My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1017

Vol 5 Chapter 1017: From Today There Will Be

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Chapter 1017

After the slow rune appeared, the vitality of the space became particularly condensed, and the five super first-class geniuses and the white-clothed boys were all delayed to live in the void, and their faces were surprised!

"Instant light split!"

All of Lin Chens avatars shook their heads, and they all sprang up with a splendid atmosphere of Heavenly Tribulation. All the half-orange-level combat skills exploded, and the orange-level talent and all of the attacking runes were hit with one face!

Brush ~!

At the moment of delaying success, Lin Chen decisively ignored the young man in white, and rushed straight towards the jade jade, pedaling the dragon flash at full speed, flapping the holy phoenix wings!

Sigh~! Sigh~! Bang~!

The white princes and the five geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall ignited the glory of the sun and the moon, and broke the shackles of the "slow rune" angrily!

A slow rune enough to seal the two breaths of the genius of the barbarians, but this time even one-fifth of the breath did not delay!

From the moment the five geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall broke through the slow runes, they were all ready to go!

"The sun and the moon are broken!" The half-moon arc-shaped sword is hundreds of meters long, like a knife that cuts the sun and the moon.

"Yangyan Feijue!" Feiyang Ranyan cut off the sky, and dozens of acres of eagle-claw-like giant claws struck down!

"Furious slashing flying dragon moon!" Baizhang Panlong sword slashed and killed Lin Chen's avatars!

"Wan Yan is a true sunman!"

They exploded into the strongest moonlight with sword light, sword spirit, a huge ten-acre handprint, and awe-inspiring collision with many half-orange-order combat skills blessed with the avatar's "Blink of Light".

Rumble~! boom! boom! boom! A huge tornado storm has taken off!

The terrible aftermath of energy shook the east side of the plain, and many geniuses were horrified!

The five avatars urged the'dragon flash' at full speed, and the five geniuses incarnate. The five geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall were also half-orange-level. !

The moment Lin Chen's palm was hundreds of feet away from the jade jade, brush it, and the jade jade was flicked off by the fingertips of the young man in white, and Lin Chen threw away!

"Come here!"

When Lin Chen wanted to run into a dark robbery, when he sucked it in...

Before Lin Chen urged the "dark robbery" to **** the jade jade, the white-clothed boy exploded a lot of dense crystal fragments, as many as 21!

Instead, he struck a claw in the void, and the claw marks exploded and Yanghua burned!

This claw is no small matter! Lin Chen did not dare to easily grab the roll of jade jade.

"No one has ever dared to **** my Nangong's destruction!"

Along with the Yanghua giant claw destroying the wind, there is also the sneer of the young man in white!

Lin Chen stood still with a gun, he was murderous, hegemonic, and he laughed wildly.

"From today, it will be there!"

"Yu Tian! Instant Light Partition!"

[Consume 10 high-level rune energy, use level 6 charge, level 6 penetration rune.

Pure power bursts and blesses, picks up the red gun horizontally, the tip of the gun picks out the golden rainbow awn of the overbearing Gengjin, the lance is divided into five from the void, and the claw of the ghost is broken in the air!


There has never been an explosion of silver hair, and some are just the erosion of Yanghua giant claw burning Geng Jinhongmang until nothingness!

Lin Chen and Nangong Jie were respectively subjected to different dark impacts, and Lin Chens Yu Tiangeng Jinqi, which was circulating around him, was also burned and melted.

Lin Chen's attributes were stolen, Yanghuo stolen gold, eaten a dark loss, back ten steps.

Nangong Jie was shocked by the 30% penetration power of 5 "instant light splits", and he was shocked with blood and blood, and his face was surprised!

He was born with a fourth-grade saintly vein. When he was born as a baby, he was sealed by the power of the Sun and Moon Hall. He placed "Sun Moon Moon Stone" for three years and cultivated it into a "Sun Moon Moon Body".

Then came the "Sun and Moon Bible", which is the second-most mind-building method of the Sun and Moon Temple.

Coupled with the qualification gap between the Fourth Grade Holy Veins and the Third Grade Holy Veins, it is like a terrifying chasm. The Nangong's genius list is 10,000 geniuses, such as pigs and dogs!

He has done a lot of things to challenge the genius list.

But is this the first time he met today, being challenged by others, or the two realms?

"It didn't delay..."

Lin Chen wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, and looked around the room with his eyes dignified.

Even the slow runes were typed out, and the geniuses who lived in the Sun and Moon Hall were not delayed!

The eight geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall, each of which is only inferior to that of Oriental Yao.

This Nangong annihilation is even more perverted. Lin Chen cant fight him directly without using all the runes and Instant Light talents!

"People like you, who dare to challenge this son and the Sun Moon Hall, must have relied on it. Do you think me and my brethren will be taken lightly? Just because of your weird little means can't help this son."

Nangong extinguished his anger and raised his hand again!

Tear ~!

When the palm is pushed horizontally, if the sun and the moon hang upside down, a Baizhang Taiji mysterious figure is rolled over.

Lin Chen's face changed slightly, his eyebrows madly surging energy of spiritual annihilation, and five beams of spiritual annihilation light broke out and hit!

Sigh~! Boom~!

The collision of fighting spirit and spiritual storm aroused tens of thousands of hurricanes, and the plain shook wildly like a python-like crack, which was shocking!

The mental impact of the bursting and bursting energy was hit into the light group jade jade in the void, and the light was floating, and it began to tremble violently...

Lin Chen was repulsed for thousands of kilometers, and the corner of his mouth bleeds again, his body flesh and blood burst into tears, and he continued to bleed blood!

Lin Chen had only one thought.


Is he strong?

The destruction of the Nangong Palace is the strongest of all the geniuses that Lin Chen has contacted!

Although his ranking is 10088, which is 11 places different from Dongfang Yao, his real strength is at least 10003! Of all the geniuses present, it is the strongest grade!

"There are 1550 points left for rune energy. Do you have to fight hard? For this volume of alchemy handprints, a lot of high-level rune energy is consumed? Or is it to use the world of Junlin? No one knows how many backhand he has, exhausting rune energy. May not be sure to kill him!"

"What's more, both Rune Energy and King's Land have to be left to deal with those holy grounds outside or encounter unpredictable life-saving cards, but this way you can't take away the roll of jade jade, his, the Nangong, you have to force I played a big game!"

Lin Chen's eyebrows revealed a mad overbearing domineering, there is a momentum that would rather jade broken than tile!

Nangong Mei was shaken violently by the 30% spiritual aftermath of the five shots, and the mental bridge in the sea was shaken violently, but he quickly recovered and adjusted it!

It seems that he has certain spiritual treasures protecting his spiritual power.


At this moment, the faint golden light split from the jade jade of light group suspended in the void.

This light group jade was shocked by the aftermath of Lin Chens annihilation spiritual shock. The seal was partly cracked, and the light in the light group condensed into a few light orange characters!

At this moment, more than fifty geniuses, Lianxin Palace, Baishengmen, Linchen and Nangong who were fighting the Sun and Moon Hall were all attracted to the past.

The ray of light suddenly appeared.

"Semi-Orange Stage Alchemy Handprint: Calming Soul Flying Seal."


The audience echoed the air-sucking voice!

Alchemy handprint of the half orange rank?

This value is far more than any kind of half-orange-level exercises and mental methods, and the value of the top alchemy handprint can even be defeated by saints!

"Grab! You must grab it!"

Nangong extinguished her eyes, kicked her feet, and her streamer flashed away!

The glorious flow of Limit Guiyuan, Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and the momentum was tremendous!

"Lao Tzu let you fucking, don't you just roll a half orange order alchemy fingerprint, try my Jiujiao stars!"

The nine-color starlight spins up like a rotating roulette, condensing the palm of Lin Chen, like a starlight for thousands of years.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and a three-robber warlord could condense such terrifying energy...

Lin Chen slammed his palms, and the nine-color stars shot away!


The nine-color star trembles and turns into five. Five nine-color stars fall like polar stars in the sky. Surprise all geniuses with scalp numbness!

How can such a perverted energy increase four more times?

However, next, a more outrageous scene appeared!

Lin Chens strongest attack didnt even aim at Nangong. He actually aimed directly at the volume of half-orange-order alchemy fingerprints?

At this moment, everyone's ideas coincided!


It must be crazy!