My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1018

Vol 5 Chapter 1018: Who's Crazy For The Dark Horse Club?

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Chapter 1018, Who Was Mad About The Dark Horse Club?


Almost instantly, Nangong Mei went goosebumps! And a looming death opportunity has enveloped him!

Instinct tells him that if he gets closer to that volume of alchemy fingerprints, he may fall!

"Sun and Moon Shield, protect me!"

Almost at the same moment, the moment the Nangong Jie issued the order, when the five nine-colored stars were a thousand feet away from him, they were suddenly detonated by Lin Chen who had retreated!

Bang~! Boom~!

There was a thunder on the flat ground, and five beams of nine-color light beams were blooming between the sky and the earth, slowly rotating.

Even more frightening is that when these five beams of light continue to bloom, they merge into a vast, nine-color beam of light, which is heaven and earth!

In the nine-color beam of one divided into five, five into one, the overflowing destruction energy fluctuation has already surpassed the concept of Warlord.

The geniuses of many parties once suspended the battle, staring at the nine-color beam and Lin Chen, their eyes full of fear and fear!

Is this kid still a human?

Does he seem to be the only emperor? What the **** is this **** emperor! This is a monster!

Can the three emperors fight such a horrific attack? And it seems that no external force has been used? Haven't they seen such an outrageous three-robber warlord?

The leapfrog challenge of the genius list is as difficult as climbing into the sky, and it is a Shen Lingshuang. It is still a cultivator and an unawakened Wushen bloodline plus the background of the "Shen Yan Palace" to leapfrog and challenge the super first-class genius. ?

Or a devastating blow that threatened the life of a superb genius! Such a person, as long as he advances to the saint in the future, it is almost only a matter of time to enter the list of evildoers!

Even more terrifying... This kid's move just seemed to be directed at the half-orange-order alchemy fingerprint!

If this is the case, then they have been fighting for so long before they hit it in vain!

While everyone was shocked, Lin Chenke was not idle at all.

"System, help me turn on the auto-enhancement function, in turn strengthen the mind, Yutian, Longshen, Jingmingyue..."

[Consumption of 17498 strengthening points, failed to strengthen Yutian.

[Consumed 13445 strengthening points, failed to strengthen the mirror moon.

[Consumption of 13550 strengthening points, failed to strengthen Sword Fury.

[Consumption of 23,455 strengthening points, failed to strengthen the Nine Tribulation of Creation.

The 4.85 million strengthening points held by Lin Chen are disappearing rapidly...

Lin Chen had no time to ignore it, and could only let the system strengthen itself.

His Zijin pupil flashed, frowning, "Isn't it true..."

In the nine-color beam of light, the two holy light shields rotate on January 1st, and the elliptical light shield clutch rotates to the entire body of the Nangong's destruction.

Nangong's face is still scared. If you use the Holy Shield a little slower just now, you will be caught in the beam of light, as strong as his strength, and you will have to be crippled!

"This kid is really weird. If it wasn't for the Master to seal the Holy Shield on me with divine power, it would be used three times at critical moments. Just now he got his word... Oops, alchemy handprint!"

Nangong destroyed this only to return to God, and when he looked back at his old hope, there was no other group of jade jade that exploded into dust!

Only a few pieces of jade jade fragments left the void...

All geniuses are dumbfounded!

Say it's fried? That's special, but it's a priceless baby!

The half-orange-order alchemy handprint, the sage has to grab the crazy baby!

This Linchen is a madman of Nima! What can I do with it?

Everyone grabbed it for so long, all the bamboo baskets were empty!

Who is crazy about the dark horse club?

"This son, Lin Chen, is really open-minded... Even if Jiang Yun can't grab the half-orange-order alchemy handprint, I can't ask myself to destroy it decisively and simply like him. It's a generation of ruthless people..."

Although Jiang Yun has some pain, he still admires more!

The benefits that are not obtained are not given to the opponent.

In the face of heavyweight giants but can make the calmest judgment at the first time, this kind of person is often the most terrible!

The rabbit is anxious and bites. The deputy director of the dark horse club anxiously fried a half-orange-order alchemy fingerprint. Is it reasonable?

However, someone Lin's eyes widened and slammed on the'Dragon Flash', collecting all the jade jade fragments and attribute light **** that were dropped after the explosion of the alchemy fingerprint.

[The host gains 40 points of advanced mental power, 70 points of advanced mental power, 70 points of advanced water energy, 80 points of advanced rune energy, 599 points of advanced skill spirit, and 90 points of intermediate talent points.

When a lot of mental power and elemental attribute values poured into the body, Lin Chen's strength surged again!

Director Lin Da was shocked!

The attribute light ball after the alchemy handprint was crushed was doubled more than he had foreseen, and the high-quality scalp was numb!

"Hahaha! Cool, refreshing! Damn, I really want to come again!"

Director Lin Da held the fragments of alchemy handprint jade jade happily, and was so happy that he looked up to heaven!

All the geniuses heard his laughter, and they all looked like ghosts, and their scalp was numb!

Nangong is almost so angry that the **** has collapsed!

You are so cool!

Come again? The half-orange level alchemy fingerprints have ruined you. Do you want to ruin it again?

"Lin Chen, you die for me!"

Nangong extinguished thunder rage, Lin Chen's palm appeared ten thousand nine-color stars, converged into a roulette rotation, Nangong extinguished immediately stunned!

Someone Lin teased his eyebrows and said with a smirk: "Do you want another shot? I'm very persistent. If the son is not satisfied, will I shoot you again?"

Nangong's face does not change color, but his heart is a little guilty!

In all fairness, Lin Chen's combat power and many means are not afraid of him, he can even suppress him positively and destroy him!

But the stars, which are condensed by nine-color stars, are extremely powerful.

Even if he tried his best to defend the "Nine-Colored Stars" and tried his best to defend, it would be difficult for him to retreat.

One shot of'Nine Tribulation Stars' he can manage to deal with, but with five shots, his only option is to use'Holy Shield'!

But this is his life-saving bottom card. There is no absolute guarantee for using up this Rainbow Island!

But in case Lin Chen is bluffing him? Isn't it just to let him go in vain? It's impossible to perform such stunts at no cost!

Indeed, Lin Chens current cultivation practice can be achieved by using the "Nine Tribulation Stars" twice in a short period of time, but he must pay the price of serious injury and cultivation retrogression!

Just when the two sides were deadlocked, Lin Chen's body showed no sign of great power!

Bang ~!

A metamorphosis of Daichen Initiation made Lin Chen like Mu Xianyu, breaking through the shackles, feathering into the sky, and Jiaohua Tianlong, is a transformation of extreme soaring!

The energy fluctuations of Lin Chens origin of Jiujia have nearly doubled at this moment!

The strength of the avatars has also skyrocketed!

Even Lin Chen was surprised: "This... this is?"

[Congratulations to the host, consumption of 23455 enhancement points, automatic enhancement success, +15 "Genesis Nine Tribulation", power increase: 90%-overall power increase: 410%, has reached the upper limit of strengthening, the mental method can not continue to strengthen.

[This automatic strengthening has consumed 4.6 million strengthening points. Does the host continue to strengthen other exercises?

Lin Chen opened his mouth!

The surprise came too suddenly!