My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1022

Vol 5 Chapter 1022: I Won't Go In

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Chapter 1022

"The big guy moved, let's go, move quickly!"

Lin Chen, who was lurking in the boulders of the reef, ordered all the women to serve the water repellent he had prepared in advance, and a film of water appeared on the surface of the body, as if blending with the ocean.

Everyone turned into a stream of light and rushed to the towering stone wall outside the shark palace!

The other end; the current surges.

"Tianyu Yinghai!"

Lin Chens avatar, "Zhende Shuai", used Dragon Emperor Yinghai together with the Dragon Emperor. His breath rose sharply, and he quickly escaped into the current.

With the bloodline attribute of +14 and the power of 99.99 million dragons to control the Tian Yu Ying Hai, the Dragon Emperor is like a tiger with wings, and the dragon enters the sea at a speed exceeding any sea beast below the eighth order!

However, it is not enough!

"It's fast, more than half faster than I expected!"

When Zhende Shuai's Zijin pupil urged, the dark center was startled.

That violent and violent killer followed him like a hurricane, and was getting closer and closer, just starting from the nest palace and already approaching them!

"The eighth-order holy beast is really powerful. This is his main territory. There is no way out, only the holy phoenix wings!"

Brush ~!

The Dragon Emperor revealed the fuchsia holy phoenix wings, and the speed increased dramatically!

Under the control of Tianyu Yinghai, the high-pressure seawater not only does not form resistance, but also transforms into acceleration energy!

"Huh? There is something like the blood of the Holy Phoenix, isn't it... that is the head dragon family? Is it the extremely rare body of the Dragon Phoenix?"

The gleaming Limang in the eyes of the Heavenly Holy Shark is even more than three points, and the breath of brutal killing and slaughter flows through the body, and the speed increases again!

Where the heavenly holy shark passed by, the sea was shaking, and all the sea beasts retreated with fear and fear, terrified!

It is particularly interested in the dragon family of Dragon and Phoenix, with the speed possessed by the true overlord in the sea.

After dozens of breaths dispatched, it has already crossed the sea of thousands of miles, and the two sides are close at hand, and it has seen a human race still carrying the Dragon Phoenix!

"It's really an eighth-order holy beast, so fast!"

Zhende Shuai's heart sank, and he suddenly launched the'ultimate moment', and his pure power and spiritual power surged temporarily!

The fingerprints changed rapidly, and Zhende Shuai shouted, and the blue spirit beam burst into his eyebrows!

"Annihilation instant light split!"

The spiritual beam of light is divided into five, the power soars, and pushes away, hitting the heavenly holy shark head-on, this is the full blow of the avatar!

Five spiritual beams of light bombarded the huge body of the Celestial Saint Shark. Its blue sorrow and volume shattered countless spiritual fluctuations.

Just let the speed of the heavenly sacred shark be a bit delayed, a little delayed, and it did not cause substantial damage to it!

The weakness of most fierce beasts is weak mental strength, but even the weakest is a holy beast, and the avatar cant shake its huge body at all!

"Qua, mental strength is too weak, human race, you and your Dragon Phoenix dare to break into the king's territory, surrender surrenderedly, the king let you die happily, otherwise I will leave your head to eat at the end! "

The heavenly sacred shark roared with a grin, and the sea was shocked by the rough seas and waves, and there were many waves! There was a surge of water in the seabed, like a disaster struck.

It opened a big mouth of blood basin, countless sharp teeth and fangs all over, just like a **** abyss rushing towards Lin Chen and Dragon Emperor, they can swallow them one dragon in one bite!

"Even if it is half-stepped into the Holy Realm, the spiritual power may have a chance to delay it, but the body has reached the Dong Mansion, has drawn it away enough distance, it is time to withdraw..."

Zhende Shuai stared at the Celestial Saint Shark, and launched the "Obsteal of Thief"!

[Consumes 4 intermediate talent points, steals the attribute value: 22000 advanced blood.

Boom~! Lin Chen's body-building power hit the limit of 79.99 million dragon power!

At the next moment, one person and one faucet broke through the light of space.

Brush ~! Dragon Emperor and Doppelganger were taken away by the flash of space, and the Heavenly Holy Saint Shark emptied!

"Space shuttle?"

The heavenly holy shark was shocked and angry!

"Damn human race! Playing around with the king? Where is his purpose?"

Vibrations roared its low roar in the sea.


The vast stone walls of Angzang do not have caves like a smooth jade bed lying on the seabed.

When everyone arrived at the stone wall, Lin Chen clearly felt that the avatar had encountered many tier 7 peak sea beasts.

Brush ~!

Dragon Emperor and Zhende Shuai sent back to Lin Chen's side, there was no danger.

"This is it."

Jiang Yun found a stone gate in front of it, and there was an enchanted energy boundary within the stone gate.

Jiang Yun spread out his palm glazed bracelets, and the spirit of war broke into the wall.

"Senior Qiluo Snail, the old man of the Heart Palace came back. I wonder if the senior is still there?"

The stone wall is unresponsive.

Jiang Yun repeated the sound, but still no response.

Everyone doubts that everyone is the leader among the five robbers, and vaguely discovered that there is a strong coercion hidden in this stone wall. It should be the eighth-order holy beast!

"The breath of you two, like the former master..."

At this time, a blurry and clear voice echoed on the stone wall, not to answer Jiang Yun, but to Lin Chen and Shen Lingshuang!

"Senior Qiluo Senior?"

Jiang Yun was puzzled, Lin Chen and Shen Lingshuang were puzzled.

"Mindset...The mindset you cultivated is somewhat similar to the remnant mindset enlightened by the master, but it's a pity... you go back, the dream Qiluo senior you are looking for is no longer here, I am not she was."

The clear voice came again, and Jiang Yun's face changed slightly.

Fantasy Qiluo is gone? What happened? Could it be that the bamboo basket is empty?

When Shen Lingshuang was still puzzled, Lin Chen's face changed a lot, her eyes flashed!

Fragment mind?

What she said is similar to the "fragmented mind", is it related to the creation of the Nine Tribulation?

"Sister, please make it clear. Who is your former master? What is the name of his cultivation mind?"

Lin Chen hurriedly asked, the voice no longer answered.

Bang ~!

At this time, the murderous air swept through the ocean, and the roaring rage roared beneath the sea!

"The ants of the human race actually broke into so many? Die, all will die!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed: "The Thousand Illusions Mask has returned to the system space, and all of my avatars have fallen. This big guy found us, and is worthy of being an eighth-order holy beast, not so good to play!"

The power of the eighth-order holy beast is not enough for everyone to swarm!

"Lin Gongzi, let's go, it won't be too late. Since Fantasy Qiluo is no longer there, it makes no sense for us to come here."

The women said quickly.

Lin Chen was calm, and his eyes shone sharply.

go? Finally, he found a secret that might be related to the mind, and he never gave up easily!

"Sister, open the door, let's talk about it. I promise, I won't go in."

"If we talk about trading, I am an eighth-order apothecary, and as long as the mind of your former master is down, how about changing the eighth-order young pill with you! If you can't do it, you can get two!"

"Wipe, if you dont say anything, you will force me to betray the hue!" Lin Chen gritted his teeth and patted the Taoyuan vesicles around his waist-"My dark horse club is full of handsome, you only need to tell me the situation of the mind, not only There are eighth order young pill, I will let them all accompany you one night!"

The girls were so anxious that it was really too late to leave!

Lin Chen didn't give up easily, he had another option, that is, to put all the girls into Taoyuan's capsule, and then use the "super-dimensional transmission" talent to evacuate, the Holy Beast could not catch him!

But he was not willing to leave in this way. Even if there was a super-dimensional teleportation back here for the second time, the Heavenly Sacred Shark would be extremely vigilant. It would be difficult and even impossible to get close to the stone gate.

Just when the heavenly holy shark was a hundred miles away from the cave house, there was a loud noise from the cave house.

Bang ~!

The stone door opened!

Lin Chen was stunned!

I am grassy, handsome and really can be a bargaining chip!

Everyone swarmed in!