My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1012

Vol 5 Chapter 1012: Hit All Exploded

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Chapter 1012, Fight! All exploded!

"How about, not surprised, not surprised?"

Lin Chen laughed at Feng Zhenyu, then turned to Jiang Yun.

"Jiang Yunyun, do you want to work together? Five to five?"

Jiang Yun looked around and saw that there were so many people around Lin Chen, he couldn't help but feel shocked!

The arrogant talents around him just took over the attack of the top geniuses in Manju! How could he gather such a powerful force in a short time?

Jiang Yun was also a wise man, and immediately nodded and said-"Well, there is no need to defeat them, just hold on, we have a back hand."

Lin Chen smiled: "I can see it."

Hey~! Bang~!

At this time, Feng Zhenyu actually launched a war jade jade, blasting the sky!

Feng Zhenyu laughed wildly: "Hahaha, you actually came to your door, Lin Chen, I think you are looking for death!"

"Damn, I have been thinking about him for a long time!"

"Fight, fight fiercely! Don't worry about the eighth order young Dan, take the kid's Long Qingshu first!"

"With Long Qingshu, only Long Qingguo produced every year can create countless physical geniuses, accumulate enough resources every 100 years, and even impact Holy Realm refining!"

"His mother, I found 18 wives, but I can't eat them anymore. If I can take a lot of Long Qingguo, I can have the legendary goddess artifact. Dragon King Qingtian rifle, hahaha, I can do it. Be that happy and happy living **** every day!"

At this time, two talented teams of barbarians appeared.

The two geniuses, headed by fangs, grinned and released the savage savage breath like a hungry tiger staring at a group of sheep.

Both teams have about 25 people, surrounded by Lin Chen and others.

Counting Feng Zhenyu's original team, all 78 people!

All of them have the power of the genius list within 23,000 of the genius list, which is terribly strong!

Although the tacit understanding of their battle is not as good as the Hongtian Temple, it is much stronger than the temporary team formed by the geniuses of Xuanyu!

Their goal was actually Lin Chen's Long Qingshu?

The women in the Heart Refinement Palace are in shock!

"So many body-building warriors surrounded us. Oops. The prolonged warfare consumes us to death..."

Jiang Yun's face was as heavy as water. The battle situation was quite grim. If you break through, you will have to lose a lot!

Yingzi's awe-inspiring glance at Lin Chen found that the teenager actually showed a sense of excitement and excitement, with a confidence in the hand!

"Damn, this time we will play a big game!"

Lin Chen took out several seventh-order pinnacles and threw them to his avatars!

Then, Jiang Yun and other women were dumbfounded!

In addition to Lin Chen, everyone in the Black Horse Club opened the bottle and swallowed various lost potions, and the breath skyrocketed!

What about Zimei Liuguang Pill, Xuan Ju Bao Qi Pill, Dali King Kong Pill, Ancient Sword Qi Pill, etc., all taken!

The people in the dark horse club are all more than three meters high except Lin Chen, and they are like a humanoid monster! The combat power has at least doubled!

These immortals are all obtained from Rainbow Skybridge, all of which are the most lost immortals! Temporarily improve the best medicines such as body skills or combat skills, pure power and so on!

All of the avatars' combat effectiveness has skyrocketed temporarily!

Very simple, the temporary medicine to increase power has serious sequelae, but Lin Chen's avatar is not afraid of these sequelae!

If there are any defects in the avatar, you can immediately use the "Phantom Rune" to condense it. This is why Lin Chen can use the "Fourth Style of the Uncensored Flying Sword" with impunity!

"This... swallowing this panacea is killing the enemy by one thousand and self-destructing by 800, what is Mr. Lin Chen thinking!"

Jiang Yun is horrified!

"Roar ~! Take advantage of the human race now, grab!

"Go away, Elixir is Laozi!"

The ten-headed seventh-order peak fierce beast is extremely intelligent, and the geniuses who saw the barbaric territory aimed at surrounding Lin Chen and others, and immediately set off a war to grab the eighth-order young pill!

Lin Chen opened the system and glanced at [Intermediate Talent Points: 2291-Advanced Rune Energy: 2388 points,]

"System, open the talents of the world."

[Consume 15 mid-level talent points, turn on the Junlin world talent, cooling time: 1 day, enter the energy accumulation state: 0 points.

Lin Chen took the initiative to use the talent of Jinglingtianxia!

"Miss Jiang, after a while, you will take your people to grab the eighth order young pill, these guys leave it to me to deal with."

His private voice made Jiang Yun startled!

Grab the eighth order young pill? The other party obviously will not give you a chance to break through!

Faced with such a terrifying lineup of Man Yu, even one of her super-genious geniuses in the 10150 ranking dare not say that she can force a breakthrough!

Jiang Yun didn't have time to think at all, and all the geniuses in Manchuria brewed the momentum of menstruation!

"Everyone, robbed Long Qingshu, everyone should know what this means for us, take out all the details, and fight to the death! Don't worry about all the little skins, just hit Lin Chen!"

With the order of Feng Zhenyu, all the barbarian geniuses had a terrible momentum. Five fingers broke the dragon force that crushed the stars, and some shots, the barbaric vertical and horizontal, condensed the ancient barbarian.

Some condensed all their strength, slashed a stunning Xinghe Daoqi, mixed with the pure power of truncating mountains and seas! Some palms are shot, the dragon snake wanders, and the speed is very fast!

The fighting spirit turned the ancient goshawks into a rage and slaying. The majestic majestic remnant wolf screamed. The ancient crocodile wanted to destroy the sky and swallow the eight wastelands!

Heaven and earth, all directions in all directions, all come from forty blows from forty geniuses!

There are another thirty-eight of the second wave of offensives being brewed to ensure that the Heart Liangong and Lin Chen and others will have a second wave of continuous attacks, even if they take over the first offensive!

Shen Lingshuang squeaked, and a fighting demon burned the fist to fight the ten thousand horses. The revolving fire robbery fist beat the ancient goshawk, remnant wolf, and wild elephant formed by seven battles, and then annihilated under many offensives. !

[Consume 200 high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of slow runes.

Bang ~! Sigh~!

Lin Chen's hands suddenly pushed out horizontally, and hundreds of gray and white runes suddenly fell from the sky!

The gray grenade either bursts over the heads of all barbarian geniuses, or suppresses all offensives, delaying their offensive!

"This... what the **** is this?"

"Space blockade? Impossible, how could a war emperor blockade the space of Rainbow Island!"

At the moment when all the barbaric geniuses were shocked, Lin Chen's all avatars exploded like a world of destruction!

[Spend 39 intermediate talent points, activate the instant light splitting talent.

"Jingyue and God!"

"Jiguang PianyuThree Shadows Fighting!"

"Four Shadows!"

"Yu Tian Jian!"

"Sword Fury!"

"Annihilation! Life and death!"

Bang ~!

All the avatars of Lin Chen played all the cards in an instant, and the flying knives of the sky fluttered to infinite energy, and burst into the sky.

Jianhong slashed across, shattering the ancient beasts of dragon power and fighting strength, the blue spirit annihilated the pillar of light and shattered all the chaotic energy, reversing the offensive in a flash!

The strength like a barbaric dragon penetrated the sky dome and hit many geniuses. The mirror moon knife divided into five annihilated all the aftermath of the fighting, and the power penetrated many geniuses. Their tyrannical carcass body began to burst and bleed!

The gleaming arrows of light penetrated dozens of geniuses' bodies, piercing them to serious wounds, like the golden rainbow bursting above Jiuxiao, flashing through, penetrating several geniuses led by him, and never looked back!

A large number of attribute light **** are colorful, rolling down from these geniuses, suspending the void.

Ning Qingxuan and Shen Lingshuang have the spirit to cooperate with Lin Chen's offensive, and rushed to the forefront, launching a stormy attack on those lucky geniuses who have not died!

The women in the Heart Palace are dumbfounded! Jiang Yun twitched a few times...

"Just die if you want to make an idea!"

Lin Chen's heart was soaring, and since he had already shot, there was no retreat!

Lin Chen at this time, has not yet realized the seriousness of the problem brought about by his killing.

However, with his character, perhaps he knows it, and he won't stop for it!

In someone's bottom line, there is no one who is soft on the enemy!