My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1015

Vol 5 Chapter 1015: Team Up Dragon Emperor Is Promoted

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Chapter 1015

Rainbow Island, north of the Blood Plain.

Several terrifying abyss cracks, the sky rises more than a dozen mushroom clouds, Yu Wei is still there, shaking the world.

Dozens of feet of pale green dragon fluttered the holy phoenix wings, flashed through the void at a rapid speed, and swallowed dozens of genius bodies of barbarians.

The geniuses in the hundreds of miles on the north side, staring at everyone like Lin Chen...

"I'm not mistaken, there are dozens of fighting madness in Manyu?"

"My God, what the **** are these people!"

"Why is this Lin Chen so fierce! The gods are down?"

Dozens of geniuses didn't even dare to grab a lot of strange treasures that were born, the emperor's body retreat suddenly, and looked at Lin Chen and his team in horror.

They can extinguish Barbarians and others, and they can certainly kill them!

No one dares to touch this mold, no one has dared to kill such geniuses without taboos!

Shen Lingshuang took the opportunity to grab all the eighth-tier heaven and earth treasures, seven-tier peak alchemy, and purple-tier top alchemy handprints contested by those geniuses, and her pink face raised a bright smile.

The women in the Heart Refining Palace were shocked in their faces, but they were surrounded by ten large beasts.

Some women embrace the Guqin and pluck the strings. Some Yuhuan flew in pairs, flying into the air. Or dance the sword gracefully, a sword dance like piercing the defense of the fierce beasts!

[Obtain 450 points of advanced qi blood, 4005 points of advanced qi blood, 2020 points of advanced qi blood, 1000 points of essence of qi, 2 points of advanced wind energy, 4 points of intermediate talent points...]

Lin Chen charged all the attribute light **** dropped by the geniuses of the barbarians, and the pure power was like a breakthrough through the bamboo to 74 million dragon power!

When Lin Chen collected all the precepts of the geniuses from the barbarians, he wiped out the spiritual imprints, and after a glance, he was shocked.

"Huh, there are a lot of treasures in these barbarian geniuses!"

In the Nahua, there are a lot of body-building elixir and healing elixir, and more importantly, the bottle of energy-stirred holy beast blood.

There is the blood of Taikoo Luang, the blood of Taiko , the blood of Taikoo Qilin, the blood of Taikoo barbaric dragon, etc., all of which are superb beastly blood of extremely fierce beasts!

Although these essences and blood are few, each bottle is precious, and can be used to wash the muscles and cut the pith, greatly improving the strength of body refining!

The genius of the barbaric domain used this fine blood to create a powerful pure body refining power, which is of vital importance to Lin Chen now!

At this time, Jiao Jia attracted Lin Chen's attention!

"Tianpin blood poison!"

brush! brush! Brush ~!

Sun Yue'er, who was stroking a plain skirt, was gentle and pleasant, but a few hundred feet of **** clouds evoked between the slender hands.

Even Lin Chen was so shocked that the poison was brewing in the Scarlet Cloud!

The poison is turned into blood-colored raindrops, dripping onto the surface of all large fierce beasts. They have no chance to dodge. The blood-colored poison penetrates their wounds and enters the body.

"Despicable human race!"

"I knew you should have swallowed you up first, roar~~"

Not only Lin Chen, but all the geniuses who witnessed this scene couldn't help but feel shocking.

The ten ancient beasts the size of mountains are all corroded and destroyed by toxins.

"This little Nizi has such terrifying strength, no wonder Jiang Yun will insist on asking her to enter the Rainbow Island..."

Lin Chen secretly talked, he only saw it when the opponent shot, this Sun Yueer's physique is a little special...

Lin Chen has seen masters of poisoning, such as Qianlin's beauty Liu Lin'er, but it is inferior to Sun Yue'er!

However, this trick also has drawbacks. When Sun Yueer performs this killing trick, there must be someone close to him for protection, and the brewing time is too long. It has lethal power, but it does more harm than good.

Sun Yueer, who is fighting alone, can be crushed by any genius who enters Rainbow Island.

"Huh? Lying trough, a lot of attribute light balls!"

Lin Chen only found that the core battlefield near the blood plains at that time, the ground was actually full of qi and blood properties of light **** and the bodies of fierce beasts!

There are not a few high-level beasts that fell due to fighting, and they fell and dropped the attribute light ball of "Advanced Blood" after falling.

Moreover, it continues to fall, accumulating in a high-speed situation!

However, their fierce beast core was dug away.

"Take away these attribute light balls, and then combine the large amount of Long Qingguo that I have reserved, and the blood of the ancient beasts on hand, and I will hope that Dragon Emperor and I will hit 80 million dragon powers!"

Lin Chen was heartened!

The Dragon Emperor urged his supernatural powers to refine the body of the genius in the wild domain, while frantically collecting the sphere of qi and blood attributes falling on the ground!

[Get 3334 advanced qi blood, 1002 advanced qi blood, 2991 advanced qi blood, 2059 advanced qi blood,]

Lin Chen's high-level qi and blood attribute values skyrocketed, and both the body and the Dragon Emperor were attacking the domain of the Five Tribulation Refining Emperors!

The Dragon Emperor is only eligible to participate in the competition of Rainbow Island if he advances above 80 million dragon power.

Otherwise, with its current combat power, it is no problem to leapfrog the ordinary five-robbery battle royal road.

But if you want to leapfrog to challenge the existence of more than 20,000 or even more than 10,000 genius lists, it is a matter of one or two rounds of the other party, and it can't bear it at all.

"Unfortunately, my avatar and the Dragon Emperor and I have the origin, and can be contaminated with the island's vitality, but the small shadow does not. Unauthorized release it, if it is wiped out by Rainbow Island, it will be finished..."

Lin Chen shouted with pity.

If you can liberate the little shadow, all the best treasures here will be Lin Chen's!

Enough to get rid of the holy realm of the Holy Realm, no warlord can compete!

"Lord Lin Chen, the eighth-order young pill is handed over, thanks to your help. If not, we will even be injured in full weight and return without success, so you should choose the young pill first."

Jiang Yun came out of the air and smiled at Lin Chen.

In her wonderful eyes, there was a strong curiosity.

"It's okay, these guys' goal was originally me."

Lin Chen didn't care to smile, reached out and touched the eighth order young pill in the jade box, and sucked away the spiritual attribute values in the two pill medicines.

[Get 40 points of advanced mental power, 60 points of advanced mental power,]

In an instant, Lin Chen skyrocketed by 100 points of mental strength!

Spiritual bridges in the Sea of Spiritual Knowledge are brewing spiritual storms, becoming more and more the pinnacle of reaching the heavens, and there is a tendency of qualitative change.

Lin Chen randomly selected an eighth-order young pill from two pill medicines, and then looked around the audience.

At this time, the main battlefield of the Blood Plain has been moved eastward, and the landing speed of the yellow rainbow sky bridge Qibao began to slow down a lot.

"Jiang Yunyun, if we join forces, there should be a happy result."

Lin Chen and Jiang Yun smiled at each other as they wished, and the two hit it off, leading their respective people to the battlefield in the east.

On the way, Sun Yueer looked at Lin Chens avatar Zhende Shuai from time to time, causing the women in the Heart Palace to laugh and cheeks glow.

The two teams fought all the way without any disadvantage.

After a day and night battle, the Dragon Emperor refined the body, bloodline, and Dragon Emperor of the Barbarian Genius to reach 8 million dragon veins, and officially promoted!