My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1011

Vol 5 Chapter 1011: Melee

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Chapter 1011

Lin Chen, who opened the'Golden Eyes Twins', broadened his horizons to the extreme. When he looked around the audience, he found one thing in common.

"The top-level different treasures are all accompanied by the light of the attribute light ball!"

There are also many geniuses hiding in the plains and doing the same things as Lin Chen.

They save power and hide in dark places, like a powerful and powerful cheetah, waiting quietly and calmly, only picking the best treasures to shoot.

However, Lin Chen has an advantage over everyone, that is, he can see the attribute light ball!

Before ten breaths, Lin Chen found several goals. There are eight-stage elixir, alchemy handprint, and all the superb treasures are basically accompanied by the light of the attribute light ball or even the attribute treasure chest!

Lin Chen immediately selected more than a dozen goals, all recorded!

Among them, an earthy ancient jade box is the primary goal. This ancient jade box is accompanied by a bright orange crystal treasure chest!

"I have chosen the target, follow me!"

Lin Chen pulled the second daughter into the battlefield!

Then, he released the "Zhendexiu" doppelganger, stepped on the "Dragon Flash" stance, "Zhendexiu" launched the eightfold change + the ultimate moment talent, and shot the bow!

An arrow of light converged by a branch of light looted, the arrow fell like a feather, and the feather of light fell. The slower the naked eye sees, the faster the arrow light will be, and it will cross the battlefield!

The arrow power of "Jiguang Pianyu" has cleared many obstacles for Lin Chen and the three, as long as Lin Chen does not participate in any battle, whether it is a genius or a beast, he will basically avoid him.

Lin Chen pulled the two women at full speed and quickly entered the south of the main core of the plain.

There is a battlefield where three geniuses are fighting in chaos and fighting for a khaki scroll.

"Book of Speed, Book of Attack, Book of Recovery Yuan!"

Ning Qingxuan's slender and jade hands danced rapidly, and the three rays of blue glowed blue, green, red, and bathed in the body of three people.

Lin Chendun felt that his fighting speed and fighting strength were several times stronger than before!

"Go on, I will assist you with all my strength."

Ning Qingxuan nodded, Lin Chen and Shen Lingshuang looked at each other, and suddenly urged the body!

Lin Chen broke out the "Eightfold Change" and the ultimate moment again.

The master and the disciples turned into a white light dragon shadow, and they were shocked at the same speed!

"Is there anyone to blend in?"

The three geniuses competing for the scroll felt the crisis instantly. Shen Lingshuang and Lin Chen were killed at the same time, and the master and apprentice punched out with one punch!

"Fight the Demon to Burn Sky Fist!"

"Seven Powers, Seven Powers in One!"

The strength of the dragon that turned like a dragon was destroyed by the sky, and the flames of a fire that turned like a tornado hit three geniuses!

Three genius stunts have emerged, some with a sword dance in the sky, some with a hammer of dancing rage, and some blasted out a hundred black thunder!

Brush ~!

A flying knife flashed in a flash, slashing one of the geniuses, hitting his magnificent sword!

The melee is on the verge!

[Trigger passive talent: Strike. Power bonus: 300%.

boom! boom! boom!

The two sides are going to fight each other, evenly divided!

Brush ~!

At this time, a weird residual image swiftly burst into the combat storm, actually a genius who is good at hiding!

He waited for the opportunity to **** the treasure box when the three men competed for a gap. The appearance of Master Lin Chen created this opportunity for him!


Three geniuses secretly called bad.

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly.

Just as the three geniuses thought that the alchemy handprint fell into the hand of the genius, a remnant image faster than him passed by and robbed the treasure box in an instant.

Taking away the treasure box, the man's speed did not decrease, and he ran away after snatching, and came out with a smug smile.

"Hahaha, Fang Chi, you are still too young. Have you ever heard of a mantis catching cicadas? Is there a hunter behind the carduelis? The real son is the real hunt..."


An arrow of light exploded, stopping the genius who claimed to be a "hunter", and 30% of the penetration power shot him vomiting blood!

The genius was surprised, but the figure of Zhen Dexiu stopped the white man, and then Lin Chen's other four avatars quickly emerged and surrounded him.


The genius took a breath of air!

"Zhendeshuai" smirked and smiled-"Hunter? What are you doing this show? Haven't heard of the black horse club behind the hunter, give you a breath, and die without handing over the jade box!"

The genius' face muscles twitched a few times, decisively throwing out the volume of alchemy fingerprints, and evacuated cursingly.

"Damn it, it's so nasty!"

The other four geniuses saw the situation clearly, quickly withdrew, and looked for other targets.

Lin Chen cover, Lin Chen quickly opened the jade box.

In the ancient simple jade box, there are two bottles of immortality, a pair of jade jade, and a roll of alchemy handprints. Ning Qingxuan opened the jade jade and looked a little surprised.

"It's the seventh-tier peak medicine that has been lost. Qisheng's robbery pill, which can increase the probability of one robbery to four robbery war emperor breaking through the realm, and the purple top-level best alchemy handprint!"

Both are superlatives!

Lin Chen grabbed the orange crystal treasure chest suspended in the jade box.

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains: semi-orange level alchemy handprint "True Dragon Hand"]

Half-orange-order alchemy handprint?

"Damn it, you've earned it!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, and quickly closed it up, splitting the two bottles of Qi Sheng Po Jie Dan and Shen Lingshuang.

Ning Qingxuan is already doing five things, and the Elixir is useless to her.

"It seems there are still many babies waiting for us, Lingshuang Qingxuan, go, next!"

Lin Chen took the avatar and the second daughter together.

Lin Chen is not greedy, there is no strange treasure with attribute light balls, he will never fight for it, he only grabs the top strange treasure with attribute light balls.

If you dont take it, you need to put all the avatars together to ensure the maximum success rate!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

The afterimage flashed vertically, Lin Chen and a group of avatars shuttled in the battlefield.

[Trigger complete passive talent: Strike, power increase: 300%.

[Trigger complete passive talent: strong attack, power increase: 300%...]

His innate shadow recipe dispelled all breath, and the repeated attacks were like a fish, and even drove several geniuses ranked 14,000 in one blow!

After the fierce battle, Lin Chen's harvest was extremely rich!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get: 250,000 enhancement points.

[Obtain high-quality dual-attribute light spheres, gain: 200 intermediate sky value, 200 intermediate talent points,]

[Open the water jade chest to get: 60 points of advanced water energy.

[Open Spirit Tree Chest to obtain: 70 points of advanced wood energy.

"Eighth-order Danfang "Shengjing Explosive Source Pill", eighth-order heavenly earth and earth treasure, nine-segment ghost vine, seventh-stage peak lost panacea "Purple Magic Streamer Pill"..."

After a rough inventory, Lin Chen became more and more courageous in the battle and gained a bright future!

"There is also an attribute light ball over there... eh? Eighth order young pill!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed with light, and he discovered that two Eighth-order Young Pills were born together?

On the north side of the plain, the ground veins are torn, and the air is across the sky. When the sword and sword shadow flashes, it kills the sky!

Two sacred products immortalized into spirit fox and white snake, this is their spiritual form. At this time, the vitality of the rainbow sky bridge was sealed in the void, like two rounds of sun hung.

The ten-headed peak-level beasts are huge or dozens of feet or hundreds of feet.

On the other side, there are more than 20 figures of tigers and bear waists floating in the air.

The flesh of each of them is as strong as the sea, and there is a tendency to lean against the sky!

Some are covered with scales and their pupils are fierce.

Some are covered with grim scales, with horns on their heads, fierce and evil! All-out physical genius!

Geniuses of the barbarians!

The figures on the sides are exquisite, graceful, and different in style. Female geniuses in the Heart Palace!

"Oh? Interesting..."

Lin Chen smiled, and the innate shadow tactics disappeared, and rushed into the three-party battle circle.

The birth of two eighth-order young pill, attracted unprecedented three-way melee, long battle without distinction!

But it was the women in the Heart Palace who were obviously incapable.

The top-tier body warrior is far superior to other powerful players in the field of long-term combat.

Judging from the lineup, the women in Lianxin Palace do not have the advantage of winning the eighth order young pill. Even with Jiang Yun ranking 10,230, he was inferior to the other in number.

But Lin Chen seemed to feel that the woman who practiced the Heart Palace had not given up, as if she was relying on something...

The young master from the Dragon Gate of Manchuria, Feng Zhenyu looked at the woman in the Lianxin Palace and said with a smile.

"The women in the Heart Palace are all different from the women in our denomination. Hey, brothers, remember to take away a few women after grabbing the eighth order young pill!"

His muscles squirmed like dragons, horns on his head, and wild beasts like a mad hair, which made the woman in the Heart Palace shudder and a nausea in his heart.

Jiang Yun, who practiced the Heart Palace, glanced at Sun Yueer and said with a deep voice-"Everyone, hold on for a while..."

Lin Chen witnessed this scene and laughed.

"Interestingly, there are two high-quality spiritual power light **** on Bapin Chudan, and I just need... Lingshuang, do it!"

Long Ying flashed, Lin Chen led the avatar and the second female flashed into the battlefield.


Feng Zhenyu transformed the dragon scales with one hand, transformed into dragon claws, swept away horizontally, and the dragon arm burst out with the sound of dragon roar and roar, permeating the immortal power that broke the mountains and rivers!

This claw dragon force broke through 99999 million dragon forces and reached the limit of the war emperor! There is also a kind of dragon's interest blessing of the Taikoo Golden Dragon, which is powerful and domineering!

Ten other barbarian geniuses in his team also shot, all with special physiques or bloodlines, pure power as strong as humanoid beasts, and the other half warned ten giants.

The women in the Heart Palace are dignified.

Tear ~!

At this time, the gun pointed a pull, crossed the Geng Jinhongmang, across the sky! Flying knife streamers like a graceful butterfly, crushing a lot of energy, arrow light flickering faintly with the light of the thunder shadow, and shocked a large part of the sky!

All the figures flashed to the woman beside the Heart Palace, and the girls were shocked and happy!


Feng Zhenyu's face changed slightly, and he said in amazement: "Lin Chen? Was it you?"