My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1023

Vol 5 Chapter 1023: You Are Greedy Him

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Chapter 1023, You Are Greedy With Him!


The pupil of Tianyou Saint Shark shuddered, it was startled and angry, but in the end it was shocked!

The next moment, ecstasy and brutality filled its beast pupil!

"Dead? Hahaha! It turned out to be an empty shell, with an eighth order beast core remaining!"


Entering the back of the stone gate, a faint purple cloud drifted inside, and everyone entered a cave house.

There are gorgeous and transparent water curtains around the cave house, which separates the whole cave house, so that the outside seawater has never flowed in.

"The mists are abnormal, don't breathe!"

Suddenly, Jiang Yun and Lin Chen noticed anomalies at the same time, but it was too late!

All the women inhaled a little more or less, but the most important thing is that these mists can seem to penetrate the human skin and penetrate directly into the body.

Purple mist enters the body, and a wicked fire burns from the body, stimulating the most primitive impulse.

Shen Lingshuang and Ning Qingxuan were okay. The former was suppressed by bloodlines, without being provoked by desires, and the latter was the mental characteristics of cultivation that suppressed the evil fire.

But the 13 female disciples in the Heart Palace had some difficulties. They all had red cheeks, Xia dyed their cheeks, and their eyes were stained with a layer of mist.

This flirtatious wave, that eyebrow Daichun Mountain, this bite Zhu Dan, that face like a lotus, all looked at Lin Chen in unison, and they looked all charming and beautiful.

Even Lin Chen gave birth to a little heart ape, and bit his tongue, forcibly stabilized his mind!

"Damn it, won't you be so nonsense, my arsonist is going to be set on fire today?"

Lin Chen has taken Long Qingguo for a long time to nourish the "Qingtian Dragon King Gun", which already contains the purest male flavor.

In addition, the women who practiced the Heart Palace were more or less fond of him. When they were attacked by Ziwu, it was like pushing the boat down the river, and there was a psychological and physical craving.

"Mr. Lin Chen, I..."

"Whenever I see my son, I will fall..."

The eyes of the women were blurred, the water mist swelled in the blue eyes, the Yan Ying sang, and the Fang Lan lightly spit.

Ning Qingxuan stood quietly beside Lin Chen.

Sun Yueer looked at what Bibi looked like...

A beautiful teacher and sister of Shen Yuluoyan blushed and tangled with Jiang Yun"Sister Jiang Yun, me, I seem to like Mr. Lin Chen..."

Jiang Yun bit Hao teeth lightly-"Do you like it, you are greedy for him, you are cheap!"

"No, everyone has to fall if this continues."

Ning Qingxuan frowned and turned to stare at the cave house, the gate of the cave house slowly opened.

The beautiful Qianying walked out slowly, the blue long dress was like a butterfly, and the sky was quiet and elegant, and appeared in front of everyone!

As she brushed her sleeves, more than a dozen streamers shot into everyone's body, her eyes gradually regaining clarity and reason.

Many women still blushed, ashamed of what they had just looked like.

"Everyone, this is the defense method of Dreamy Snail, don't be surprised."

The woman politely bowed her waist, then invited Lin Chen and others into the cave.

The dream of Dongfu is like a gorgeous and gorgeous, countless corals swaying, like dancing elves, the women in the Heart Palace are full of hearts and breathtaking.

Lin Chen turned his eyes around to search for attribute light spheres. There are ten attribute water spheres with advanced water energy.

In the cave house, everyone sat down.

The woman in the blue dress was somewhat sad and said to everyone.

"Everyone, I don't want to hide. The dreamy snail you are looking for should be my mother-in-law. But she has been sitting in the cave house. One hundred thousand years ago, she suffered from lovesickness and suffered from perplexity. I stayed in the egg, raised me with the fierce beast core, and protected me with a snail shell, so that the heavenly holy shark outside did not dare to break in."

"Previously, it wasn't my old love token that I didn't recognize my mother-in-law, but if I open the Dongfu prohibition, I might be able to see through the fact that the heavenly holy shark is sitting in the mother-in-law. The cave house built by the shell of the snail can block it for a while, but it can't stop it for a lifetime."

After hearing that, the faces of the girls changed slightly!

"Then why did Qiluo girl open Dongfu!"

Jiang Yun asked anxiously.

This is an unexpected situation for them. An eighth-order sacred beast has a life span of thousands of years.

The previous generations of palace masters in the Heart Refining Palace seem to have been tortured by suffering from lovesickness, and after imparting their skills, they sat into the palaces secret realm.

This makes people directly lament what love is, a love affair that spans gender and race, and eventually leads to the fall of the two holy realms...

"Because of this son."

The blue skirt woman's eyes fell on Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was shocked!

Then, someone Lin said seriously: "Girl, you like it, I have it in the dark horse club!"

The women in the Heart Palace were blushing.

Sun Yueer was inexplicably worried!

Shen Lingshuang asked naively: "Master, do you still have your type?"

"Your master, I'm the only one in the Holy World, no, the next one."

The woman in the blue dress hurriedly waved her hand-"No, no, the son misunderstood, because the son has the luck transplantation capsule..."

"Because of the prohibition set by my mother-in-law, I can only leave here if I refine my mothers beast core, but this is the most important part of my mother-in-law. With it, I always feel that my mother is beside me. I dont want to absorb it, so I ask the son to put me in the air transport capsule and take me away."

The blue skirt womans eyes popped a longing"I have grown up here for 100,000 years since I was a child, and I yearn for the outside world. The last word left by my mother is that after refining her beast core, after sanctification To leave."

Lin Chen suddenly realized.

This woman now exudes the breath of the seventh-order peak beast, and has touched the level of the critical point. If there is a big opportunity, there is indeed a chance to step into the ranks of holy beasts.

She wanted to leave to be sanctified, but to sanctify she had to absorb the most important things from her mother, but if she was not sanctified, she yearned for the outside world.

"I can take you out, but you must explain to me what the former master's mind is all about."

Lin Chen asked straight away. Although this woman has lived for 100,000 years, her actual experience is not high, and she threw her intentions as soon as she met, so that Lin Chen took the initiative.

"Well, when I was adopted by my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law had followed a strong human race. His mind-cultivation has some similarities to the two of you, but the mind-set of the former master is relatively higher, but Its incomplete... Its called Taiyis exercises..."

Lin Chen's heart is agitated!

You cant go wrong with it, its the dream of Tai Yi Fu Tian!

"Where did the former master go!"

Lin Chen asked anxiously.

The blue skirt woman shook her head-"In the later records of the mother-in-law, he has died in a place called the Burial of the Holy Mountains. The mentality of cultivation is extremely incomplete, and this flaw is revealed when fighting high-level holy realms..."

Jiang Yun and Ning Qingxuan were startled!

Lin Chen was a little calm"I wipe, its so many things to this point, what is this burial holy mountain!"

Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju is his best way to become stronger. Lin Chen pursued for a long time, and it is difficult to be completely calm in his heart!