chen played the most loss after entering Rainbow Island.

"Rainbow flyover began to lose its treasure, and we set off."

After repairing the avatar, Lin Chen and his team acted again.

Two hours later, Lin Chen reached under the Rainbow Skybridge and couldn't help but stunned!

The plains in sight are all shrouded in glory by the yellow rainbow bridge.

"Senrow star player!"

"Ningkong finger!"

"Bahuangpan Dragon Whip!"

"Roar! Damn human race, climb to the Lord!"

"Yes, Lao Tzu devours you human race!"

In the blood plain, **** winds, countless high-level fierce beasts, geniuses from all walks of life, chaotic vitality storms, tactical mastery, and frantic confrontation and slaying together.

They either robbed the medicine, remedy, or the eighth-tier celestial treasure, and killed countless **** storms of chaotic storms! The center of the storm is the center of the battle, and it's so mad!

Some geniuses grabbed the top alchemy handprints. Before being half happy to breathe, they were retreated by other geniuses who were seriously injured and could only throw away their loot and fled.

"It's really upside down..."

Lin Chen glanced at it. The fierce beasts in the Blood Plains are more than 4,000. The specifics are unknown. The geniuses arriving in the Plains are currently less than 2,000.

From the sky to the earth, wherever there are different treasures, there is fierce dogfight,

The fierce beasts are mainly robbing medicine and eighth-order heaven and earth treasures. These are treasures containing high energy, which can directly improve their cultivation.

The geniuses are robbing everything, alchemy fingerprints and Danfang are extremely precious!

"Master, let's go grab it! It's a good thing!"

Shen Ling frosted her pink powder fist eagerly, and her face was full of excitement!

Lin Chen knocked on her little head and said seriously-"Remember, you must keep calm enough before grabbing things. It is useless to rob blindly, and then give you the next one as a teacher. class."

Ni Zi grieved her head, Ning Qingxuan smiled, comforting Xiao Nizi.

At any time, she is like an extraordinary fairy, as if there is no interest in the world to impress her.

This time I came to Rainbow Island completely following the master's experience. It was the biggest surprise in her life to be able to meet Lin Chen again.

At least, she likes such a quiet company with him. Can help him and stand with him to face any difficulties.

"Blindly fighting will only consume energy constantly. Even if I have a split, I can't beat the genius of the audience. To choose, I must choose the best..."

The treasure shining above the yellow rainbow flyover fell like a meteor shower to the blood plain.

Lin Chen urged Purple Gold Pupil, and those strange treasures that had fallen into the world were learned by him time and time again!

After two breaths, Lin Chen discovered one thing in common!

But all the top treasures are accompanied by the light of the attribute light ball!

Lin Chen smiled cheaply.

"I remember all the good things, rob the king, I'm set!"