My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1021

Vol 5 Chapter 1021: Attract

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Chapter 1021

Lin Chensi has no doubt that if the amount of these precious blood is enough, it has the realm of letting a warrior with the limit of physical restructuring hit the holy shell sanctification!

"Unfortunately, I originally wanted to leave it to myself for impacting the five-robbery realm of refining the body. Now I can't let the Dragon Emperor refining first. The task of attracting the attention of the Holy Shark mainly depends on the performance of the Dragon Emperor!"

After absorbing the attribute light spheres from the Plain of Blood, Lin Chens total value of Advanced Qi and Blood attribute has exceeded 1.7 million points, and the pure power is at the critical value of 79.99 million!

However, there are only two ways to increase the power of the Tian Yu Ying Hai supernatural power, and increase the value of the bloodline attribute. The second is to increase the users strength.

If Lin Chen breaks through 80 million dragon powers, the power is almost the same as that of the Dragon Emperor, so the Emperor Dragon Emperor's strength must be given priority.

"It depends on my baby Dragon Emperor!"

Lin Chen sighed, untied the seals of all the jade bottles, and with a bang, Taoyuan's sacs lifted a powerful force.

With a low roar and roar, through that long time, it echoed from Lin Chen's Taoyuan capsules!

"Everything devours magical powers, all train me!"

Stimulate the supernatural powers, the dragon emperor drives, and swallow all the ancient blood of the ancient behemoths, wild dragons, pure blood and so on!

Bang ~!

The heavy qi and blood of the thousands of thousands of Yue turned into blood dragons, just like the volcanoes of tens of volcanoes exploded inside the Dragon Emperor!

Swallowing twenty bottles of precious blood in one go, even the top barbaric genius cannot do it!

The Dragon Emperor's body oozes a touch of blood, and there are some signs of'eat up'.

Lin Chen's avatars are all surrounded by the Dragon Emperor, mobilizing the power of the Blood Vessel and the Dragon Emperor to maintain it, building a bridge channel to assist the Dragon Emperor to refine these violent energy like the violent sun!

A blood dragon condensed by the energy of violent qi and blood was rolled into the dragon veins, refining and absorbing quickly. The dragon veins of the dragon emperor opened at this moment, and the speed was unprecedentedly fast!

8.25 million, 8.26 million! A dragon vein is 10 dragon powers, and the further back, the greater the destructive power of the dragon vein breeding power!

The avatar and the body are integrated, with the help of the five avatars. The Dragon Emperor's ``Vientiane Devours Mystery'' is more than ten times faster!

"It used to take about a month, so it only takes two days to go on..."

When Lin Chen was planning to practice, a spiritual light emerged!

"Yeah... Why did I try to strengthen the attribute value of Yinglong Blood Vessel with strengthening function? The blood veins of Zijin pupil can be strengthened, there is no reason why this can't work!"

Lin Chen asked the system: "System, are my other bloodline attributes?"

[The system answers the host: yes.

Lin Chen: "So... runes and talents? Can it be strengthened with strengthening functions?"

[The system answers the host: not supported for the time being. The current version of the enhancement function cannot be used for the rune function. In addition to being 100% passive and strengthened by talent points, the talent cannot be enhanced.

Lin Chen: "It's a loss...a loss of at least 100 million."

"If I can strengthen the runes, I strengthen the first-hand charge runes, that taste..."

Lin Chen clicked Blood Vessel Status Bar

[Bloodline status bar: 10,000 points (+13) for Zijin pupil blood, 3.29 million points for Yinglong bloodline, 318 points for Qinglong bloodline, and 47.5 million points for Hongyan Holy Phoenix bloodline.

[Consuming 90 strengthening points, strengthening Yinglong bloodline + 1 success...]

[Consuming 87 strengthening points, strengthening the blue dragon bloodline + 1 success...]

[Insufficient strengthening points, start to convert 1 million blank attributes into strengthening points, and obtain 1 million strengthening points.

[Consuming 2810 strengthening points, strengthening Yinglong bloodline +14 success...]

[Consumption of 2780 strengthening points, strengthening the blue dragon bloodline +14 success...]

Lin Chen strengthened the two bloodlines to +14 in one breath, and as for +15, the chance was too low.

1 million strengthening points are only 270,000 points.

The dragon emperor's angzang dragon body transformed into a dark green thick dragon scale, transmitting a domineering indestructible.

The tail is derived from blue crystal-like chips, all over the dragon tail, especially sharp, dragon claws burst, and dragon teeth become sharper!

According to the increase brought by the enhanced function, the bloodline of +14 is increased by 320% compared with the original one! More than tripled!

"Try to strengthen the bloodline properties of Hong Yan Holy Phoenix."

Lin Chen continued to strengthen.

[Consumed 655 enhancement points, strengthened the blood of Hongyan Holy Phoenix +1, success: 10%.

Lin Chen's mouth is slightly pumped, and it takes hundreds of points to strengthen the level 1?

Wouldn't it be more than 10,000 if it was strengthened to +10?

Lin Chen continued to strengthen all the way, and only consumed 270,000 strengthening points before strengthening the blood of Hong Yan Holy Phoenix to +10 level.

Holy Phoenix bloodline attribute, overall improvement: 110%. If Lin Chen and Long Huang use the Holy Phoenix wings again, the speed will inevitably skyrocket.

"Good! Although the ultimate moment talent can not enhance the power of the Dragon Emperor's magical power, but the enhancement function has been achieved! All of the Dragon Emperor's magical powers have a qualitative change!"

Lin Chen was pleasantly surprised.

Lin Chen almost did not waste a minute and a second, after strengthening the bloodline, followed by refining a large number of silver holy yuan coins.

After experiencing the attribute values dropped by the Rotary Wars and the Tianbang Conference, Lin Chen felt more and more that he was not far away from the Four Tribes, and the breakthrough opportunity was in the near future.

Two days later, the Dragon Emperor absorbed all the Taikoo Blood faster than Lin Chen expected!

Pure power reaches 9999 million dragon power! The dragon veins opened 9.9 million, only 3 dragon veins, can break through 10 million dragon veins! Transmute the Holy Dragon and climb to the sky in one step!

"With five avatars and a dragon emperor, you should be able to fight for enough time."

Lin Chen's thoughts flashed and took all the avatars to leave Taoyuan to plant capsules.

In the deep sea, a palace made of colorful crystal jade is brilliant and exudes horror, and hundreds of humanoid seventh-order pinnacles are stationed here.

All the fierce beasts passing by were silent, swimming secretly through this area, this palace is the site of the heavenly holy shark!

Inside the palace, the aura of the water system gathered like a whirlpool near a behemoth, and was fully incorporated by it.

Its shark body is hundreds of feet long, and its surface is intertwined with blue and gold lines, its teeth are like thorns, the ridges of the fish are uplifted, its wings are like a sabre, and the mighty king who suppresses the ocean, every time he absorbs, it will be horrified. Airflow.

Heavenly Holy Shark!

The fierce beast has a natural advantage. In the deep sea, it is revealed that the body can automatically absorb the aura of the water system, and no special control is needed at all. The heavenly holy shark has been sleeping for thousands of years, which is also equivalent to automatically practicing for thousands of years.


Suddenly, the water wave rolled over, and the holy shark opened the faint blue beast eye, passing a touch of human contempt.

"How dare several ants break into the area of the king, and there is a dragon family? Interesting, it seems to be a good dragon body, you can make appetizers..."

The holy shark twisted its huge body and burst out of the palace like a sword flow!

"All orders, four directions in the southeast and northwest, there are human races more than 500 miles away, all won!"

The holy shark roared, and all his men were ordered to mobilize, and a ray of afterglow flashed on the seabed.

"This dragon clan will be given to Ben Wang to enjoy. Dare to disturb Ben's deep sleep, there is a price to pay."

The heavenly holy shark chuckled and rushed out, rolling the endless ocean current to form a vortex, the entire sea floor trembles because of it, and the speed is terrifyingly fast!