My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1014

Vol 5 Chapter 1014: Bloodbath Genius List Famous Shrine

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Chapter 1014, The Bloodbath Genius List, Famous Sheng Sheng Realm!

Qiyuntai; Holy Light list quickly dimmed a lot of names.

Not to mention Feng Quan, one eyebrow and two saints, all the geniuses opened their mouths in horror, and they were speechless in shock. All the old antiques were dumbfounded!

Lin Chen again! And his mother is the dark horse club?

"Name... The name is still disappearing, my goodness, how many barbaric geniuses did they kill!"

"If you kill like this, all the top geniuses in the top 40,000 in Manchuria will die!"

"Crazy, kill crazy! Lin Chen's gang, all **** crazy!"

"Sure enough, it's as rumored. The people in the Black Horse Club are fighting with life and death. You look at the name of Zhendechang, and now there is a feeling of bleakness at any time. This is probably a genius who is trying to kill the barbarians. what"

"What the **** is hidden in this dark horse club, my god! Killing genius list genius is like killing chicken!"

Now everyone can't wait to fly their wings to Rainbow Island and see for themselves, what happened inside!

You know, this is not the geniuses in the genius list of more than 90,000. It is the top genius with a real knife and a real gun in the 36 domain!

All the existence of sanctified qualifications!

A few days ago, they had seen the bravery of these geniuses with their own eyes, and some of them even lived for the rest of their lives with the talents they looked up to.

A group of people as powerful as monsters is now being killed by Lin Chen and others like a chicken!

"I **** his grandma and bear! These little bunnies are going to mess with the dark horse club!"

"Just grab the treasure and grab the treasure. What are you doing to provoke Lin Chen, the **** of plague!"

"It's over, it's all over... I'm wiped out of the whole army..."

Those holy realms from the barbaric realm in the void are sad and howling!

Other holy places are not easy! What they are most worried about now is that their disciples should never provoke this **** of plague!

A brow saint trembles-"The matter is far beyond our expectations. Perhaps, we have thrown a tiger in sheep's clothing that is really in sheep's clothing!"

Fengquan Saint's expression is dignified: "A total of 74 savage domain genius names have been dimmed, and nine adult horses have been destroyed, and the remaining ones are half dead!"

The swallow swallowed hard, and the browed saint wondered whether it was shock or surprise, an extremely complicated way.

"Three Hongtian Temples, a total of twenty-five mysterious domains, and seventy-four wild domains! This has just entered Rainbow Island, and the kid has killed more than one hundred top geniuses!"

"This is the real blood-washed genius list. This group of kids is crazy, and it is impossible for them to not pay attention to it. It is impossible for even the strongest in the Holy Land to go out!"

In the meeting place; those luckless geniuses who were eliminated from the four rounds of the tournament were breathlessly relieved.

"Damn, fortunately, I didn't go in, so I saved the dog's life anyway..."

"Let's concentrate on practicing, don't think about any chance, the master is right, this world is too big, maybe some day will appear some super demon reversing the universe, but not in the list of devil but wins like devil!"

In the void; the whispers of the saints continue to be heard.

"The situation has been disrupted! These boys pierced the sky!"

The expression of the dark pavilion master Ying Ying is particularly dignified.

"This time it is no longer an area where the Sanpin and Sipin sects can interfere. If there is no backer behind the Black Horse Club, this group of young people will definitely die!"

"The only chance we all have now is to take advantage of the holy realm's four-fold old monster before it has reached Qiyun Island, we first take down Lin Chen, force this guy's secret to knock out, and then let him leave, With our strength and status alone, we are not qualified to take his life!"

The ancestor Ying Tianmo's expression was plain, but there were violent fluctuations in the old eyes.

"Those hidden old monsters may have some monsters coming out of their own hands!"


Qi Yu, saints of various denominations, and 66 classes temporarily gathered in Bingxin Palace.

At this time, everyone in Class 66, and even Han Ziyun, Leng Yueqi, Yan Qianyun, etc., sat in the hall, each holding a gold list, and could not be calm for a long time.

Even the saints.

After half a ring, Ying Liang swallowed hard.

"Oh my god, the squad leader is going to turn the 36 domains upside down!"

"It's too terrible, it killed 100 genius list geniuses all at once, and I dare not even think about it!"

"Is the squad leader playing too much..."

Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er's pretty faces are full of worries. They thought they heard the news brought back by Yan Qianyun and his master, and they learned that Lin Chen had arrived safely in the southern region.

But I was not happy for a few days, and there was such explosive news!

Bai Junhao said seriously.

"I heard that it is just the beginning of entering Rainbow Island. According to the character of Big Brother, he will never keep his hands on any enemy..."

Shangguan Bihan's face changed slightly, "Junhao, do you mean..."

Bai Junhao's unprecedented focus on his head: "Yes, I'm afraid that this is just the beginning! The news that Big Brother holds Qiyun Lingzhi has spread. If the genius in Rainbow Island insists on targeting him..."

As soon as this remark came out, even the saints present were extremely ugly!

If so, the dark horse club will continue to kill!

They definitely have this strength and courage! There is no such thing as a group of lunatics in this **** world!

But now, the more worrying is Class 66.

Only they knew that Lin Chen had no power at all to support him, and the Black Horse Club was only him!

One person contends with the forces behind those falling geniuses? Think about the scalp tingling!

From the branch of Tiange College to the Holy Realm, they all believed in Lin Chen's strength and strength!

But this time alone, everyone's heart was shaken!

Because Lin Chen is faced with those ancestral factions that have accumulated countless eras. This is no longer a question of sending one or two holy realms.

Everyone believes in Lin Chens potential, but potential is not strength!

"You little guys and Little Lin Chen are from the same continent. Does Little Lin Chen really have no backing and strong support?"

The owner of Bingxin Palace couldn't help but ask everyone.

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads with a wry smile.

"Don't dare to say that there is not, but at least as far as we know, I haven't seen the big forces behind the monitor so far."

Ying Liang didn't pick out everything, and smiled bitterly.

At this time, Leng Yueqi, who was cold and beautiful, slowly opened her mouth.

"All we can do is trust him."

The slender hand of the beautiful lady can't help tampering.

"He, Lin Chen, will definitely break through this dilemma!"


In the past, when the Rainbow Island was opened, fierce competition and genius killing also occurred, but in the end, the former was the majority, and the fighting between geniuses was rarely done.

Because it is difficult for either side to completely kill the other side, the geniuses have a lot of life-saving cards. If they fight with their lives, even if they kill their opponents, they will have to pay a heavy price.

One is careless, and he must fall into Rainbow Island after he is seriously injured. There are countless examples of this.

Therefore, there is no absolute certainty, and the competition between the geniuses and the treasures are all divided, and after handing over the spoils, they close in time.

If it is killed by man, it is also killed by a genius with a higher ranking. Generally, as long as it is not seen by anyone, the forces of the killed party will not know who the genius of his family was killed by his disciples.

However, this time it is different, this time the Rainbow Island opens, there is a strange flower of Lin Chen!

In the history of the Holy World, there has never been such a person who has been killed without taboos! If you dont give genius face, you have to give the genius a thin three-point face!

Those who challenge the rules and authority are either warrior heroes or lunatic sinners!

At this moment, the thirty-six domain began to set off stormy waves, brewing an unprecedented storm!

Not only the barbaric domain, the mysterious domain, the southern domain, at this moment, the entire thirty-six domain powerhouses who paid attention to the genius list received the earth-shattering changes for the first time!

In a very short period of time, the top 30,000 geniuses fell to 100 people!

Black Horse Club, blood washed genius list!

The genius that fell this time is different from that of the Moon's Secret Realm! These geniuses are all highly sanctified!

The list of geniuses slaughtered in Cangyue Mystery at most only caused waves in the Sipin sect, but this time, even the five-rank sect that passed down the ages, and even the giant Liupin dared not ignore the "Black Horse Club"!

If the last time the "Black Horse Club" only caused a little ripple in the vast and endless sea of the Holy Realm, then this time, it will set off a real storm, the famous Holy Realm!