My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1024

Vol 5 Chapter 1024: Double Breakthrough

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Chapter 1024

Ning Qingxuan took Lin Chen's palm, appeased his emotions, and said.

"The Burial Sacred Mountain Range is located at the junction of the Southern Territory and the Yanhuang Shuangyu. There are countless holy places buried there and surrounded by perennial measles. Unless the Holy Land cannot pass through the measles group, unless it is the time when the miasma dissipated, Warlord Only those who practice can enter."

Jiang Yun's tongue-tongued saying-"I didn't expect it to be a holy mountain range, but it was a real archaic fierce place, and the holy realm penetrated into the core area is a zone of nine deaths..."

Other female disciples heard it and shuddered!

"Buried the holy mountains... No matter what, I'm going to get caught!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the conviction of breaking the wreck has emerged!

"Taiyi Futian Jue" is the advanced mental method of "Creation Nine Tribulation". According to the system analysis, it is divided into five volumes. As long as you hold three volumes, you can practice without any side effects.

"The so-called former master may have forcibly practiced the backlash caused by "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" without collecting more than three volumes, but I have a system of function learning and will not have this concern, as long as he finds his whereabouts..."

Lin Chen already has two remnants of Taiyi Futian Jue on hand. The whereabouts of this remnant is very important!

Then, Lin Chen said: "Relax, I will take you away."

Jiang Yun and other teachers and sisters glanced at each other and said with a smile: "Since Senior Fantasy Qiluo is no longer here, we are not good to be cheeky and ask for any help. Deep, we are not outsiders, let us help Qiluo girl to leave with you!"

The blue skirt beauty Yingying fell back, "Thank you all!"

Bang~! Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, the cave house was crumbling! Everyone was shocked!

"what's the situation?"

"An outside attack is bombarding this cave house!"

The force of moving the mountains and reclaiming the sea disrupted the whole sea area. The raging waves and the sea currents turned into a blue and gold light blade.

Outside the cave house; the heavenly holy shark continually spit at the blue-gold light blades. The power of each light blade disturbed the bottom of the sea and faced the stone wall outside the cave house.

More than a hundred heads of seventh-order peak beasts broke into the offensive and bombarded the other side of the stone wall. This is the heavenly holy shark!

"Hahaha, hand over Qiluo's fierce beast core, this king may still be merciful and spare your life, Xiaoqiluo, don't be a car with a scorpion, you are looking for death!"

The eighth-order fierce beast core is a treasure for the fierce beasts of the same level!

In the past, it hardly ever hit this idea, because the dreamy snail is famous for disturbing the spirit and strong defense of the opponent. Unless you break through the realm, the Heavenly Holy Shark cant break through the opponents defense, let alone plunder the beast. Nuclear.

But from the moment when Dongfu opened, it only knew that Dongfu's incomplete atmosphere, the dreamy snail's nest is now an empty shell!

"Gquack, as long as the fierce beast core, the body of the dragon and the phoenix, and the group of human races are swallowed, the king may be able to open the second holy cave. At that time, not many people on this rainbow island are opponents of the king! "

The tyranny and greed of the Heavenly Holy Shark continue to ferment, and the offensive is getting fiercer!

Inside the cave

"It was still discovered by the heavenly sacred shark... You guys, it wont last long here. With the remaining strength of the mother, you can only stick to five hours at most. Please follow me, I will give you the relics of the mother. , And also annoyed to ask the son to take the little girl away."

The blue skirt woman stood up, and Lin Chen's eyes lit up in anxious words!

He released all the avatars, not to mention the collection of attribute light **** in the cave house.

[Get 6 points of advanced water system energy, 4 points of advanced water system energy...]

Everyone followed the blue skirt and beautiful women and came to the deeper level of Dongfu. At this time, Dongfu is already crumbling, everyone is racing against the clock!

Lin Chens avatars explored many areas in the cave, looking for attribute light spheres, most of which were mostly attribute values of water systems.

The moment I came to the depths of the cave, the blue veins of energy flowed around the walls, and everyone took a breath!

Inside the cave house, there is a larger underground world, with a dreamy snail body, the whole body is colored, and the purple light is blurred.

What is even more surprising is that there are so many treasures here!

There are many silver holy silver coins piled up like a mountain, up to 100 meters high, and several silver mountains are placed in front of you.

There are even some gold holy yuan coins, about a thousand or so, and silver holy yuan coins are at least over 30 million!

"Eighth-order heaven and earth treasure, red blood crystal? What a big piece!"

"My God, I have five copies of even half-orange combat skills!"

"Three volumes of top-ranking alchemy handprints from the Purple Order? One volume for the best?"

Everyone was dumbfounded, no wonder that the blue skirt woman can live so fast in the cave house, such a horrible resource, even the first pig can hit the top seven beasts!

"This is the lost meditation!"

Ning Qingxuan held a simple and secret book, with a slightly happy expression.

She found out the exercises that suit her at a glance.

Lin Chen was dumbfounded!

He is not looking at those wealth, he has three kinds of good fortune, and his family is solid.

What he looked dumbfounded at was the large amount of water lightballs and the essence of fighting spirit attributed to the body of the dreamy snail!

Attributes of light **** are piled up like a mountain!

Lin Chen has never seen so many advanced essences and advanced water energies, and many advanced qi and blood balls!

After releasing the Dragon Emperor, Lin Chen instantly incorporated a mountain of attributed light **** into his body!

[Gain 5399 points of the essence of war energy, 12 points of advanced water energy, 3552 points of advanced blood...]

Lin Chen's attribute value has been surging all the way. On the premise that a large amount of attribute values have poured into the life wheel of the Qi, even the +15 mentality is a bit too late to refine.

Unable to do this, Lin Chen manipulated all the avatars walking around in the cave mansion to urge mental refining together and absorb all the attribute values.

Bang ~! Boom!

The earth-shattering momentum of war came out of Lin Chen's body, like thunder and thunder, day by day!

[Congratulations to the host, promoted to the four robbers and emperor Xiu Xiu.

A force several times stronger than before, poured into Lin Chen's body in all aspects.

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Breakthroughs are not the same. Lin Chens pure power bursts with thousands of dragons, wandering every pore, every inch of flesh and blood, is full of absolute power!

Not too bad, just 80 million dragon power!

The four robbers have the vigor of cultivation, and the five-robbery realm!


"Princess Lin Chen broke through! A double breakthrough!"

"Oops, it's going to lead to Heavenly Tribulation!"

When all the women were horrified, Lin Chen did not expect this time to make a breakthrough.

The expected Heavenly Tribulation did not appear, and the world was quiet, except for the trembling of Dongfu, there was no fart.

"What's the matter? What about my catastrophe?"

Lin Chen himself was a little bit dumbfounded.

Ning Qingxuan suddenly laughed-"It's because of Rainbow Island."

"Rainbow Island is an independent plane that is completely isolated from the Holy Realm. Here, even the Holy Realm's laws cannot be perceived. If you break through and cultivate, you will naturally not be tempted."