My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1016

Vol 5 Chapter 1016: Battle Sun And Moon Hall And Hundred Gates

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Chapter 1016: Battle, Sun Moon Hall and Hundred Gates

After the promotion, the Dragon Emperor ended up with 81.1 million Dragon Power.

It seems that the dragon power is about 1 million different from the previous one. In fact, the dragon emperor's holy phoenix wings, azure blue dragon sword, and Xuanqing dragon domain and other supernatural powers have a very different transformation!

With the Dragon Emperor joining the battle team, Lin Chen and his entourage rose again.

The fierce beasts killed by the battles in turns, even made Lin Chen's "Jinglintianxia" talents accumulate to 13 million points of energy!

All the way, he rushed to grab 32 pieces of supernatural treasures with attribute values, or elixir of elixir, or alchemy fingerprints and eighth-level medicinal materials. After snatching the attribute value, the loot and the heart refining palace were split in half.

And the attribute of capturing "advanced qi and blood" all the way is to make Lin Chen earn a lot!

As the team went deeper, Lin Chen killed the main battlefield on the east side of the plain!

And there, around the top ten war circles, all are super-class geniuses competing!

The most fierce battle circle is the team of the Baishengmen and the Sun and Moon Hall!

Lin Chen and others had just entered, and their eyes were wide open, suddenly projected!

"Lin Chen?"

"Dongfang Yao..."

As soon as the eyes of both sides touched, the murderous skyrocketed!

"Ignore this guy for the first time and win this set of fingerprints and Danfang. I have a hunch that this volume of jade jade is extraordinary!"

The young man in white in the Sun and Moon Hall scolded the geniuses of the Baishengmen.

The combination of the two of them is almost unfavorable, and only a few teams can barely compete with the Sun Moon Hall and the Baishengmen.

At this time, their opponent is a large team of more than fifty geniuses.

Although the number of people is more than the Sun Moon Hall and the Baishengmen, the strength and coordination are far inferior to each other, and they are beaten almost all the way! I have tried several times to find an opportunity to **** the light group Jade Jane, but I have never succeeded!

The volume of the jade jade with the light group attached to the seal moved hands again and again, and then dropped into the void again and again.

Whoever gets it will immediately become the target, and if you can't lift the seal, you can't put it in the ring.

"What these guys are grabbing, the attribute value is so high!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and the attribute light flashing in the light group was the first time he saw Rainbow Island!

Did he actually stare at the Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen?

"How about, Mr. Lin Chen, do you want to fight?"

Jiang Yun of the Heart-Making Palace seriously asked that during this time of battle, she was once subdued by the young man's means and spirit.

Now even in the face of the Sun and Moon Hall, they do not take counsel!

"Your heart-practitioners delay holding the Hundred Gates, and the gang of **** in the Sun and Moon Hall will be handed over to us."

Lin Chen took a deep breath, and Shen Lingshuang shook a small pink fist-"Master, rest assured, I will help you beat them this time!"

"Silly Nizi, protect yourself first."

Lin Chen smiled; his heart was a little dignified.

The genius at the Baishengmen is 12 people, and the genius at the Sun and Moon Hall is 30 people.

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall is very strong.

Four hundred sages of super first-class geniuses within the rank of 10,300 account for four, one of which is Oriental Yao.

And the Sun and Moon Hall has nine super talents ranked within 10,300!

To put it bluntly, any of these nine people can suppress Lin Chen, and it is no less than the red robe youth in the former Hongtian Temple!

Not to mention that there are 22 other top geniuses, most of them are ranked more than 10,000, and no one is not bad.

Under normal circumstances, Lin Chen's move is to find death! It's no exaggeration to call it mayfly!

"Everyone, put red dust into your heart array!"

At the order of Jiang Yun, 14 women in the Heart Palace were formed into a six-star lineup.

The six-pointed star spins in the sky, and the red light and pink powder are blurred. While protecting Sun Yueer, Jiang Yunxian pointed a finger, lasing hundreds of red lights into the sky, and crashed into the geniuses of the Baishengmen!

"Woman in the Heart Palace? You are looking for death!"

Dongfang Yao sneered, the seventh-order peak sword in his hand was instantly replaced by the glazed holy sword!

"Sword eats the sky!"

Dongfang Yao's sword rises together, and saves the white ball-like swordmans, which is extremely strange. Wherever it passes, the airflow collapses and bursts, and all the vitality is swallowed up!

"Fengyun kills fingers!"

"The vast handprint!"

The geniuses of Baishengmen changed their goals and immediately shot with their brothers!

The battle between the two sides was on the verge, and there was only Jiang Yun's super first-class genius on the side of the Lianxin Palace.

The three shadow shadow flying knives streamer cut the behind-the-scenes white man in speed, and the azure spirit annihilated the beam of light for dozens of feet, and hurried away!

"Huh? Is there an enemy attack?"

The young man in white eyes narrowed his eyes, and his hands ignited the galloping fighting spirit of Angzang!

His left hand was like a bright moon, his right hand was like a blazing sun, and his hands flicked into the void behind him with lightning. He actually directly killed the spirit beam and the three flying knives cut across the sky!

"Take the Umbra Flying Sword without hands?"

Lin Chen was shocked, this guy's strength is more than just ranking!

"Oh? It's your little aphid? This son hasn't been looking for you yet, but you have come to your door."

Mr. Mori in white smiled coldly, his right hand was burning like a blazing sun, and with a firm grip, he clicked and smashed Lin Chen's three-handed flying knife on the spot!

"Since you are dying yourself, no wonder the son. Qin Xuan, Qin Zhen, Qin Chao, Qin Yun, Xia Hong and Yu Feng, Mo Feng and Jian Tian, follow me to suppress the people around this child, the rest People continue to deal with the gang of guys, don't let them near Yujian!"

The young man in white suddenly drank coldly, and the eight figures stood up like a sword light, all of which were super first-class geniuses within 10,300!

Lin Chens five major avatars stepped awkwardly, and the eightfold change and the Ultimate Moment talent were fully opened. Lin Chen and all the avatars of 79.99 million dragons temporarily broke to 80 million dragons!

"Master, I will help you!"

Shen Ling Shuang Jiao turned into a frightened rainbow, fist like a raptor, the fighting spirit burned the sky, the figure flew into the sky! Actually planned to stop the two people opposite with one person!

"This nizi still wants to pick one out of two, huh, look down on my sun and moon hall?"

The two geniuses came in the shape of a sword wind, one of them hit Shen Lingshuang head-on, the sword wind swept across, the air flashed vertically, forcibly stopped Shen Lingshuang, and the other genius attacked Lin Chen!

Brush ~! A blue light swayed, like a beam of light blooming, Ning Qingxuan's dress fluttered, blocking the second genius on the opposite side!

The dragon emperor reveals the body. When the holy phoenix flaps, the dragon body twists the dragon's shadow, and the dragon tail rolls up, rolling the blue edge, turning into a sword like a slash, and the third in the horizontal block genius!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

"Zhende Shuai" and other five avatars blocked the remaining five geniuses and the strongest white man!

All avatars grasped the void with five fingers!

Bang ~! The air and waves roared, and six gray and white runes burst into the air!

[Launching a 6th-level slow rune consumes 80 high-level rune energy...]