My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1019

Vol 5 Chapter 1019: Because We Are Not Human

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Chapter 1019 Because We Are Not Human

Numerous geniuses have drawn crossbows. At a time when the atmosphere is extremely extreme, Lin Chen's mentality has been strengthened successfully?

"Hahaha! Cool, very cool, come on! Nangong ruined, do you still have to fight?"

Someone Lin used Nine Tribulation to condense into a'nine-color basketball', but in the face of Nangong's extinction, a wave of'crotch dribble' came out!

This man is cheap!

How did he live to this day without being killed?

After the Mind +15, Lin Chen clearly felt that the origin of Jiu Tribulation had doubled, and another "Jiu Tribulation Star" would not be a backward step! In this case, why not let him threaten him?

Someone Lin smiled cheaply: "Aren't you hanging out? Come on, I want to see if you can protect yourself. I don't know if I can protect your entire Sun and Moon Hall?"

Lin Chen awakened everyone!

Yes, the destruction of the Nangong Palace in the Sun and Moon Hall may not be able to protect it!

Just now, if you come again, how many people will the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall die if a fish dies?

After all, Lin looked away, and all the geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall dare not speak out.

"This kid's mental power has skyrocketed. Wanting to come to him is related to his mental skills. Otherwise, how dare this kid dare to be so arrogant, **** it, is it necessary to gamble on the killer skills reserved for everyone by Master Zun...... "

When the Nangong is hesitant, the woman in the Heart Palace pulls Lin Chen and retreats!

Bang ~!

Sun Yueer released the **** poisonous cloud hundreds of feet, and all the geniuses' faces changed slightly!

It turned out that Jiang Yun has been letting Sun Yueer brew this must-have trick!

"No good, back off, this toxin is no small matter!"

The Nangong extinguished and waved, the geniuses of the Baishengmen and Sun and Moon Hall retreated, and Lin Chen and his party took cover to evacuate to the other side.

"Want to escape?"

Dongfang Yao was murderous, trying to catch up, Nangong wiped out with a wave-"Don't worry. Our goal is not just him. After finishing our goal, we will join forces to cook him well! Otherwise, we must be good before again. Saving power."

The secret message of Nangong Ruanfang Dongfang Yao: "As long as you obey my orders, then Ning Qingxuan must belong to you. You should know that the foundation of my Sun and Moon Palace is not that simple..."

Dongfang Yao stunned and gave him a deep look, "I will believe you once."

"Lin Chen, you are the first person to let my Nangong get rid of it. The next time is your death! As long as I find that place,"

Meiyu crossed the shadow, and Nan Gongmei led the geniuses to another place in the east!

Each of the more than fifty genius teams gritted their teeth and burned in anger, but looking at the **** poisonous cloud and recalling the nine-color beam of light, they couldn't help but tremble!

"Ah, forget it, don't die with them. We played with Sun and Moon Hall for so long. Although there was no gain, Sun and Moon Hall did not win the Alchemy Fingerprint anyway. This is a competition without a winner. Let's go!"

The headed genius comforted everyone, and more than fifty geniuses retreated to the other side.

Lin Chen and his party retreated to the edge of the blood plain.

After a round-robin battle in the system, all the treasures dropped by Rainbow Skybridge were robbed of ninety-nine percent, leaving almost nothing left.

The death of the fierce beast, the retreat, and the geniuses also suffered a lot of casualties.

The majority of injuries are not the geniuses killed by the Black Horse Club. Only two people actually fell. One of them is a genius ranked 30,000.

The seriously wounded Dragon Emperor took away all the remaining attribute light balls, and played against the super first-class genius.

After all, none of the 10,300 geniuses are vegetarian.

It is difficult for Dragon Sovereign to defeat this kind of opponent even if it integrates three blood lines into one. The ultimate combat power has reached the level of more than 20,000 geniuses in the genius list.

Dragon Emperor collected a large number of advanced qi and blood attributes and returned to Taoyuan for capsule implantation.

In the capsule planting space, the Dragon Emperor urged Vientiane to devour magical powers, began to refine a large number of seventh-order peak healing elixirs, and devoured 10 Long Qingguo and a large piece of red golden vine, then closed his eyes to practice.

Next to the Dragon Emperor, there is a small shadow of potential cultivation, floating into a black cloud, and purple electricity condenses around.

Lin Chen told him that the three silver sage Yuan coins produced by the three luckless plants would devour one-tenth for cultivation.



Someone Lin sighed deeply.

Jiang Yun thought that he sighed because he destroyed the half-orange-order alchemy handprint and couldn't help comforting.

"Mr. Lin Chen, you and everyone in the Black Horse Club are already very strong. At least the Sun Moon Hall group of people did not get the half-orange order alchemy handprint. In a way, we have already won."

Indeed, all the geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall are as strong as monsters. If there were no more than fifty geniuses to delay the other 22 people, the battle would be even more dangerous!

"I don't sigh, I blame myself for being too weak. In the situation just now, if I were stronger, if I could push them to desperation, it would be possible to kill them all at once."

Lin Chen spoke amazingly, even Jiang Yun felt a panic!

Annihilate in one fell swoop? Is he trying to kill Nangong in one go?

That's a super first-rate genius in the top five sect sect... She can't even think about killing this kind of character!

"This son, Lin Chen, is really daring to be a master artist..."

Jiang Yun laughed bitterly in his heart, and then said righteously-"Mr. Lin Chen, do you have any plans next? According to the past signs, there will be at least four days or more before the next Rainbow Bridge can appear."

"More than four days..."

Lin Chen pondered, wondering: "But there is no arrangement, why, what good place do you have? I am not familiar with this rainbow island."

Jiang Yun was happy.

"Whether Mr. Linchen walked with us, our first palace lord once had a connection on Rainbow Island, and we need to find a cave in the deep sea. If we can find the owner of that cave, we will get a lot of help. During the trip to Dongfu, there are some extremely dangerous areas..."

When Jiang Yun and Lin Chen talked in detail, Sun Yueer walked gently and came to the side of'Zhende Shuai', shyly and courageously asked.

"That... My name is Sun Yueer, real son, aren't you injured? Grandma left me some better healing pills, if you don't want to give up..."

Sun Yue'er's nervous jade hand trembles, Xia dyes her cheeks, Dai Mei's eyebrows curl up, and while taking out the elixir, she secretly looks at'Zhende Shuai'.

In this scene, a lot of women in the Heart Palace were giggling, charming, and twitching, and they couldn't help but flirt with many eyes.

"It's okay, I don't need to. The people in our dark horse club are very quick to recover."

"Zhendeshuai" smiled politely.

Sun Yueer is curious: "Why?"

Really handsome: "Because we are not human."

Sun Yueer: "..."