My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1025

Vol 5 Chapter 1025: 2. The Second Rainbow Flyover

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Chapter 1025, The Second Rainbow Skybridge!

Ning Qingxuan laughed lightly; "No one has ever stepped into Rainbow Island with the Four Tribulation Cultivation, and there are many geniuses who challenge the five robbers and the emperor. Shuanger can do it. For this reason, almost no one knows that breaking through the realm will be free from the five disasters."

Lin Chen suddenly realized: "Unfortunately, if there is a catastrophe, I will kill it, but you will not dare to touch me on this day."

The next moment, after taking away the attribute light sphere, Lin Chen discovered that the blue vein in the stone wall was connected to a huge heart!

This heart, like jasper, like aquamarine, resembles the most beautiful gem in the world, hangs on the stone wall, full of tall and shining.

Unless there is a special seal, the water energy of this jasper heart can flood the cave in an instant!

"Jixhui Bixinyu, lying trough?"

Lin Chen was shocked that this object had been completely formed, and given it hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation, it had a higher chance of condensing into the inferior crystal world wonders!

"This thing can be used in the cultivation of alien crystals, which can cultivate a inferior crystal!"

Lin Chen swallowed, "Can we really take this thing away?"

The blue skirt girl nodded: "Well, this is the last wish of my mother-in-law. If there is an old friend coming, these are given to the old friend, not to mention the young man can take me away, Xiaomeng is grateful."

"The girl is polite, and I owe it to you girl. It's because I got the intelligence of the mentality that took you out. This extremely water and green jade is also counted!"

In the end, Lin Chen and Jiang Yun and other women discussed for a long time. Lin Chen and his party only needed Jishui Bixinyu and a volume of Meditation.

All the silver holy yuan coins, Lin Chen dont need them at all, including a large amount of exercises, the seventh-order pinnacle elixir, and compensation for taking away the Jade Water Jade Jade

In fact, Lin Chen is still the most profitable, and the value of Jishui Bixinyu is better than everything.

But Jiang Yun and other women insisted on dividing Lin Chen's part. The reason is very simple. Thanks to Lin Chen, they can arrive here.

There are also people in the "Black Horse Club" who risk their lives to attract the attention of the Heavenly Holy Shark. The people who practiced the Heart Palace hardly contributed much.

In the end, Lin Chen took 300 gold holy yuan coins before Jiang Yun let him go.

Lin Chen planted Ji Shui Bi Xin Yu at the roots of Santou Yunling Plant and began to cultivate new crystals.

At this time, in the red gold branches and leaves, the red veins flow, all the energy converges at one point, and there is a brand-new fire system hidden under the new crystal, which is about to be born!

This is the absorption of the fire-type amorphous crystal cultivated by the'Holy Flame Bead'. The non-amorphous fragments are comparable, and it is the real fire-type amorphous crystal! The power can be described as burning mountains and refining the sea, only in an instant!

Counting the light crystals inherited from the ancient gods, if Lin Chen stepped into the holy realm, there would be three inferior crystals directly refinable, and the foundation was terrible!

"Everyone is happy, I will put all of you into my luck capsule."

A strong suction pulls the crowd, the girl in the blue dress "Little Dream" is both complicated and reluctant, and finally can go to the outside world...

All of them were included in Taoyuan capsules and descended to a paradise.

"What a beauty!"

"His! Master Lin Chen has three lucky plants?"

Witnessing the three living behemoths, as high as more than a thousand kilometers, the woman who made the Heart Palace was stunned by the sight in front!

"My God, the three trees are all at their peak!"

"No wonder the young man doesn't want those silver holy yuan coins, which is nine cows for a young man..."

Although Jiang Yun was shocked in his heart, he immediately yelled, "Don't move around! This is the son's luck sac, and the son can let us in and prove that he has absolute trust in us. It is impossible that you want to spy on other people's secrets. , What you see now, you are not allowed to mention it with anyone in the future!"

The women spit out the lilac tongue and immediately calmed down.

Lin Chen was not afraid of them making trouble. In Taoyuan, he had absolute confidence to suppress all the women.

It's nothing more than a little publicity. His real heritage is the system.

"This is the inside of the Qiyun really is as mysterious as recorded in ancient books."

Xiaomeng exclaimed.

[Initiate super-dimensional teleportation to coordinate number 3, consuming 18 intermediate talent points.

Lin Chen in the cave house shone a light of space above his head and disappeared.

Soon after, the cave house collapsed suddenly, and the heavenly holy shark led his men into the cave house.

"Hahaha, the holy beast core is back to the king, all get out!"

The heavenly holy shark grinned, and the huge body destroyed the water curtain in the cave house.

However, after raging around, there is no trace!

"King, no one in Dongfu!"

"Everything has been removed!"

The fierce beasts reported to the heavenly sacred shark one after another that the anger was burning in its beast pupil!

"My Holy Beast Core, **** it!"

At this time, a subordinate came hurriedly, holding a scroll.

"King, there is space! It seems to be left to you."

The holy shark froze, blasted a wave of water, and bounced off the banner.

"The Dark Horse Club gave the king of sharks-ten catches and nine empty spaces, and was humiliated in eight ways. Seeing you thumping the street seven times, but not seeing the six two ambitions. Wanghong Island, five lakes and four seas, but you are alone. Watching the shark sea, three soldiers and two generals , Can't withstand a blow. Abbreviation: Shark."

Roar ~~!

It is a pity that the incompetence violently shakes the white shark in the deep sea; There are also a group of Xiaohan critics.


Canyon cliffs.

Above the mountain top, Lin Chen's figure emerged, releasing everyone.

"This is the outside world..."

The little dream girl breathes the air from the outside, she is quiet and elegant, her eyes appear childlike innocence and yearning, looking at the world curiously.

"It's still Rainbow Island, and the outside world is bigger. If the little girl dreams of it, she can come to our Heart Palace to settle down."

Jiang Yunsai laughed, everyone still had time to talk in the future, a rainbow flyover appeared in the sky!

The overpass is thousands of miles away from Lin Chen's group, from west to south, attracting countless geniuses. When the light shines, Yibao begins to fall!

"Rainbow flyover?"

"It's the second rainbow flyover, master, let's go to grab the treasure!"

Shen Lingshuang was excited and brandishing a small pink fist.

Lin Chen radiated a monstrous war intention!

"Yeah, this time, I want to get a good idea of the strength of those guys!"

Now Lin Chen is no longer far away from the legendary super first-class genius!

Both the body and the avatar are at the level of four-robbery and five-robbery. It is extremely difficult for Nangong to destroy him again.

Jiang Yun smiled and said, "Looking at the time, just four days or so later, Mr. Lin Chen, it seems that we are going to cooperate again."

The two sides flew into the air, and the little dream girl had nowhere to go, followed by them.

"Oh, this time we will make a big hit!"

Someone Lin's mouth slightly raised a very coquettish arc!

After skyrocketing the energy of the advanced water system and the +15 mind method, the water of the'Nine Tribulation Stars' rises, and a second instantaneous light split with the Nine Tribulation Stars, Lin Chen can make the Nangong extinct to heaven!

Nangong ruined the current affairs, Lin Chen did not intend to rush to kill, but if he blocked, who would block and kill who!

Lin Chen's goal this time is the head of Dongfang Yao!