My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1020

Vol 5 Chapter 1020: Target White Shark Deep Sea

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Chapter 1020: Target; White Shark Deep Sea

"Because we are not human."

Then, Zhende Shuai added: "We are the most handsome in the Holy Realm."

Sun Yueer chuckled, and the tension in Fang's heart disappeared silently.

"Well, will the son think I am terrible. I will make those poisonous people who make countless people frightened. Grandma said that this is my inherent talent and qualifications, but I don't like poison..."

Sun Yueer lowered his eyebrows, and his heart was sad.

"Talent and qualification are good things, but how to decide is your own business. I will not comfort or encourage you. In my understanding, only the strongest in the world is the right to speak. Sometimes you hate things , Instead, it will become your capital to protect the most cherished people and things, so choose a path that you will not regret as much as possible."

Zhende Shuai shrugged his shoulders and raised a very attractive smile.

"The road to no regrets..."

If Sun Yueer had an epiphany, his eyes brightened a bit, and he seriously said to Lin Chen: "Thank you, Son, for your guidance, Yue'er is very grateful."

"You deserve to be the one who saved the Seventh Princess. I wish you would come to rescue one day..."

The last sentence, only lingering in the girl's heart.

"Then decided, go to the white shark deep sea."

At this time, Lin Chen made a final decision, and once again went together with people like Lian Xin Gong.

After six hours; on the Rainbow Island, a deep blue ocean, Lin Chen and his team were suspended in the air.

The white shark is in the deep sea, and it is said that this place is one of the dangerous places of Rainbow Island. It is said that the eighth-order holy beast once became the master of the ocean here, the heavenly holy shark.

According to the remarks of the geniuses of the first-generation genius list, there is more than one end of the eighth-order holy beast hidden in this sea!

Lin Chen and his party dived into the ocean.

Jiang Yun pinched her handprint, her eyebrows evoked a faint brilliance, and her tens of thousands of meters under the deep sea were clearly explored by her.

"Everyone be careful, don't take any action in any situation, avoid fighting, and don't disturb the master of the ocean here."

Lin Chen urged the avatars to scatter and quickly dive into the deep sea.

This made Jiang Yun puzzled, and he smiled.

"All handsome men in this club have a special skill that can conceal the perception of saints or beasts and can perceive danger for us in advance."

The avatars were covered with a layer of film of the dark robbery and fighting spirit, and the congenital shadow recipe eliminated the breath of their own existence, and flew within a hundred miles of the nearby sea.

Lin Chen can concentrate his consciousness on the avatar in a single thought, and he can see what the avatar sees.

"But, is it too dangerous..."

Sun Yueer seemed to have a heart and asked about Lin Chen.

"Relax." Lin Chen gave her a calm smile.


Suddenly, a group of colorful and splendid fishes are nearly thousands of feet huge, such as a hurricane hit by a high speed, which alarmed many women in the Heart Palace!

"Don't panic, these are only Shilan light-colored fish, not intended to attack us.

Lin Chen heard everyone, and then said-"To the south, 80 kilometers away, there are two dragon sword white sharks of the seventh order peak fighting, we bypass them."

"121 miles away, there are ten ice-shattered mantis shrimps at a position of 20,000 meters under the sea. Remember that the speed will be slower."

"At 177 miles, a deep-sea cave with two decayed octopuses at the top of the seventh order..."

Every time when sneaking, Lin Chen can accurately report the location of a large number of deep-sea beasts, which makes the female dumbfounded!

He explored so far!

Flying in the sea, many means will be restricted, as is the body and attack.

The water pressure caused by the sea water filled with the aura of the water system is extremely strong, and the deeper the depth, the stronger the restriction.

If you dive into the bottom of the sea, no Ninefold Warlord's cultivation will be directly crushed by water pressure.

The same is true for the range of perception. Geniuses who are as strong as the five robbers have released their fighting spirit, and the range of perception in this sea area is only about 10 to 25 miles.

If you encounter an emergency, there is no chance to avoid it!

The deep sea, like a dark bottomless abyss, exudes silence and prosperity everywhere. This is a strong atmosphere of death and killing.

Every time, there are killings happening in the sea, but they appear silently, fighting, winning, devouring, and hiding away.

But Lin Chen was happy, and his doppelgangers constantly harvested more attribute light **** while exploring this sea area!

At the same time, there are also many rare treasures in the deep sea! The avatars are sneaking on the front line, and 90% of the treasures will fall into the hands of Lin Chen, all of which are excellent holy products and medicinal materials for refining immortality!

This trip, the Heart Refining Palace is looking for a holy beast!

This holy beast once had a connection with the Heart Refining Palace, and even admired the modern palace master of the Heart Refining Palace.

More importantly, both sides are women...

If future generations hold the symbols of that year, they can get a lot of help from this holy beast.

However, this period of history was not known to the current Palace Master of the Heart Refinement Palace until 200,000 years after the previous generations of Palace Masters sat down, so this action was taken.

If you can get help from an eighth-order holy beast, this Rainbow Island will surely have some help!

Jiang Yun punched a strand of green silk and stared at Lin Chen's profile, she felt more and more right about the cooperation with Lin Chen on this trip!

Thanks to the leadership of Lin Chen, the distance that could have been advanced in three days was now less than a day!


Lin Chen raised his hand suddenly, and everyone stopped.

Shen Lingshuang grabbed two delicate and clear, gem-like shells to cover her petite little face, and said excitedly: "What's wrong, Master, did you find anything interesting?"

"It's not just fun, it's thrilling."

Lin Chen flicked Nizi's forehead.

Lin Chen turned to Jiang Yundao-"I found the cave house you said, but I also found the location of the heavenly holy shark."

"If you are close to the cave house, you might have to get close to entering the holy shark's territory, there is a risk of being discovered."

The women were surprised!

The cave house is near the territory of the holy shark?

Lin Chen pondered that if he was outside, his current strength could try to attract the attention of the Holy Beast, pull away the distance and then get rid of it with the talent of super teleportation.

But in the deep sea is extremely limited by the water pressure, not to mention the sacred shark's territory, in terms of speed, he will be completely crushed in the sea!

"Eh? By the way, here is the deep sea, how can I be hindered! I had the blood of the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong!"

Lin Chen clapped!

Heavenly Emperor Dragon Bloodline is the king of water, few opponents, Dragon Emperor is not a holy beast, but there is a first-line opportunity to delay time.

Moreover, Lin Chen can also use the power of the bloodline, one person and one dragon can perfectly use the Tianyu Yinghai supernatural power!

"I have a solution, please wait for me."

Lin Chen threw a word to the girls and began to call all the avatars!

A group of people swam carefully to the seabed reef, hiding in a group of corals.

All the spiritual consciousness of the avatars and noumenon entered the Taoyuan capsule, Lin Chen took out twenty bottles of ancient blood.

The jade bottle is full of red or green, gold and red blood, releasing the fierce atmosphere of the domineering eight wilderness, such as the storage of a head of ancient fierce beast in the jade bottle, it is very terrifying!

Ordinary war emperors get this kind of blood, and even unlocking the seal will be seriously injured by the evil spirit in the blood, which is extremely terrible!